With The Rest Of The Trash

Title: With the Rest of the Trash
Time Period: January 20, 135 A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: Mariah comes to check up on Luna who is totally sobering up.

It's a rare occurrence when the door at the top of the stairs is unlocked, even more so when it's wide open. The orange glow from the fire gives the room a warm and welcoming feel, though the bed is still stripped and unmade. The stained mattress is a sore reminder of what happened there to any of the girls who venture in. It's almost unheard of that anyone else goes in. At least since the incident happened.

Thin fabric lays over the top of the desk, displaying embroidery that's barely started. Another bit of poetry that's too valuable to lose but not important enough to be transcribed on paper. The artisan isn't anywhere near it, busy hunched over something at her dressing table.

In one of her hands is a straight razor, held upright for anyone who walks in the door to see. Not that she's expecting company.

And since that incident happened, the other girls have been spreading out Luna's regulars among then, those that will take another. Mariah, though, hasn't touched Luna's marks, but she is taking some of the overflow from the shuffle. It's left her with some men who don't understand her rules. So it's earlier than normal when she climbs the stairs to Luna's room. She's in her underthings still, with her robe over, having left a men sleeping heavily in her bed. He'll be out for hours yet.

The robe covers a rapidly darkening bruise on her arm that she's likely to lie about when the other girls ask her, as well as some scratches here and there. It's been one of those weeks for her. So it's half for comfort and half for concern that she steps through Luna's door.

And is instantly alarmed.

"Luna!" It's a little sharper than she means, but it comes from a place of love, really.

Blonde hair flies out as Luna's head jerks to stare wide eyed at the brunette. The small bit of white powder around her nose is quickly wiped at with her other hand and the razor placed gently back on the table, making it quite obvious what she was using the blade for.

Cutting lines.

"Mariah Larke, you nearly startled the life off me." Though after that initial shock, Luna seems quite relaxed. "I was just having a bit of medicine to ease off the pain, you don't need to wake the neighbours."

That it isn't cutting lines on herself initially gets a relieved sigh out of Mariah, but once it registers what she is doing, the brunette gets a dryer look about her. "Medicine, is it?"

She comes over to lean a hip against that table, frowning a bit. "Didn't mean to make you jump, luv." With a gesture toward the lines, she adds, "It helping much?"

"Well yes, mostly," at least one of the envelopes littered on the dresser is from the apothecary. For all the admission is worth, Luna seems rather guilt free about it. "I had a poppy bulb left over and it's extremely good for pain, when made into a tea, but that was hours ago… and it wore off."

After wiping at her nose again, this time with a lace edged kerchief, Luna begins putting the last of the lines back into the envelope and cleaning up her dresser. "You should be extremely proud of me, I haven't had one sip of drink today." Only because if mixed with the powder it would be the death of her. "Nor have I smoked any cigarettes— It's very difficult, you know, this whole sobriety business. I don't know how you manage it."

"I am proud of you, Luna," Mariah says, even though she watches her slipping the drug back into the envelope with a frown. She's never had too big a problem with Luna's recreational activities, but her self-delusion? A bit of a problem. "And hopefully soon the pain won't be bothering you, either. Then we'll celebrate with something completely mundane. A juice, or milk, perhaps." She smiles there, through her gentle teasing.

"I manage it through not terribly liking it in the first place. It's a wonderful deterrent. Except the drink. That takes a lot of willpower," she says, matter-of-factly.

"Ugh, can't we celebrate with a bit of cider or wine? You know I don't like milk except in my breakfast and other juices are just so…" Luna pauses for a moment, her hand making circles in the air as she thinks of the right word "… well they don't quite pack a punch, do they?"

Once everything is cleaned and put away, the blonde pushes herself to a wobbly stand. Squeezing her eyes shut, she takes a deep breath and then opens them again with a smile. "I'm glad you're here, I was trying to sleep earlier but couldn't keep my eyes closed. So I started a new poem but I couldn't keep from poking my fingers with the needle so I gave it up. I swear that panel is dotted with more of my blood than it is with thread."

"That's true, they certainly don't," Mariah says with a smirk, but it's an expression that fades at that wobbling. So she slides over to slip an arm around Luna's waist, "I'm glad I'm here, too. Much better company than I was supposed to be having."

She leads them over to sit on the edge of the bed, trying not to make it look like she's supporting her too much on the way there. But still, she's there if that unsteadiness comes along. "You know, if you can't sleep, I can always help. Sort of a speciality of mine, if you recall."

"It just doesn't seem natural to have you lulling me to sleep all the time." They get to the bed without incident, Luna having regained most of her faculties during the first few steps. She's not that far gone. She chooses the corner nearest the foot board, far away from the stain. When she sits, her back remains rigid and the tension in her body returns, even with all the help of the drugs for relaxation.

"I've been thinking very hard about what I should do," she says in a quieter tone. A glance is given to the darkness past the gaping maw of the door. "I'm fairly lost, Mariah. I couldn't stand to be touched by any of them without my herbs. What's going to happen to me if I can't get comfortable?"

"Well, first things first, I think we should toss this mattress. We could even move you to a whole different room, if it'd help." Mariah reaches over to take Luna's hands, "Luna, I don't think you should think that hard. Something awful happened to you. It'll take time to recover. You're not… supposed to be used in that way. It hurt. You don't need to add on the pressure that everything needs to be figured out right now."

Mariah squeezes the blonde's hands there, and her voice falls to a whisper as she goes on. "But that being said. You're not trapped here, Luna. You have a place to go, the ability to go be anything you'd like. It doesn't have to be this or nothing."

"I'm not giving up my room unless I get Edme's, this one's the best one." Always the pragmatic one when it comes to personal comfort, Luna pulls her hands from Mariah's and crosses her arms over her chest. "But I agree, I do need a new mattress. Something more inviting and softer, I think. This one is much too hard for a good night's sleep, I think it gives me bruises. I'm a very delicate thing, you know, I'm made for luxury not sleeping on boards."

As for the rest. The blonde's eyes dull a little and she looks off to the corner and shakes her head. "You don't know what happened to me, it weren't nothing. Just a ghost from the past come to visit."

Mariah lets go of her there, straightening up a little. But there's only a moment's pause before she stands up. "Come on. We're tossing this down the stairs right now. And later, you can watch me toss a worthless man out on top of it. And then we'll be pest free, for the most part, ey?"

First things first.

"And then we'll go have some chocolates and tomorrow we can get you a new, softer mattress to sleep on." As if it were all that simple. But if her smile is anything to judge by, maybe it can be.

Chocolate and shopping, two of mother nature's ingredients to a recipe for success. Smiling, Luna stands alongside Mariah and begins pulling the heavy mattress by the corner. "Don't tell me you have Cas Blackburn tucked away in your bedroom and you've come to your senses about taking up with a stable boy?" She nudges the somewhat younger woman and lets out a small laugh before slipping and nearly falling backward.

"I am joking, Mariah, he's not so bad I suppose… better'n those other clients you've got. He don't leave you bruised or banged, I'm thankful for that." The blonde is starting to see some of the virtues of the poor man. But only a few of them. "You tell me who split that lip though and I have another bottle of that wine I knocked Baizey over the head with. It weren't him, was it? I'll go to ma's right now and wallop him again."

Mariah isn't shy about helping to yank the mattress off the bed. Hell, those things are difficult for two people to manage, let alone one person. However, when she mentions Cas, Mariah abruptly straightens, dropping the mattress right there, leaving it hanging awkwardly off the bed frame.

The laughter doesn't help, either.

She lets Luna talk on, not interrupting. Not when she's like this. When her lip is brought up, though, she just shakes her head. "Wasn't Beisdean. Wasn't nobody," she says, despite the various rumors flying through the Dovetail that say otherwise, "I fell. Have fun with it, Luna." That last is said with a nod toward the mattress, and it looks very much like she's going to leave.

"You didn't fall," Luna says somberly, stopping her own efforts and sitting back down on the edge of the mattress. "I don't know why you're trying to hide what happened to you, why you always hide it." It's a nervous glance at first, toward the dresser, then she folds her hands together and puts them down on her lap. "I'm really trying and I didn't mean anything horrible about Cas, I understand why he's your favorite." Even with his rabbity teeth, something she doesn't say out loud.

Getting up, she makes her way back to the dresser and sits in front of the mirror. The packet is picked up and held, like a security blanket. "I'll manage it on my own later." She means the mattress.

"Because it isn't anything to worry over," Mariah says, which is her go-to answer when her clients are rougher than most. She can handle it, she believes. She straightens her robe up at the talk, however, tightening the tie around her waist. "He is my favorite," which is rare enough for her to admit, "More importantly, he's a good guy. The others might deserve your ill opinion of them, but he doesn't."

She reaches for the mattress again, at least to get it the rest of the way off the bed before Luna gets any ideas of trying to sleep on it again. It's only when she's gotten it near enough to the door that she turns to look at the blonde again. "I punched Florentine. She said something awful about someone I care about, so I hit her. She hit back. That is how I got the split lip. Now, put that down and come shove this down the stairs."

"Florentine? Vinegar is too good a vintage to waste on her empty head." Luna complains as the envelope isn't put down, instead it's tucked into the front of her dressing gown for safe keeping. Just in case. "You shouldn't waste your lovely lips defending anyone from her sharp tongue. As if she would be believed, Mariah, you know better than that."

Her hands find a corner of the mattress and she begins to tug, as weak an attempt as it is. "I think, we need to wake that lump in your bed and make him do this. After all, I'm Luna Owens, who wouldn't wish to please me?"

"What can I say," Mariah says, taking the admonishment pretty well, "My mind got away from me." She even smiles a bit. When Luna comes over to tug on the mattress, Mariah shakes her head at the notion of waking up her male visitor. "He won't be waking up for some time. Come on, I'll help. Just down the stairs. Someone else can deal with it from there." Probably Mariah.

She takes a moment to walk the mattress up so it sits on its edge instead and she holds it there before looking over at Luna. "Plus, it'll make you feel better. Just shove it down there."

A straight face is what answers Mariah at the suggestion. No. "If I get a muscle from this, I will find a barrister somewhere in this gods forsaken wasteland and I will take everything you own." A shudder courses through the blonde's spine before she bends to give a weak attempt at a shove toward the stairs. "Physical labor, since when has that ever made me feel better?"

Still, she helps as much as she can until the heavy thing slides down the stairs on its own. "My next mattress will be much heavier, this one is full of straw, I swear but the next one…" she pauses and lets loose a dreamy sigh. "Who do you think I would have to pleasure to have all the geese in Dornie plucked?"

"Trust me, this is not enough to get you muscle bound. On my honor," Mariah says with as serious an expression as she can muster. She doesn't help too much in the shoving, just enough to make sure it actually starts moving toward the stairs without too much trouble for Luna. But once it starts down, she lets it fall, watching for a moment or two before she looks back over at Luna.

"Adler Ross, maybe?" It's a suggestion made with a crooked smile, teasing just a bit. But she takes Luna's hand then, to drag her down the stairs as well. They're going to need some actual muscle to move the bed and the passed out man out of the Dovetail. But it'll be fun to watch.