What Is and Ever Was

Title: What Is and Ever Was
Time Period: August 9, 135 A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: A lesson in how people never change.

The forest is a good place for exploration and adventure, considering the local superstitions about the place. Which is why Idgie sits in the branch of an oak tree with a rabbit's foot dangling from the pocket of the vest she wears. At the base of the tree sits a basket that has all manner of local flora in it. It isn't very good makings for a bouquet, but then, that it perhaps not her goal.

For the moment, though, she is taking a break from her gathering to strum a bit on her guitar up in the trees. Something suitably haunting.

A large black bear walks through the woods, closely followed by Idris. They turn their heads at the sound of a guitar, and then turn towards the sound. The two of them walk towards the tree, and see the basket of local flora, but the source of the guitar isn't immediately obvious - although it will probably be so shortly if Idgie keeps on playing.

The music carries on right up until Idgie notices a bear having a jolly stroll through the wood. She startles there, and presses back against the tree trunk, as if this would some how make her less noticeable. She seems to recall that it's a bad idea to run from them out in the wild, which is probably for the best since running now would include falling off her branch first. And that would hurt. Her focus is so on the creature that she seems to miss the oddity of the fact that it has a companion.

The bear sniffs at the basket, then sniffs the air, turning it's head this way and that. The bear and the man blink in unison. Idris looks up into the tree, and sees Idgie there.

"Oh, hello there. Are you a human?" Mild curiousity, as he looks her over to see if she has anything that can be used as a weapon except that guitar - can't be too careful out here, even if he has a bear on his side.

Idgie glances from bear to man, brow furrowing. "That's a hell of a greeting," she comments, remembering to breathe as her gaze flicks back to the bear.

She doesn't appear to be armed, although the guitar is certainly sturdy enough to hurt if it made contact, it's also well made and well loved. Too much to use in such a fashion, at the very least.

Idris smiles. "One can't be too careful out here. There's all sorts of dangerous creatures around here." The bear walks over to Idris' side, and slides up under his cloak as it transforms into a snake.

"Don't worry. I have no intention of harming you, no matter what sort of creature you are, unless you attempt to harm me. I was simply out for a stroll, and hearing your music, decided to investigate. That's not a bad song. What purpose does it have?"

"Remind me to ask you what sort of life you've led, to feel the need to assure a stranger like this," Idgie comments with a crooked grin. But when the familiar shifts, she seems to relax. Apparently magical beast is better than wild one, at least in her books.

She shifts to sit sideways on the branch instead of against the trunk, guitar resting on a thigh. "The same purpose as any bit of music, darlin'. To sooth the mind, the soul and the spirits." That last word comes with a gentle pat to the tree that may even be called affectionate.

"It's useful to appear a little threatening so creatures don't think of you as prey, but appearing too threatening can make them think you think they're prey, and then they get all scared and do desperate things." He tilts his head a bit to one side, staring up at her face, and the snakes head pokes out from around his neck, looking around behind him and flicking it's tongue in the air.

"Your voice sounds pretty odd. Perhaps you're a spirit or ghost of some kind?"

"Would it comfort you if I was?" Idgie asks with a bit of an amused smile on her face. "But I'm afraid I'm too solid for a ghost or a spirit, if the legends are true at all. No, the mystery of my voice lies in the fact that while I'm a Scott, I'm not from Scotland."

She can't help a grin there, and she takes a moment to half slide, half hop out of the tree to land on more solid ground. "You, on the other hand, sound normal, but seem odd. Wary traveler, if you will."

Idris blinks at this description of non-Scottish-sounding Scotts, then laughs. "I like knowledge. So I would like to hear more of this story of how one manages to be a Scott while not from Scotland, with an accent like that… Your smell, at least, is one of a mage or human." He doesn't move closer or further from her, although he continues to keep an eye on her.

"Myself, I've been raised in Scotland, but I'm not truly a scot. Or a human, as I keep telling others, even if they mistake me for one."

"It's your opinion that there's a difference?" Idgie doesn't volunteer her own information yet, more curious about his, apparently. Or maybe it's an exchange of sorts. "I've met plenty of people who ain't human, but never because they could sling a spell." She doesn't move closer, either, but she does move to place her guitar in a sling on her back like some might hang a sword sheath.

"The differences are pretty clear. A wolf isn't the same as a dog, even if they can interbreed." Idris shrugs a bit, and stretches his arms out, the snake disappearing back inside his cloak.

"Humans are so weak and pointless, and most of them dull besides, I can't really see the point in helping or troubling them." He watches her face carefully, trying to divine her reaction to this.

"Ooooh, racism," Idgie says with a sudden, broad smile. "I haven't seen that in a very long time. Human or not, we never do outgrow bigotry, do we?" She reaches down to pick up her basket, sliding it into the crook of an elbow. "It's comforting that some things never change, and yet, find myself wishing it were the pleasant bits that stuck with us."

Idris tilts his head a bit to one side. "Racism means that believing one species is superior than another. Bigotry is a intolerance of opinions other than one's own. Not quite the same thing." He laughs, then suddenly his face grows very serious.

"One can't be truly equal with a creature one could destroy with ease. If something's so much weaker than me, trying to befriend or bully it is like a human trying to do the same to a child." He raises a hand. "Intellectual comparisons unintended, humans can be quite bright little creatures."

"And you seem to be able to handle both with ease." Idgie lifts a hand to salute in his direction, "Then I believe I'll go my own way from here. Hate to waste your time trying to have a chat with someone so very far beneath you." The sarcasm is palpable. But she does, in fact, turn without further farewells, to point her stride off toward the town proper.

Idris blinks, but doesn't respond, merely watching her leave. A (probable) human that seems to take his words at face value, even if she doesn't approve of them. How intriguing.

After a moment, he returns to the matter at hand, and the snake emerges from his sleeve, taking on the form of a bear as the two of them wander off further into the woods to hunt up more edible prey.