Weaving Fantasy

Title: Weaving Fantasy
Time Period: July, 134 A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: Constance's game of make believe is interrupted by someone who would much rather play a different game.

While Dornie's a small community, every once in a while there are new faces. Merchants, runaways, those in search of seasonal work—there's plenty of variety but they all have one thing in common: they don't always know everyone in Dornie.

For Constance Rowntree, this means new starts—a game she's recently become fond of playing with new arrivals is a bit of an acting exercise. She'll introduce herself as someone else and then invent an entirely different life. It's usually an innocent game and Constance is spared any judgement based on the Rowntree name, good or bad.

The market was perfect grounds for Constance's hunt, and she'd found a perfect candidate in the form of a young farmhand. The two stand near the edge of the market, not too far from the street proper. Smiling brightly, the young woman gently places a hand on his arm as she laughs at something he says.

"Oh, don't worry about that. Dornie's wonderful and I assure you, everyone is very friendly."

Between the booths of the market, Luna pauses as she hears the accent and tales the young girl is spinning to the boy. Especially in the atrocious accent, at least the courtesan thinks it is. Running her fingers over a bit of lace, she examines it for flaws before moving closer to the young couple.

"Oh yes, a wonderful place," she agrees, her grin to Constance becoming catlike as her eyes narrow at the young teen. Turning her attention to the boy, her smile becomes a little more genuine if not devious. "Just be careful of the girls from the Dovetail…" Her voice drifts a little as her eyes slide to Constance for just a moment and then back again. A meaningful gesture. "They've been known to lead good young men down the wrong path. You'll give everything you have to a young blonde like this one and have nothing to show for it but sore muscles and a smile on your face."

Constance's smile doesn't flicker, not even for a moment. "You know, Luna, if I wasn't gainfully employed as a serving maid at the the Wandering Albatross… I might be offended by your insinuations. Of course, she is very right. You can never be too careful around the Dovetail—who knows what sort of woman you'll find."

Her gaze shifts over at Luna's outfit for a moment, assessing it before she beams at the young man again. "You should be very careful around Luna. She's very pretty and very well-loved throughout Dornie… in fact, I'm sure that man over there is already looking at you with an envious stare. Why imagine, two of Dornie's prettiest ladies talking to you." Constance's eyes move to focus on Luna's, an eyebrow raising just slightly as the corners of her mouth turn up.

"Well it is hard for the locals to keep their eyes off me," the idle comment from Luna comes with the examining of the fingernails on her right hand. Almost as if she were bored by the subject of the conversation. "Especially since I've just been proposed to, see Constance darling?"

There's the little waggle of her fingers as the older woman shows off her latest prize, a fine ring with a bauble the size of her thumbnail adorning it. There's a musical lilt of laughter as she feigns a blush by ducking her head to the side and covering her cheeks and nose with the decorated hand. The sparkle is nearly blinding. "After all, the man who did the proposing is of rather high regard… older with three children of his own. Do you think I could get on with teenaged twins, dearest?"

While Constance may be an actress, it's hard to keep a small choked sound from escaping her throat, which she covers quickly in a cough. As the man seems ready to speak, the young woman cuts him off as she turns to face Luna. "Oh, I didn't know congratulations were in order!" The ring is eyed before Luna is given a steady look.

"I'm sure you can get along with anyone Luna. Why would anyone have a reason to hate you? I'm sure they'd love you dearly. You'd clearly be an astounding mother to them. I'm sure you'll be very happy with your money." A pause. "I mean husband. Did I say money? Pardon me, it just slipped out, I do apologize."

"Oh goodness, well of course there are assets involved… You should know, being my mother's maid and all, nothing can happen at that old castle without discussion of the sort." The older blonde's smile turns a little tight when it's pointed at the young girl but relazes as soon as she's got the boy in her sights again. Reaching out, Luna touches his shoulder and then draws her fingertips down to his chest before pulling them away. "Of course you must accompany Constance to the wedding, if she can juggle the multitude of suitors to include you."

Facing the actress again, Luna's grin only widens as she bats her eyelashes innocently. "What do you think, dear? I think you'd make a right lovely pair, almost as handsome as my Du—arling and I."

Constance's eyes turn to the boy for a moment, then she looks down demurely. "Oh, I'm sure he's far too busy to accompany me to such an event, but it would be a great honor." The boy doesn't get a word in edgewise, and Constance seems to want to keep it that way. She's looking at Luna again, a smile still on her lips, a touch of fire in her eyes.

"Oh, I'm sure you and your husband-to-be will make a lovely pair, of course. I do hope you'll be able to handle him. He was so torn up when his wife died, I hadn't thought anyone would ever take her place. I'm sure that means you must be very special. I certainly hope the two of you are deeply in love."

Not to be outdone, Luna lowers her eyelids until only a blue sliver remains and glances down at her stomach. A lace kerchief touches her lips before she presses it against an imagined bump and she glances between the boy and girl with a shy smile on her face. "I'm certain we'll be very happy, especially when the new addition comes into our lives. It'll certainly extinguish any torment brought on by previous dwellers to his household, aye?"

The top of Luna's wrist is touched against her forehead to shade her eyes from the sun as she looks up at the clouds with a whistful sigh. "I hope the day will be as beautiful as this one, we're hoping to carry out all of our plans soon…" Another pause as she looks down and folds the kerchief to tuck it away at her bosom. "Did you know there's a painter to be commissioned to have the portrait of the old lady painted over with my lovely face?"

There's a limit, and there are always lines. Acting is one thing— made up people, made up events, made up details. It's when reality is pushed into the fiction that there are boundaries and things that can break. Constance has few boundaries— acting is acting and she can play her parts well, but Luna has tracked mud across her favorite rug. Metaphorically.

Whatever smile was on her face before, whatever flirting glances towards the boy, they're forgotten as she turns, fully, to face Luna. "I don't care what games you play, Luna Owens, but you disrespect the name or the memory of my mother again, even in jest, I will unleash hell's fury on you however I can. Do not take this lightly. In fact, if I were you, I would never again speak of her."

"Oh Constance, don't be such a child, I don't even know what you're going on about. Aside from the fact that you're pretending to be gainfully employed by my mother.." Leaning toward the boy, Luna places two fingertips to the side of her lips and murmurs, "a complete farce, by the by, Constance Rowntree has never worked a day in her delicate life."

Then the woman straightens and raises her chin at the teenaged girl. Looking down at Constance over the bridge of her nose, as though the younger blonde was a bit of vermin along the road, she gives a tight smile. "Now, you were mentioning jest and play… Perhaps you should consider a new game."

"At least I don't let men between my legs for money. Is that even considered work?" Constance raises an eyebrow. "Everyone in Dornie knows Luna Owens works at the Dovetail." She smiles towards the boy. "Just so you're in the know." The boy is ignored once more as she looks towards Luna. "I'm certainly glad you've got your fantasies, Luna. These delusions that you're some grand, marvelous lady who can land a grand, marvelous husband. Because if you were to stop and look at yourself you'd realize one day you'll be old and no one will want you."

She clears her throat, then looks down her nose at Luna. "Play all the games you want. I don't care. You can wrap whomever and whatever you want around your little fingers—but don't you dare involve my family in them. Do you understand?"

"I never said that I didn't work at the Dovetail, did I? Perfectly scandalous, isn't it?" There's a small titter from the older blonde as she pulls a ribbon from her waist and twirls it around her finger. "I wonder, Constance, would you be surprised at the clients who frequent that little house? I wonder how many of them pass through the doors of Eilean Donan on the way to bed?"

There's a silence around the trio as Luna passes a smile to a woman caught between the booths, much as she was when listening to Constance earlier.

"Of course I know exactly how many," there's a little hiss in her voice, much like a snake's. Keeping a slow pace, Luna winds her way around the teen as she speaks just a touch lower. It's invitation for the rest of the marketers to come a little closer. "I wonder if you'd be surprised to hear if your grandfather or brother had been into our rooms?"

"I know how men are," Constance replies. "I don't consider them to be perfection, far from it. You think that would surprise me?" Her lips press together and she grits her teeth, however. "And don't you ever insinuate anything about my brother." The sour expression is lost, though, and Constance turns to face Luna again. "Don't think you're better than everyone just because men come to you. That means nothing. Men will come to the Dovetail regardless of if you're there or not."

"True…" Luna concedes to the girl, "they would."

Lifting her bare shoulder high and then covering it with a thin crochetted wrap, the young woman smiles slightly. It's close lipped, until her tongue darts out to wet her pink stained lips. "But Constance, darling, I know you believe yourself to be the most special thing in Dornie but please realise that when it comes to matters of the heart and the world… You know very little. Tragically little." She takes a step away from the girl and gives her something of a pitiful expression. "Men don't come to me to lay between my legs, they come to me because their lives aren't anything that they wish. They're looking for a fantasy… much like you're spinning in the market today."

Folding her arms over her chest to wrap the shawl tighter around her body, she takes a few steps, preparing to leave the marketplace. "I would be careful of the fantasies you weave, Constance Rowntree, your web could land you in the same place I am."

Constance's arms fold over her chest. "You know very little of me, much less than you think you do. I don't think the world revolves around me or that I'm the most special thing. You must be confusing me with yourself. You're older, Luna. That's why you have experiences. I'm not going to pretend to know the world. But if you think for one minute that any of my actions here would land me in the Dovetail… you are sadly mistaken. I don't need to stoop to your level."

Constance turns away. "If you were seeking to ruin my fun, you've done a fine job of that. Congratulations, that's certainly a skill I'm sure you'll use many times in the future. If you'll excuse me, I have other places to be."

"Have a wonderful afternoon Constance, be sure to give your family my love… especially your father." It's a wicked grin that Luna wears on her face as she turns from the actress and begins walking toward the edge of the market and the place she lays her head at night.