Wanted, Taken and Restricted Concepts

Dornie, although the largest settlement in northern Scotland, is not large enough to support more than one type of specific businesses. Additionally, from an OOC perspective, it doesn't serve the story Spellbound MUX is trying to tell if characters don't have unique hooks — for this reason, staff will not pre-approve concepts that are too close to a concept already belonging to an existing character. The best way to have a concept pre-approved is to bring something new to the game.

If you're set on playing a character whose hook or profession is already taken, do not despair. Contact the player of the character who shares your hook and ask if you can app your character as a co-worker, employee, an apprentice, or a character who you intend on becoming one of those things when they arrive in Dornie.

Wanted Concepts

Staff has developed the following list of concepts for players who plan to apply with an original character rather than take one off the roster. Players are encouraged to use this list as inspiration and pick a bullet point to build their character around.

  • Prostitutes working at the Dovetail under Madame Edme
  • Soldiers and/or mercenaries who are currently a part of Duncan Rowntree's militia
  • Stablehands, a farrier, and able-bodied men to help Edmund Rowntree manage his horse herd
  • Maids and/or servers at the Wandering Albatross under IsibĂ©al Owens
  • Workers at the Ross Hydroplant, including electricians
  • Schoolteachers at the schoolhouse supported by Dina Ross
  • Foreman and workers at the ammunitions factory owned by the Rowntree Clan
  • Sailors partnered with Lucien Bassingthwaighte
  • Local merchants like Maddock Owens, and store-owners for various locations (Market Square, Waterfront, Harbour)
  • Veterinary apprentice to Doctor Hightower
  • Domestic workers for Rowntree and Ross clans, as well as other affluent Dornie households, such as the Owens' and Hightowers
  • Hightower Clan members, to fill out the large family (see here.)
  • Butcher
  • Fishermen
  • Hunters and/or furriers
  • Brewer to own and manage local brewery
  • Florist
  • Perfumer
  • Architect
  • Farmers of various types (Crops, meats, dairy, etc.)
  • Bandits/Highwaymen/Thieves/Cutpurses
  • Armorer
  • Beekeeper
  • Barber
  • Woodcutter/Woodcarver/Woodseller
  • Midwife
  • Wine seller
  • Beggars
  • Shepherd
  • Shoemaker
  • Mortician
  • Locksmith/Lockmaker
  • Potter
  • Leatherworker
  • Domestic servants

Taken Concepts

  • Keeper of a horse herd (Edmund)
  • Militia leader (Duncan)
  • Hydroplant owner (Adler)
  • Ammunitions factory owner/arms dealer (Marcus)
  • Physician (Aislinn)
  • Rowntree Clan advisor (Tobin)
  • Innkeeper (Isibeal)
  • Brothel madame (Edme)
  • A gravedigger/groundskeeper for the cemetery (Lazar)
  • Blacksmith to own and manage local forge (Niall)
  • Seamstress (Sorcha)
  • Seamstress' apprentice (Mariah)
  • Physician's apprentice (Cordelia)
  • Veterinarian (Leonard)
  • Slave trader (Lucien)
  • Ross family bodyguard (Jorn)
  • Jeweler (Niyati)
  • Supernatural consultant to militia (Ruth)
  • Carpenter (Idgie)
  • Schoolteacher (Caera)

Restricted Concepts

  • Mages with the ability to heal
  • Fairies