Using Channels

Available Channels


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Channel-related Commands

  • To view all available channels, type @clist.
  • To join a channel, type addcom <alias>=<channel>, where <alias> is what you will type to talk on the channel, and <channel> is the channel you want to join. Newly added channels are automatically on. (e.g. addcom +pub=public)
  • To see what channels you have set up, type comlist. This will display every alias you've made, what channel it points to, whether you have the channel turned on or off, and your title on the channel.
  • To turn a channel off, type <alias> off, e.g. +pub off. You no longer hear people talking on the channel; neither can you speak on it, but the channel remains in your comlist and any settings (alias, title) remain in place.
  • To turn a channel back on, type <alias> on, e.g. +pub on. This lets you hear and speak on it again.
  • To see who's listening on a channel, type <alias> who, e.g. +pub who. This will list everyone online who is currently on the channel.
  • Comtitles are phrases prefixed to your name whenever you say something on a channel. It does not replace your name. The command to set a comtitle is comtitle <alias>=<title>. Different aliases for the same channel may have different titles.
  • To permanently leave a channel (or if you make a mistake setting up the alias), use delcom <alias>. This will remove the alias entirely. (If you have more than one alias for a channel, it won't drop you from the channel, just clear the alias.)