Guide To Character Generation

Character Generation: Introduction

Welcome to the character generation rooms of Spellbound MUX. It is here that you can begin to create your character, whether they be a rostered character or an original creation of your own.

Before we begin, it is assumed you have taken a look at our theme and policy files. If you haven't, take a look at +news, or this link ( beforehand. You'll find pages that explain policy and theme, and help you decide what kind of character to create and where you would go from there.

To begin, you must decide about whether you want to take a character from our roster (see +roster), or if you want to create your own original character. If you have chosen a roster character already and have the bit right now, you can proceed to the next room without reading this one any further. If you have created your own, then you will be unable to do so until you have completed this first step, but don't worry, it is neither time consuming nor difficult.

We ask that all original characters pitch to us their general concept. This is purely for thematic purposes, so that we know you have read and understood theme, as it is an original theme, although we also reserve the right to steer you away from overdone concepts and filled niches. You will not be denied based on this concept, only given back the 'okay' to proceed, with advice if it's called for, or without it if you seem to have a good grasp. It need only be a paragraph or so, and should include the most important aspects of your character, whether it be their age, their job, or their powers.

To do this, type: +request Character Concept=<concept>

You will receive feedback within a day. Feel free to go back to the OOC room to chat while you wait, or otherwise wait here.

Once you have been mailed back with confirmation, you may proceed.

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Character Generation: Basic Information

This is where you may fill out your +info, which is basically some short statistics that anyone can see when they input +info <name>. Follow the instructions below. As a side note, remember you can skip on to other rooms if you feel like filling out a different section, or wish to go back and make edits.

Fill out your character's fullname by typing: +fullname <character's name>

Set your gender by typing: @sex me=<gender>

Set your age with: +age <age>

Next, you must decide whether you are a Mundane (non-magical), or a Magic (has inherent magical powers). You set this with: +type <Mundane or Magic>

You can set your occupation, which can be things like Potter, Spiritual adviser, Innkeeper or Nomad, or whatever else you choose. The syntax is: +occupation <text>

To input where your character hails from, (such as London, England, or Dornie, Scotland) set your origin with: +origin <text>

Your allegiance relates to which clan you identify yourself with as loyal, but of course, you may have no allegiance, due to being a newcomer or indifference. The current available allegiances are Clan Rowntree, Clan Ross, Clan Hare, Independent and Undecided. The syntax is: +allegiance <text>.

You can set your actor or played by. To see whether your chosen actor is taken, check our Taken Actors page. If it's all clear, input: +actor <text>.

Last but not least, you can set a profile that others can view, which is just a few sentences that introduces your character's concept. You can set this with: +profile <text>

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Character Generation: Description

This is where you describe your character. We do not expect much detail! It can be anywhere between a paragraph to three. As we are only allowing human characters at this time, the description should reflect a normal person — natural hair and eye colours, natural skin tones, and no other extremes barring what is within human limits. A word to the wise would also be that we are not interested in descriptions that detail what your character looks like with their clothes off, to be blunt. Tattoos and markings, sure — cup size and other such measurements will find themselves asked to be deleted.

It is suggested you do not put specific clothing details in your description, as this would change most days, but feel free to make some broad statements about their preferences and typical choices.

To input your description, type: @desc me=<text> and this can be changed at any time.

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Character Generation: History

Here, you may set up your character's background. This will always be an account of their existence from birth/early childhood, through to their current status. When writing this section, keep in mind only putting in information that staff needs so that we know what we're approving. This includes major events, traumas, victories, major relationships, where they come from and basically how they got to be where they are today and what that looks like. This does not have to be a hugely extensive essay — length can be anywhere between three paragraphs through to ten, and we favour backgrounds that exercise conciseness that includes only the important information, rather than unnecessary detail.

Other things we look for is balance and a realistic portrayal of a human life, and a strong sense of theme. Use the theme files to your benefit to add texture and depth to your character.

If your character is a roster character, be sure to pay attention to the basic information put down about them unless otherwise given permission for major diversions. Take a look at the pages and concepts of characters that might influence your character's history, and feel free to consult with any players of those characters.

To start inputting your history, use the following syntax:

+history/set 1=<first page>
+history/set <#>=<other pages>

For help, see: History.

Once you're happy, continue on.

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Character Generation: Personality

This room is to input what your character is like. When writing a personality consider not only their superficial, first impression side of how they behave, but also what goes on beneath the surface. We aren't asking for a psychoanalysis, but we are asking for depth and texture. We want to read about someone who could be real, even if they have some extremes. We also want to read about a personality that makes sense with the rest of their background. Lengthwise, we would expect an average between one to three solid paragraphs.

If you're having trouble, consider how they behave to different things. How do they react to strangers? How are they with friends? What do you think about magic? How do they respond to violent situations? What do they love and how do they love? Choose the questions you feel are most important, make your own, and write a few sentences about each one.

If your character is a roster character, be sure to pay attention to the basic information put down about them unless otherwise given permission for major diversions. Take a look at the pages and concepts of characters that might influence your character's personality, and feel free to consult with any players of those characters.

To start inputting your personality, use the following syntax:

+personality/set 1=<first page>
+personality/set <#>=<other pages>

For help, see: Personality.

Once you're happy, continue on.

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Character Generation: Magic

If you have set yourself to Mundane, please skip this room.

If you are set Magic, then this is the room wherein you will write about your magical capabilities. Because we lack any kind of dice/stats system, we rely on detailed accounts of what your character can and cannot do, and use this as an ongoing reference. You should definitely consult the magic newsfiles index before you begin. As stated, you do not have to select a sphere to stay within, but they help as a way to guide your choices and decide upon your limitations.

When writing your ability, consider exactly what your character can do, and write all of it out. Sometimes there will be a need for generalisations, but if there is room for specifics, then do expand on this. Then, consider your limitations. Is there a time limit between when they can do certain things? If their power is combative, what is their physical range? Does their magical power drain them of energy, cause them injury, or have any kind of cost and punishment whether on yourself or to others? What are your power's rules?

Because we aren't a superhero theme, and are instead a fantasy theme, look to folklore for inspiration, as opposed to comic books, even if some magic may verge on both genres.

Right now, it's easiest to apply for a mage, but if you have a really, really strong idea you can +request it as a concept anyway, and if it's suitably thematic then staff may allow you to proceed.

All mages have a spiritual familiar. Feel free to expand on them too, including their name and their common forms if they have any.

To start inputting your magical ability, use the following syntax:

+magic/set 1=<first page>
+magic/set <#>=<other pages>

For help, see: Magic.

Once you're happy, continue on.

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Character Generation: Skills

This is the last major stop of character generation, so you're almost done. The last thing we need, Mundane or Magic, is a description your character's skillsets. This is basically all of the talents that are exceptional to your character. In the same logic as the Magic page, this is a page used primarily in place of dice and stats, so that if your character is going to do something exceptional, such as fix a machine, fight a dragon or make a useful item, it should relate back to this page. We expect at least three skills, although young children may have fewer.

You do not have to include the stuff that is pretty normal for a character of this time. Most people could maybe repair the seams of their own clothing, whether badly or well, as well as basic cooking skills. Unless they are a first class tailor or an amazing chef, we do not need to know.

For flavour, you can put in "anti-skills" too — stuff you're exceptionally bad at, although we don't count this towards the desired length.

To start inputting your skills, use the following syntax:

+skill/set 1=<Your first skill>
+skill/set <#>=<Your second/third skill/etc.>

For help, see: Skills.

Once you're happy, continue on.

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Character Generation: Finalize

And that's it! You're done. Good job and thank you for your patience. If you are totally happy with your application, type: +apply

Please allow staff between two to five days to get back to your application. This length is occasionally necessary if there are tricky aspects of your app that need some discussion and review. If five days have gone by and you have heard nothing, feel free to contact staff on your app's status and we will let you know what's going on (such as a backlog of apps) and an idea of when you can expect feedback.

You will receive a @mail that confirms your approval or denial. If you are approved, you are free to join the wiki, make your profile, and go and RP. If you are denied, you will receive feedback as to why and a chance to go back and make the tweaks, which can be minor or major, and hit +apply again. Usually these are thematic concerns, or power issues. This process can sometimes repeat itself, but don't be discouraged!

While you wait, feel free to proceed to the OOC room to chat to fellow players, and thank you again.

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