The following is a timeline that details the events starting from the year 5 A.E. (after exodus), which begins with The Second Dark Ages following the mass evacuation of survivors from the world's ruined cities. Players are encouraged to add events that are important to the timeline so others can refer to it — births, deaths, marriages and notable plot points all apply.

Spellbound MUX is currently in the year 135 A.E.

The Second Dark Ages (5 A.E. — 50 A.E.)

The Phoenix Years (50 A.E. — 134 A.E.)

60 A.E.

  • Frederick Hightower moves to Dornie and begins a family.

66 A.E.

71 A.E.

77 A.E.

78 A.E.

80 A.E.

89 A.E.

91 A.E.

92 A.E.

94 A.E.

96 A.E.

98 A.E.

99 A.E.

100 A.E.

102 A.E.

103 A.E.

  • Tobin Hirsch purchased from his parents by Marcus Rowntree. Marcus takes the boy back to Dornie with him and raises him alongside his own sons as their companion.

104 A.E.

  • February 2nd: Arthur Alden born in Frodsham, Cheshire, England.

107 A.E.

  • Leaving home after the accidental murder of his mother, Jørn Ullman journeys to Oslo, Norway; he soon joins a warband led by a man named Ulrik Tyrsson, and begins his life as a mercenary.

108 A.E.

109 A.E.

110 A.E.

  • Damon Alden dies while incarcerated for theft. His widow, Penelope, is resentful for having to take care of their son on her own. Arthur Alden soon begins to follow in his father's footsteps, and, under tutelage of his mother, begins perfecting the art of the con.
  • Jørn Wartooth takes up his new surname after the death of his mentor, Ulrik Tyrsson. Wartooth then begins a near two-decade reign as one of the most infamous warband leaders to roam Scandinavia and Central Europe.

111 A.E.

  • Bridget's mother, Una Ross, dies at sea, drowned by a kelpie.

112 A.E.

113 A.E.

  • Endures-the-Wait, Patience Banes' familiar, is killed by hobs when she is only four. The spirit's death leaves the little girl a shell of her former self for years.

114 A.E.

  • Clans Rowntree and Ross conspire with Maddock Owens to dismantle Clan Hare by murdering its leaders, Hamish and and Leslie Hare, along with their four children. Helen, who is a close friend of Hamish's wife, opposes killing Leslie and the children, but is too late to stop the slaughter. She succeeds in rescuing a pregnant Leslie and the youngest of the Hare's children, seven-year-old Ashley, and arranges behind her husband's back to send them to stay with her father's family in France. Maddock takes over the Hare Clan's business.

117 A.E.

  • Arthur Alden leaves behind his home in Frodsham after his mother becomes abusive. He travels by caravan as far as Kingsley, where he meets the Banes family. After bonding with Marcus and Kiley Banes' only daughter Patience, he is invited to become part of the family. Arthur becomes Arthur Banes.

118 A.E.

  • Ruth Hirsch marries Wilm Schröder and becomes Ruth Schröder.
  • Leonard Hightower takes over his father's veterinary practice after the death of his mother and the crippling of his father. His youngest son Dalton is born, and the pregnancy leaves Deidre unable to have any more children.

119 A.E.

  • The Larke family moves into Dornie and starts setting down roots as a new merchant family.

121 A.E.

  • Bridget's father, Ronan McGregor, hunts down and kills the creature that killed his wife, but dies shortly thereafter. Bridget is taken in by her uncle, Adler Ross.

122 A.E.

123 A.E.

  • Liese Schröder born.
  • Cas Blackburn runs away from home and makes his way to Grimsby, England, along the North Sea where he works as a stable boy.

124 A.E.

  • Mairi Innes marries Ian Fairbairn and becomes Mairi Fairbairn. She moves with her husband to his farmstead in Dornie.

125 A.E.

127 A.E.

  • January: Dornie's militia raids the Scottish settlement of Rannoch after failing to negotiate a trade agreement. Aislinn Faolán's husband is killed in the fighting, and Duncan Rowntree forces her to choose between her two children, Saroise and Colm, before bringing her and the other survivors back to Dornie. He gives Aislinn to his brother, Edmund Rowntree as a gift.
  • March: Jørn Wartooth's men lead a mutiny against him, and leave him for dead in Loch Duich, near Dornie. He washes up on-shore and is found by an entourage led by Edgar Ross. Unable to resume his life as a mercenary, Jørn begins his work as Edgar's bodyguard soon after he recuperates.
  • November: Patience Banes weds Byron Saxon for a share of his caravan business. Patience becomes Patience Banes-Saxon.

128 A.E.

  • Leonard Hightower's youngest son Dalton contracts rabies from a dog bite and dies late in the year; his already brittle marriage falls apart into a messy divorce.
  • December: Luna Owens runs away from home only to land at the Dovetail.

130 A.E.

  • In the Spring, Mariah Larke's family of merchants is murdered on the road by bandits and Mariah ends up on her own and working at the Dovetail.

131 A.E.

  • A collective from a settlement called Blackmoore, who were producers and suppliers of coal, proves to be possible competition for Dornie's status as a superior source of electrical energy. Ross and Rowntree clans both agree to nip this in the bud for the betterment of Dornie, and supply a group of mercenaries with wealth and firepower to raze outposts and mines both to the ground (or under it). The mission is successful.

132 A.E.

  • Ruth Schröder becomes a widow when her husband is killed by wolves. She returns to her home settlement of Jeseník and makes an attempt at being a mother to her daughter, Liese.

133 A.E.

  • Byron Saxon is murdered by Arthur Banes after he discovers Saxon has been beating his wife. Shortly thereafter, suspicion begins alternating between the two Banes siblings, and in an effort to save her own skin and protect her brother, Patience Saxon suggests they flee Kingsley. Once they leave, she begins calling herself Elvira Banes.

134 A.E.

  • Berwick-upon-Tweed is set upon in a freak accident, its agricultural export capacity decimated when six Green Tails lay waste to prominant fields, herds and buildings.
  • Cas Blackburn runs away from Grimsby after he is caught having illicit relations with his boss' daughter and after months on the road settles in Dornie, aquiring work with Edmund Rowntree.