The Wandering Albatross
The Albatross is a welcome sight for weary sailors.

The whitewashed exterior of the two buildings that makeup the Wandering Albatross give the establishment a crisp, cleaner feel than the grey stone and mortar walls around it. Built between two streets, the lower doors to the cellar are large enough for a wagon to be backed in, while the double doors on the main level above boasts a small flowered courtyard surrounded by wrought iron fencing. Two sets of stairs lead to a servant's entrance and a walkway between the common building and small stable.

Inside, all wood flooring with chairs are scattered unevenly amongst ancient tables. A well worn but polished bar wraps through the pub, separating the common area from the kitchen, and into the foyer where guests can check in. The glow of both oil and electric lights, hung from support beams and exposed rafters, aid a massive fireplace in warming the open space.

Stairs extend against a wall close to the doors, allowing guests up to a series of modest rooms. Each one is host to a comfortable bed, warm bedding, and enough furniture to give the basic comforts of home.