The Vale
A section of the valley.

The rolling landscape here is lush and green in the spring and summer, tapering up gently into the forest and mountains in the north. To the east and the west, however, there is nothing to block the expansive view of the vast landscape.

The terrain is wild and rugged, with rocky streams leading to freshwater lochs. Grass and shrubs are abundant wherever the eye can see; small copses of alder, rowan, and birch grow here and there, providing shade for the weary travelers who come through this pass.

A river fed by the mountain's meltwater cleaves through the valley, powering the Ross hydroelectric plant, and it is for this stretch of water that the dirt road running parallel to it is named.

River Road is home to many small homesteads and businesses on the fringe of the settlement, including its brothel, the Dovetail. Following this southwest road takes travelers into Dornie through its Northern Reach. Those headed northwest must brave the Caledonian Forest. Coastal woodland borders the valley to the south. Open moorland stretches out to the west.

Notable Places