The First Adventure

Title: The First Adventure
Time Period: December 31, 134 A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: A pair begins the first of many adventures.

The later the night gets, the more the drinks get passed around. After many hours of avoiding the ale, Cas has finally aquired a glass, but it seems that the guy pouring it took something he said weird and gave him a ladies sized glass. As opposed to what the men carry around.

Weaving at the edge of the dance floor, he looks around trying to find a specific someone, looking at dresses and masks, before moving on. The sip (rather than a manly gulp) — that he takes of the ale ellicits a choking cough, before he keeps moving.

"It takes some practice… or so I've been told."

The blonde in red peeks over at Cas, having managed to effectively sneak up behind him. Constance idly adjusts her hat before she grins broadly at him. "Your costume came out perfect. I can imagine that it's got a lot of attention. Have you danced with every girl here, yet?"

Sneaking up on him means that she gets to see the surprised look on his face when he quickly turns around… and sloshes ale on his shoes. Cas looks down and grimaces a bit, before meeting her eyes under the hat and mask and smiles.

"Hey there, Lady in Red," he says, looking down at the ale and moving a big closer. "Not every girl, but a lot of them… women too. And older women. I think one may have been a guy, but she could have just had a really deep voice."

Or he could be joking, from the smile that follows.

His joke gets a laugh from Constance, though she looks despairingly down at his shoes. "SOrry about that. I didn't mean to startle you. But… it's good to hear you're getting plenty of dances in. I feel like your Robin Hood is a complete success. I hope you've charmed your way into the hearts of everyone you danced with… especially the deep-voiced woman."

"I don't think I want them all to fall in love with me," Cas says after he takes a sudden drink from his ale. It still makes his voice hoarse, but he got most of it down without choking this time, more or less. "I think that would be the fastest way to get ran out of town. I'm pretty sure half of the ones I danced with were married, and the rest are someone's daughters or sister or niece… But it has been fun."

His smile is a little tight-lipped, but that could be because of the taste of the ale.

Constance sighs a little. "You're no fun. If you can't charm everyone…" She trails off, thought unfinished. Perhaps she was living a little too vicariously. "Everyone is someone's daughter or sister or niece. It would be really difficult to find someone in Dornie with no family to speak of, I'm sure." Her gaze goes idly over towards the beverages. Perhaps she's contemplating.

It doesn't take long before 'Robin Hood' follows after the 'Lady in Red', moving up behind her to glance around at the drink table. "I guess that's true. I mean I've met one of your cousins already— you said your sister was younger than this one, so I'm guessing she's your cousin. She works for my boss' wife— Her name's Cordie? She seemed nice." While he talks, he's still looking around her.

One of the men pouring ale into glasses for people sees him and laughs joyously. Perhaps the man who poured his drink into a lady sized glass.

The blonde reaches for a glass before she glances back to Cas. "Oh, yes. She's nice enough. She gets along better with Peter, though. I can be a little too inventive for some people." 'Inventive' is a nice way of putting it. Constance beams, stealing a glass before taking a quick look around. "I don't believe I saw her for more than a minute or two… she probably left early. I don't think this is her kind of thing."

"It's not everyone's thing," Cas says with a smile as he looks back at her. "But it does seem like yours— You look wonderful, though if you were older the bodice would probably be lower." The smile is teasing, and he raises his drink to indicate her high neckline. "But it still looks really good. You're young, so you shouldn't show everything." Like some dancers on tables?

"How many hearts have you stolen today, despite your unavailability?"

There's a wide grin. "I'm not stealing hearts, I'm stealing glances. Besides, I've got a mask. They don't know I'm unavailable. Besides, it's not that I'm unavailable, it's just that my father is intimidating," Constance points out. "Which means they either have to be very ambitious or love me very much. I'm hoping it's the latter of the two." She glances back inward towards the dance. "I don't need to wear next to nothing unlike some people here," she says, adjusting the lace on her dress. "I don't think she'll stop until she's had every man in Dornie in her bed. I understand her want for attention, but there's no respect in what she's doing."

"She didn't try to bed me," Cas admits outloud, before realizing what he's saying and turns away from her to flush slightly. His hat and mask almost hides it— almost. But it can't hide his earlobes.

Clearing his throat, he wets his lips once before turning back to her. "I am glad you want to marry for love, though. I know a lot of people are forced into it— I hope your dad only intimidates whoever he is enough that he's sure about his feelings when he decides to pursue you." There's a pause, as if he knows a thing or two about that. Odds are he does. "And I hope you're not already promised to someone else when he comes along. That always complicates things."

"Well, good. I'm glad she's got her dirty paws off of someone," Constance mutters, but she grimaces shortly after. "I would hope I'm not promised when I find someone. Hopefully there will be someone worthy enough in my father's eyes who I can at least tolerate. I'm glad Celia's not old enough to worry about such things. She'll have another couple of years at least. Then my father will be too busy trying to find me a husband to worry too much about her."

With his eyes downcast for a moment, the silence Cas has might be more telling than words for a time, though it only lasts a few seconds longer than would be reasonable in this situation. When he looks back at her he's all smiles, reaching out to touch her upper arm. "It's better to save marriage and stuff till later anyway. You can't be how you are now once that happens. No troll hunting or adventures." Except the really make believe.

"Ugh, I know!" Constance exclaims, looking back at him with a broad grin. "And we certainly haven't had our fill of adventures yet, Cas. I'd suggest we run around town righting wrongs dressed like this but I'm certain the guard will put a stop to that fairly quickly. It's a shame. I'm sure my father would think me very foolish to be doing something like that."

"We'll have to find adventures that won't get us in trouble, then," Cas says with a grin, nudging her in the side with an elbow. "But for now, I have an adventure for you." Finally, he puts down the glass of ale he's barely drunk on and holds out his hand. "How about a dance, Lady in Red? Strictly platonic, of course. After all, I am certainly too afraid of your father for it to be anything else." That part is said with a grin, but one that he means.

Constance sets her glass aside and accepts the offered hand with a gentle grip. "Well, since I haven't seen my father and he does not know what I'm dressed as, be sure to look longingly at me from time to time so that the other men will think I must be some enchanting lady to be looked at so adoringly." She grins at him. "Strictly platonically, of course. I want to appear to be the most intriguing woman here. And not because I'm not wearing anything."

There's a grin that is almost too cheesy at first to really be seductive but Cas suddenly raises her hand up and presses his lips on her knuckles. Rather prolongly, as he looks up at her face. Still smiling. When he raises back up, he nods and says, "I will look at you as if you're the most beautiful woman I've seen all year, my lady," he says with that same smile, before he pulls her toward the dance floor.

And tries to pull out what is left of his best moves. Which is the same thing he's been doing all night, with a few exceptions. The requested occasional glances, where he pretends, vaguely, that he is OtherCas and she is the girl he left behind… And avoiding stepping on her feet.