The Dovetail
Off the beaten trail.

Enough off the beaten trail to sit undetected during the day, the cottage that houses a business called the Dovetail can be seen more readily at night, when the windows glow with golden light and shimmer through the trees. Led there by a beaten path, this place looks like it promises a nice place to sleep and maybe a plate of dinner, but in reality, offers a great deal more than that. It's a well-established brothel, and to call it a cottage is a little unfair, as the large, corner-shaped building sprawls over a decent patch of land, a second floor cresting the tops of birches and aspen.

It's brickwork is patchy toned and humble, with thick windows and sills, all rough stone and hearty wood, and a well-kept garden that is most vibrant in the summer time. Inside, some doors are kept closed during the night time business hours — the humble laundry spaces and kitchens are both off-limits, but there's a den that often smells of moonshine and burning sage and tobacco, a roaring fireplace and luscious furniture both crafted in Dornie and taken from elsewhere.

Upstairs are the bedrooms, each one individual for virtue of resources than personalisation, with beds and other comforts, and can double as a place to stay the night or for one of the women to live in during the day.

Owner and Employees

The Dovetail is owned and managed by Edme Hare.

  • Luna Ownes
  • Mariah Larke (Formerly)
  • Florentine: The One With The Hips (if you're being nice about it), one of the more boisterous and opportunistic of the girls, and not afraid to step on the others to better her own situation. She does— sometimes— rub the others the wrong way. (But customers seem to like her just fine.) Other than hips, she has red hair, green eyes and freckles splashed across her nose and cheeks. It's adorable, really.
  • Graziella: Jet black hair and skin a bit more toward olive, she has elegant features and a slender figure. Willowy. She's a quiet girl, younger than most and something of a little sister figure around the house. For better or worse. Not overly bright, but definitely sweet.
  • Bonnie: Conversely, Bonnie is a bit older than most, her hair an ash blonde and her figure more sturdy. She looks like she can throw a punch. A painful one. To the girls she's gruff and tries to take charge often, but to the customers, she's fun, blunt and humorous. Ask her about her limericks.