Sweaters For Trees

Title: Sweaters For Trees
Time Period: February 4, 135 A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: Widow and warrior converge and discuss the rampant nakedness of trees.

The lower and middle classes of Dornie can sometimes have stark differences; many, however, on this particular street, tread the line of living comfortably, especially in winter. The season makes this road seem more muddy and clammy than it actually is. The families are friendly enough, save for those few bad apples or shady characters attempting to rise about station. Chimney smoke is trickling. The signs of embers more than logs, however slight. It is on this street that sometimes, deliveries are made, or market wagons trail through on the way to the high streets and richer customers.

Perhaps not the best at the affair of disguises, Jorn finds himself trailing one of the wagons in particular making its way uproad. A couple of women sweeping their walks pause chatting to inquire with their eyes when Jorn stops by a short span of stone wall that separates two lawns. The tall man doesn't notice them until the younger of the duo coughs loudly, the noise disrupting his idling there, and the heavy sack at his side bumping the flattened cobblestone below.

Bundled up in a heavy coat, Mairi's doing her best to ward off the cold. Her scarf is carefully tucked into the coat as she moves the cart from house to house, dropping off the cart to haul crates of milk or eggs to front doors. The women catch her attention, her eyes moving from her supplies to the figure nearby. "Jorn?" She questions.

It is either his expression of pause, or the subconscious way he straightens up and puts out his chest that has the two wives smirking quietly and going back to their conversation over the next interceding wall. Whatever the reason, Jorn ignores them and presses on down the short span of road towards Mairi and her cart.

"I had hoped to catch you before market end." He wasn't following her just to follow her, and for some reason he makes that his first response, closely curtailed with a far better one, skipping over any potential rumor flinging entirely. "How have you been?"

"Oh, well, I'm glad you did. It's been a while since I've seen you around," Mairi says, swinging her legs over the cart and jumping down before she reaches to pat her horse gently. Tigerlily gives a small snort before the widow moves a little more in Jorn's direction to close the gap. "I've been alright, been busy. It's good to have help around the farm, makes less stress for me in the long run."

"Mostly no fault of my own." He will take some blame for not having seen her as of late. But things in his job and otherwise have been- eventful, one guesses. Jorn does not actually present her with the sack- which she can now smell as being slightly salty. "This is for you. I've wrapped the parts, so it should keep until you know what to do with it. Leave it where it is coldest." Mairi can assume that it is the nature of their last meeting that is currently- well- in the thick-skinned sack.

"I hope that you can forgive my absence from your farm." Jorn has little excuses that he is able- or allowed- to verbalize, but the northman seems sincere enough, lips hesitantly ticking up at the ends.

"It's alright," Mairi says in terms of his apology. "I've been busy and otherwise occupied. Your company has been missed, though. It is good to see you." The sack is nodded at, and she steps aside to allow him to load it onto the wagon if he so desires. "Have you been well? I'd imagine your work keeps you busy. We have that in common."

Jorn takes care to not place the bundle on anything else, or any little furry or feathery things that may or may not hitching a wagon ride. It is heavy, but no more than her cart had been before the market and deliveries. "I never thought that I would be tired of winter."

"Mmm…" Jorn pauses, glancing at the overcast sky. "Dornie winter." Which is more cold and wet than anything, truth be told. "I am well enough. My back has been bothersome as of late, but I do not have time for slacking. I must keep occupied."

Mairi's normal animal companion seems oddly absent, leaving the widow to do her deliveries on her own. Stalwart's got more important watching to do as of late. "I usually like the cold weather, but I must say it certainly puts a damper on things and makes things difficult." She nods. "If you keep active I'm sure that your back will get what it needs."

"The worst of it is during winter. There is more staying inside, I think." Jorn says sheepishly, guilty, despite his abilities, of looking out a window and deciding that a half an hour of sleep in the warm cottage was more important than fussing about in the snow. He silently notes the missing of anything furry or feathery, though does not bring it up. It is not like a familiar cannot have business to attend to.

"Hopefully spring will come early this year. I do miss the activity it brings. Scottish winters depress me." Jorn's features turn down in an unknowing example of the commonly dour look that he has worn this season.

"Staying inside can be frustrating, at least for me. I'm not fond of not having things to occupy myself with, but I've been surviving, at least," Mairi says with a smile. "Spring is always nice. I like to watch the young animals as they are born, see the trees start to look more… clothed." She looks to him. "Do not worry, winter will be over soon enough."

"Many assume I enjoy it. I like mainland winters, not coast winters." Big, wet difference. At least to him. Jorn allows the down look to segue off of his face again, in favor of an easy smile. "Clothed?" He cannot help but laugh. "I suppose we are lucky that trees have no shame."

"I think we are. They don't particularly enjoy being naked though. I'm sure it's terribly cold in the winter for them as well," Mairi says, her eyes scanning him for a moment before around at the town. "I just know it's terribly cold, regardless of coast or land."

"I will have to start knitting tube-shaped sweaters, then." The idea makes him laugh again, but he does not seem to do so out of anything negative. They're just being silly, right? Jorn clears his throat a moment, scanning the road after she does. "My heading is forward-" His head tilts in a small gesture to the homes further along, the high streets and onward, where she seems to be pulling her deliveries. "If I may keep you company, for a time?" He is getting better at this, even if barely; Jorn's 'game', as it were, is one with many rules and many loose pieces. Perhaps some are missing.

Mairi can't hide a laugh at the image that pops into her mind of sweaters on trees, their naked limbs no longer shivering. "I would be honored for the company," she says, another smile offered in his direction. "You will have to excuse me when I need to stop to make a delivery. I still have one or two left. I've taken my time today."

Jorn appears somewhat pleased when she does laugh, his slim expression panning into a small flash of grinning teeth; it is quite possible he was being ridiculous on purpose. Women don't care for the usual dark humor, generally speaking.

"Of course. As long as I get to where I am going, I am in no hurry." If he had to hurry anywhere, Jorn would not have put aside the time to track her down in the first place. Which would have meant another few hours of dismay for him, surely.

"That sounds amiable. I think we'll both get to where we're going, then," Mairi agrees, reaching over to her horse to lead it by the reigns. "It is good that you have the time to talk, then. I hope that your work has not been too troublesome. I can imagine things can get quite dangerous from time to time. Less so than farmwork."

"It is troublesome in its own way, as farming can be." Different perspectives. "Danger is only what is left after safe measures. I have learned to be vigilant, barring any… hiccups." Jorn picks up his feet to keep a regular pace with the wagon, prepared for at least some downtime and better company amidst his otherwise crowded and plain workday.