Start Tomorrow

Title: Start Tomorrow
Time Period: May 26, 135 A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: Two women discuss a rather drastic lifestyle shift.

Not many people tend to go upstairs, to the floors above Sorcha's shop. that's because most people she knows are clients, and not much more than that. The odd person who has to help her home from the pub, or are invited over for dinner like the soon to be coming family from the market. the rabbits are already in a crate, ready to be brought over in the morning.

Tonight though, is one of the nights that Sorcha is home and not at the bar. She's upstairs - There's a door that leads there from the outside of the building and not just from inside her shop - Sitting in a wooden rocking chair, doing some hand sewing on a project that requires a more delicate touch. Lace will do that. Her mother ensconced in a room and turned in for the night, the older frailer woman having already done her part to help keep the business going.

Something hard though, in a bottle, keeps her company, tippled into her tea when she wants it.

There's a quiet knock on the outside door, quiet because it's somewhat late and Mariah's aware of Sorcha's mother's situation. She's used to being up night's, though, so when it comes time for a personal visit, it just so happens that night is when she's at her brightest. You know, usually.

She has brought a small basket with her, new spring fruit, because she has a problem with showing up somewhere empty handed. Especially this particular somewhere.

Sorcha takes a moment to secure her sewing, make her way to the door at the top of the stairs and a quick glance through the peephole to see who it is before she ushers the other woman in. "Don't usually expect company this time of the night. Thought for a moment might have been Patrick" Even if it isn't, she still offers up a wide smile that nearly splits her from ear to ear, all toothy. "Come in. heavens, get in here woman. How's your man? "

"Unfortunately, no. Sorry," Mariah says, seeming genuinely apologetic there. But at the smile, she can't help but return it, particularly as she adds, "I'd offer to help cheer you up, but as it turns out, it looks like I'm getting out of that business."

Which might explain what she's doing here.

She steps in, holding the basket out toward Sorcha, "It isn't much, but something to liven up the palette a bit." That last question gets a nervous chuckle and she shakes her head gently, "He's not— I mean, not technic— You know, I'm not sure what we are, but he's doing okay. Recovering."

She'll relieve her of that basket, be sure to take it to the kitchen at some point to add it to the stores of food. Be nice to have a little surplus this time around. That and spring fruit, you can't go wrong. "Good, that he's recovering. I can't begin to imagine what he went through. Or how he'll get over it. But I'm sure with you there, he'll have a good chance at getting over it"

She closes the door behind Mariah, directing her towards the livingroom and near the fireplace there. A small fire going, to ward off damp and take the spring evening chill out. "So. You want to become a seamstress. Formally accepting working in the daylight and occasionally into the wee hours of the night, sore fingers and learning to work a sewing machine?"

"Nothing good," Mariah says, as far as what Cas went through, "But I hope… to be some help. Company, at the least." She lets herself be led to the other room, and she moves to stand near the fire. It is most definitely chilly out there.

"Pricking thumbs, as someone once put it," she says with a crooked smile, "I'd like to try my hand at it. I can learn, and you know my passion for a well-made dress." That gets her smile to widen, at least.

"Pricking thumbs. I want to apologize. I must seem a little.. crass at times, making crude light of what you did before you decided to take me up on my offer. I did mean it in good humor." Empty warm seats, a loveseat, a padded armchair, ones meant to sit in for long stretches of time and be comfortable. "Tea and a tipple?"

"Oh, don't be silly. You don't survive in a trade like that without finding amusement in the crude. I fear I'll do nothing but encourage that brand of humor." Of course, being married to a sailor, she must be used to it, too. Or Mariah assumes she is. "I'm terribly difficult to offend. At least in that manner."

She opts for the love seat, leaving the more comfortable chair for the lady of the house. "I'd love some, thanks."

"Ahhh, you'll get along juuuust fine with Patrick" Another toothy grin, she's pouring a cup of tea, nudging over the bottle of alcohol so that it can be fixed to the former prostitute's liking. "Well, I have a spare room here, if'n you want to stay till you find something of your own. A few days to get used to working in the day at normal hours, instead of at night. Then we can get in to teaching you the basics. As for paying, we can figure that out too. Mostly, I get paid in food, trade for materials. Alcohol at the pub."

Mariah takes the bottle to tip the liquid within into her glass. Generously. Whatever calm she's got about switching jobs, there's enough worry underneath to warrant a drink or two.

"We'll work it out. I was a merchant's daughter, though, I can trade anything," she says with a chuckle as she sets the bottle down again. She looks up at Sorcha, though, letting out a gentle, perhaps overwhelmed sigh. "I'd appreciate the room. Just a few days, though. I've been looking into rooms to let around town, I'm sure I can arrange something quickly. You just let me know when you'd like me to start and I… I'll be here." Adjusting to a new schedule might be difficult, but she's going to force herself into it all the same.

"Start tomorrow, come in the afternoon, and we'll go from there, earlier and earlier every day till we have you on a schedule. If someone comes in for simple hemming, or repairs, we can work on that, and then hopefully, work you to making your own stuff. at some point, when you're ready, any clients that come in asking for you, will be yours and the pay will be yours. Deal?" Sorcha settles into her own chair, taking her sewing back up again.

There's a small pause, which is quickly followed by a brief, breathy laugh, but for all that it's a big moment for her, Mariah is sure to remind herself to nod before too long. "Tomorrow. And that's… that's a fair deal, I believe."

Hands tremble just a little as she lifts the cup to take a drink. A long one. But as she sets the cup down again, she blinks as a thought hits her.

"Oh god. I have to pack." But it hits her with a laugh, a fuller one than moments before.

"Oh, oh the horror in that. At least it's just your room, and not having to pack up my shop downstairs" With all the bolts of fabric and wool, needles, furniture, leather portfolio's with their sketches and not to mention all the patterns. Her needle works in delicate stitches, enjoying the little visit with Mariah. "If you need help, I can come. It's not like I can't close the shop for an hour or so, sit and help fold clothes"

"The silver lining," Mariah says, nodding as her laugh fades back out. "Luckily, I've already been selling some of it to the other girls. Things they can use that I won't have much need of out here." Out here, like it's a whole different world. Maybe it is. "I'll let you know if I need help getting it together. I've been planning on asking Niall to help me cart it out of there when I'm done. I suppose I should get to that, too."

"Take your time. You have until Patrick returns at least. After he does, you won't want to much be back up here, and prefer just the shop" She grins at the though, wriggling her toes beneath the socks that cover both her plastered leg and unplastered one. "I admit, it'll be nice to have company in the shop. Might make time pass a little less slow"

"Not to worry. I'm well practiced at knowing when to be out of a woman's hair." Mariah grins, too, unmarried, but knowing all the same. "I can be that, at the very least. Company," she says as she sets a near-empty cup back down. "I'll be here, tomorrow afternoon. But I do believe now's a good time to get out of your hair," she say with a gentler smile, "and get mine back to the house to get things together."

She stands up, coming over to put a hand on Sorcha's arm. "I can see myself out. But I just want to say… I mean, thank you." She's usually a woman of far more words, but this time she lets those stand alone as she makes her farewells and her exit.