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The Rookery is Dornie's poorest neighborhood; tall but compact buildings huddle close together in varying states of disrepair, their windows rippled and warped by age, roof shingles discoloured, cracked or in some missing entirely. Families share intimate spaces here, and it is not uncommon to find as many as five or six people sharing the same room, and although the burden of supporting a household is shared, living in these close quarters increases the likelihood of contracting something, whether influenza, lice, or worse.

None of the Rookery's structures are wired to receive electricity from the Ross clan's hydroplant, and so its residents rely on candles and glass lanterns for light, and the fire from their hearths for warmth. There are more outhouses here than anywhere else in the settlement, but most buildings are equipped with one or more chamber pots, which is a convenience for those who use them but makes the streets reek of urine and feces when emptied onto streets — a practice that is discouraged but performed nevertheless, especially in winter when the neighborhood's rat infestation is most apparent.

Most of the Rowntree Munition Factory's labour comes from the Rookery. Many of its houses shelter those whose lives belong to the clan, and have a strict curfew in place enforced by the militia. Its lower-ranking members reside here, too, and contribute to the neighborhood's reputation for violence. Women are advised not to walk alone after dark, and those who do regardless had best be prepared to defend themselves against the drunken advances of undisciplined soldiers with too much authority and time on their hands.