Regret Is A Carousel Ride

Title: Regret is a Carousel Ride
Time Period: August 13, 135 AE
Characters Appearing:

Summary: The "fun rides" become less fun when strange and dangerous happenings occur at the Travellers' fair.

The fair, nearing the end of its run, is bustling with activity. Many of the town's citizens who hadn't already had the chance to visit have come today, while others who have visited already have returned for another taste of the culture and spice the Travellers bring to Dornie. The day is a good one for it, as warm as any summer day in Scotland can promise, with a cool breeze across the vale.

The line for the carousel is long and not moving, though the fair opened a quarter of an hour ago — the main force behind its movement is missing, it seems, but it's not like the Travellers operate on a tight time schedule. Simza sits waiting for her sister, not looking especially worried; no doubt she's had to wait on her sister more than once. The regulars of the faire know it's often Blythe who is the last out to her station at the carousel. Simza smiles at a small child already seated on one of the horses; he is a regular, a fan of the carousel in particular. Others are also already on the carousel and waiting for their turn on the magically-realistic ride.

"Blythe will be here soon, I promise!" she says to the child (and everyone else), and speak of the devil, her twin can be seen darting through the crowd on the way to the carousel.

Mariah had been debating getting up into the ferris wheel. The whole run of the fair, she hadn't convinced herself to try it. But in the end, there she is, sitting in a little swingy bench trying not to look nervous while she clings to Cas' hand.

It isn't as bad as she was expecting, even enjoyable or the most part, but there are just some portions of the wheel, a couple arcs that make her uneasy. But that's okay! That's what dates are for, hanging onto when you feel like you might get dumped over the side.

The carousel isn't just for children, Luna Owens is there in all of her summer finery, riding one of the toys that her Duncan wasn't too keen on. Not a horse, mind you, but she's side saddle on the back of a mermaid. A pretty creature with long flowing blonde hair, much like herself. It's the best looking of all the beasts, since selkies aren't represented… even Luna isn't sure if she'd ride a seal woman if they were.

Her creamy colored dress doesn't cover all of the scars she's spent so long trying to hide, a gauzy scarf is wrapped around the worst ones on her neck but smaller ones are just beginning to fade to a pale pink, now camouflaged by bits of pink lace at the wide scoop between her shoulders. It enhances some of her better features and draws the eyes downward instead of up where the horrid reminders of her time away are.

"How soon?" she demands, holding her chin a little higher to command a bit of respect. She's not alone, one small girl, scrubbed clean and dressed in clothing a little finer than usual is sitting on a dragon nearby. The scar across her throat brands her unmistakably as one of the children brought back from Liverpool.

With the ship anchored out in the harbour and the men having a day ashore — undoubtedly mostly taken up by visiting the Dovetail — Rhagfyr has returned to the faire. The last visit was at night, visiting with the fortune teller to bolster his skepticism against such things; the atmosphere during the day with the crowds and the sunlight is entirely different, bringing a small smile to the pirate's face.

Even with the warmth, he's coated, in a thin green and brown striped affair that catches on the breeze. It's altogether possible that the vanity of the man inspires him to bring his own breeze, just for appearances sake. A silver coin waltzes over his knuckles, back and forth, over and under, such an ingrained habit that he doesn't even concentrate upon it while the metal dances. His path takes him toward the carousel, but he doesn't seem ready to queue up, only satisfy his curiosity from the tales that have been told.

While she's holding on to his hand, Cas leans toward the small windows to look around and down, smile widening as they get higher. It's not a smooth ride, really, but he doesn't seem to mind. As he turns to look at her, he must notice her uneasyness, cause he squeezes her hand.

"It's okay. I've been up trees way higher than this before!" he says in an attempt at reassuring. Okay maybe it isn't exactly the same. The trees weren't moving this much. "It is exciting though, isn't it? Like being able to fly almost."

The boon- and bane- of having a large family is that you can't seem to escape them. Ever. Such is the Hightower bunch, and the problem is one that Leon has numerous times per week. Think you're alone? Nope. Think you've got a bit of time to yourself? Nope. Think you can run from a woman looking for free babysitting? Nope. Dressed in a finer suit, hair brushed, and eyes bright, this seems one of Leonard's better afternoons, all things considered.

"Quiet down, or I'll strap you and your brother in." The vet waits astride the carousel, where a pair of mousy-haired kids are chasing one another around the figure of a unicorn. They are no more than seven or so, the boy younger. It's easy to tell that Leonard is in charge of them- because they don't listen whatsoever, and both now attempt to climb on the back of the seat. The brother ends up in back, much to his dismay.

The charcoal barn owl on his shoulder clicks her beak scoldingly, cawing once and giving them her best squint. The pair silences, looking at the familiar as if Sage might decide to peck out their eyeballs for lunch.

No rides for Dina today. Observation, enjoying one of the last days of the faire before it disappears for who knows how long, one of the matriarchs of Dornie is enjoying a bowl of something to eat while her bodyguard parks his respective butt nearby. But not too close to obstruct any enjoyment she and others might have. Greets The Sun has chosen a more obvious presence today, the Lapwing with it's jaunt of feathers jutting off it's head, parked on the shoulder of her simple blouse and skirt. «You enjoy this». "I do" She murmurs out loud to her familiar, gesturing to Leonard and Sage. «I see. Later» For now, he seems content to remain on Dina's shoulder and visible to all instead of his normally hidden away. There's a smile from Dina to those around her, a gracious tilt of her head to those who greet her. Even on her days off, she's not really off.

Not only is Blythe late, but so is Niall. Unlike previous days, he's not heading into the vale with any sort of alacrity, like when the blacksmith was intending to see the magic of the faire. Instead, he approaches the standing landmarks with an air of dread and drunkenness. Alcoholic vapor wafts lightly about the man, though he's not completely lost to the drink. But, he is certainly wobbling in at a pace unbecoming to the joyous decor. The man stops near the back of one of the Travellers' wagons, leaning against it with a calloused hand and squinting at the carnival proper.

“My sister’s coming,” says Simza with a polite smile for the woman on the mermaid, and she rises from where she sat on the platform to move toward Blythe. Lowering her voice, but those on the carousel closest to her might hear her, she speaks.

“I got your message to wait for you before going to town, but you didn’t come. I missed a meeting with N-” the quieter twin’s words cut off as she sees Niall in the distance stumbling in, and her brows knit together with worry. Unfortunately, she has other things to deal with, like a whole ride-full of customers. “I was worried. Where were you?” she demands, turning back to her sister.

The tardy twin shrugs and nods to the carousel. “You’re making these people wait, Sim! How rude of you,” she says with a smirk, and the carousel very slowly begins to move, the creatures moving up and down on their golden poles. “I was returning Angus’ coat to him, and I got caught up in a conversation with the innkeeper.”

Simza narrows her eyes, then takes one more glance at Niall before shaking her head and moving to her spot in the shade, where she usually sits and closes her eyes to do her magic. In that moment, the ride comes “to life.”

The sedate up-down motion becomes a gallop for the hooved creatures, or a flight through the air for the flying ones; the kelpie and mermaid seem to be swimming, and those riding them hear the slosh and splash of water; the dragon breathes sulfur; the horses neigh and whinny. Wood feels like fur or scales; the poles seem to disappear.

"I'm afraid the highest I've been is the top floor of the Dovetail," Mariah admits in a gentle whisper, even i she does laugh at herself a moment later. The Dovetail is even less like this than being up in a tree. But she smiles his direction, nodding, "It is exciting, I agree. I just can't help but feeling like we might tumble forward when we come around the front like that."

Which might be a little too much excitement. But hey, it's all about the experience.

In no hurry, Rhagfyr can't help but smell Niall, turning (with a flourish) to face the man as he passes the wagon and flashing a wide grin. "Sut mae, ffrind?" he asks jovially as he comes to a halt. The coin spills about his index finger before meeting a sharp flick from his thumbnail so that it spins straight up in the air, catching the light. Catching it between two fingers he tilts his head, "You do not appear to be a fellow intent upon enjoying a carefree day of gypsy inspired frivolity." he points out, stating the obvious with that same friendly tone.

The other man's drunken state does inspire him to fish about in his coat for a small flask and take a sip of it himself, yet he doesn't offer to share. "Surely it can't be that bad, can it?" As though to prove this, he gestures to the ride as it comes to life, watching it for a moment with a wider smile.

Duncan should have come, he could have ridden alongside Luna on the dragon instead of the tiny mute girl who seems to be hanging on for dear life. Her brown eyes are wide as saucers in fear as the pole disappears and she grips onto the scales, frightened of being bucked off the now living creature.

Luna just turns her head to the other side, looking out at the crowd who might see her act of charity toward the little foundling and judge her better than before.

It's in this sentiment that she glances back and gives the small girl a kindly smile before waving to Dina. The Ross matriarch is certainly one the former prostitute needs to impress.

"Well as long as we don't tumble out at the top of it we'll probably be fine!" Cas says enthusastically. Which kinda seems out of place. Especially with the way he keeps leaning forward and to the side to look at things around them. "Have I ever told you how many times I've fallen out of trees before," he says with a grin and a squeeze of her hand.

This is when his eyes slide over to the carosel, and the… "Man, even if I like real horses better that is… awesome. Especially from up here."

The two children under their uncle's- even if he is a cousin, he's an uncle- supervision cling onto the frosty short fur of the unicorn, and the girl holds it around the neck as it tosses its head. They resume giggling, of course, though thankfully the sister does not bump her little brother off in the midst of it. Leonard, meanwhile, stands a little further back, lifting his hand to bring Sage down in front of him. She obliges, leaning inwards when he brushes over the feathers on her neck.

«I hope they return soon. Maybe by then, we'll have some grandbabies.» The owl blinks up at him, and he blinks down rather innocently, and backup towards the carousel. Nothing to talk about there, naw.

The wave from Luna is caught, and like everyone else who does so, Dina gives an inclination of her head in return. What she thinks of Duncans mistress remains tight in the Dornie Matriarch's head as she stands nearly central to the activity of both carousel and ferris wheel, stately as the bird that perches with long knobby knee'd legs on her shoulder. "Adler should have come" To no one in particular. «You enjoy it more than he does». That welsh voice in her mind that belongs to GTS. "True" And there's two veritable strangers to her, focusing her attention on Niall and Rhagfyr. «You wish that I should go listen?». She waves off his words with a gloved hand and makes for the line for the ferris wheel. "One more view of our home" Dina justifies, smiling to a child running about near her.

"Eh?" Niall first closes his eyes to keep the world's spinning movements from taking over his vision, and once things have settled, looks up to see who he's come beside. Rhagfyr's initial query begets an answer to the man. "Er, gabh mo leithsceal. No I'm not interested in buying anything." It seems the captain's flourish is interpreted differently by the blacksmith. But the carousel's movement and illusions stir him up. "Simza," breathes the man aloud with a squint of his eyes towards the carousel. His gaze searches out for a particular face amidst those upon it and near it. Not finding her immediately, he's back to the ship captain, eyeing him over and that flask.

It is a gradual thing, and comes in pieces. Those closest to where Blythe stands, powering the merry-go-round with what the Travellers call her zor, her strength, might notice, if their eyes weren’t on the carousel itself, the way she suddenly begins to sway. Her dark eyes grow unfocused and she slowly begins to sink to the ground, arms slack at her side, lips parted dumbly, her face devoid of any expression.

The carousel continues to turn, however — and then it speeds up. The tempo of the gallop of hooves or the fins in the water no longer matches the speed the platform spins — the faces in the crowd begin to blur, and the apparatus not built for such speed begins to rock unevenly.

At first, Simza doesn’t notice either — her eyes are closed to focus on the illusions. It is only when she hears the gasp of the crowd and the cries turn from delight to fear that she opens them. The magic falls away — the creatures the riders sit on are now once more just wooden carvings on golden poles, but that doesn’t make the fear or danger less.

Just as the men manning the pleasure wheel notice what’s going on, and try to slow their own device, hoping to go help the people on the carousel, their lever cracks and goes flying from their hands into the crowd. The wheel that Cas and Mariah and others sit upon continues to turn — now fast and very much threatening to toss people out as they had worried.

“What?" Mariah hadn't looked toward the carousel yet, being preoccupied with nerves and such, but she looks just in time to see it speed up and start rocking. "Ah…" And she would point out that that isn't what's supposed to happen, but there's a crack from down below that is much closer and much, much more worrying.

When they, too, start to pick up speed, Mariah pulls Cas back, since leaning forward seems to be sort of a bad idea at the moment. Her free hand clings to the edge of their little cart and she squeezes her eyes closed like that might make all this go away. But tears manage to slip out of the corners of her eyes all the same, making tracks down her face while she huddles as far into her seat as she can.
Pot, meet kettle. "Bless you." Rhagfyr states in response to the foreign, choosing to misinterpret it as a throat clearing cough. "If your finances are in a similar state to your sobriety then I doubt you can afford anything I have to offer, sir." he replies, softening the words with the bright and shiny smile that follows.

With deliberate slowness does he swig from the flask again while being eyed, then 'happening' to notice the scrutiny and affecting an 'Oh, you want some of this?' expression. It's tilted toward the man, just as a tiny red fox pup scrurries out from the wheels of the wagon. If he finishes that flask, we can likely press-gang him by the end of the night. says Mor-Liedr Bach into the Captain's mind, resulting in an amused snort. "Simza? Is that Scottish for…" A twirl of a finger as he finds the word, "Carousel?" This prompts him to look again, and notice the doom that is approaching. Something wrong, highlighted by the trajectory of the lever. Surely that's not supposed to happen, unless this faire is more interesting than he'd anticipated.

The bottle hangs there still, perhaps until Niall reaches for it before it's tucked away and the pirate stalks toward the attractions to investigate this bizarre turn of events.

She can't scream but the child's mouth is open and her eyes squinted shut as if she's pushing all the air from her lungs as loudly as she possibly can. The noise of the carousel itself and the crowd around them cover the wheezy hiss that she can manage. It's perhaps this reason that Luna ignores her to grip onto her own pole, until she actually looks over and notices. Then her own panic sets in.

Her benefactor has warned her before of her own value compared to those around her. If she was thinking clearly, she might even consider letting her little escort be flung from the ride. After all, there are nine more of them in the Rookery. But Luna isn't thinking of this when she leaps from her mermaid and grabs the pole of one of the animals a little closer to the girl. Pain springs through her shoulder as it's wrenched before fully healing, it's ignored. Slowly, the former prostitute makes her way from the mermaids to the dragon, before the speed of the wheel draws her legs out from under her and up into the air. It's not yet but who knows. This only adds to Luna's motivation to hang on and be assured that at least she's close to her little charge now. "Hang on to me, we're going to jump."

"Aaaaa!" would be the sound made by Cas, even as he's pulled back deeper into the swaying seat. Right now having a better safety harness would be nicer, surely. The hand on Mariah clings more tightly, but his other one braces against the side. He'd been watching the magical animals so had probably been about to say something— Not that it would have helped. The abrupt speed off certainly kept it from getting there.

This isn't the kind of flying he wanted to do! The panicked look crosses his face briefly, until he looks over at Mariah. It is perhaps the tears he sees that makes him grit his teeth. Not that there's much he can think of to do in this situation. Fall from trees all he wants, trees don't go this fast.

This is why we can't have nice things. Leonard's first thought on the matter is base. It quickly turns into terror, and Sage lifts up into the air from her perch on his wrist. Thankfully she doesn't scream- that would probably not make things any better.

"Hold on!" Is the mutual sound from the crowd, most like, at least for the parents; Leonard is hesitant to actually leap onto the moving thing, secondly, and doesn't- he likes his neck not broken. The crack of the ferris wheel's crank pulls his eyes away, and he sees it sail into at least two people. Both at once? You don't get far in Dornie living by coincidence. "Kids! Hold on tight!" The vet turns back, glancing around the edges of the carousel to see where the actual wheel lies inside.

They don't actually need to be told twice- the pair cling onto the unicorn's wooden pole for dear life.

This isn't good, this Dina knows, as one woman goes down and the control of the carousel is suddenly very much in question. Same for the ferris wheel, which has her sinking down into a crouch with the introduction of flying wood. Suddenly, it's not looking like a great day to have gone to the faire.

Dina grabs the shoulder of some fast looking nimble youngster, pointing towards Dornie proper. "Get help" You know, more help. "Aislinn and Cordelia, anyone else who can render medical aide" Since she knows at least one of those who has some medical experience, is present near the spinning wheel of questionable velocity. Dina doesn't move towards either fixture yet though. She's of no help either way at this moment other than standing from afar and waiting.

Waiting for the aftermath.

Niall replies out of politeness with a "Thank you" to Rhagfyr's blessing, but waves off the man's words and the flask. "I'm fine," he states with a sobering firmness in his tone - a tone that tries to convince himself of that state. "And no. Simza is the name of the girl who—" He starts to explain, having missed the initial trouble at the carousel. But like others, the thick crack of the ferris wheel lever breaking wakes him out of the cloud. A slow awareness taps at his senses; the cries of pain, fear, surprise, commands. When the realizations hit, it's a wave of adrenaline that jumpstarts Niall into movement. He drops his words to Rhagfyr, beating feet towards the malfunctioning machines.

"Blythe!" screams Simza, rushing to her sister and shaking the other woman to try to get her to come out of her fugue. The other twin falls, arms still slack, onto her side. She stares straight forward still, no reaction to her twin or the shrieks of fear. "Blythe!" Simza screams again, tears starting to run down her face as she shakes her sister — to no avail.

Not listening to Leonard or other adult's advice and taking a trick from Luna's book, the little "regular" that Simza had spoken to earlier has moved to the edge of the carousel and moves to leap off, hoping the soft grass around the carousel will be forgiving. What happens then is strange — the young boy is flung, not from the force of the moving carousel, but in a different direction entirely, as if pulled by some unseen force.

"Blythe!" screams Simza again, and those near the twins can see Blythe jerk suddenly — with each jolt of her body, someone nearby is flung or hurled several feet.

The men at the pleasure wheel grab the closest carriage and try to pull it downward, but the force is too much, and they begin to rise with it before letting go and dropping to the ground.

Mariah slides over closer to Cas, letting go of his hand to cling to his waist instead. Her other hand stays along the edge, but her face buries against his neck. Simply closing her eyes isn't good enough, apparently. And while clinging to him is definitely for her own comfort, what follows is a gentle lullaby, just barely heard over the chaos. Her voice is comforting, as always, but has a lot to contend with at the moment. Still. She tries.

While the carousel may fling people out, the ferris wheel is a significant drop and so our dashing Rhagfyr swaggers in that direction. Gathering his will it's just coincidence that his element of choice whips around him as though striding into a gale so his clothes flow back, inadvertently smacking a small child in the face with the trailing ends of his coat.

"Jump toward me!" he calls in a voice practiced at shouting commands against the wrath of the sea. As he gives this instruction, standing in the space in front of the speeding wheel, his hands move out to the side with palms up toward the sky. A jerk upwards coincides with a sudden rush of wind rising in an updraft along the attraction; the rogue's jaw clenches as he struggles to make this gale strong enough to buffer the fall of those about to jump, almost sagging with the effort as he pushes himself to his limits.

Of course the swirling air makes his attire so very dramatic. It's unavoidable. He's not saving people out of the goodness of his heart, after all.

After watching the 'regular' jump, Luna glances at the little girl cliinging tightly around her neck and presses close enough to the dragon to ease the child's weight from her frame. "Changed my mind, I think," she makes the attempt to sound cheerful. She faced off against a giant bat and survived, what's a little ride? "How about we wait a moment to see if anyone's going to stop this thing, eh?"

Hopefully the dragon is able to support the both of them.

It's not easy to hear Mariah's voice over all the sounds of panic, but Cas has the best chance of anyone. Some of the tension does go away, but it really does have a lot to contend with. Not just for himself. But for her— and all the other people, and whatever is happening down below. And himself too. He's rather fond of himself, really.

"Oi, really?" he says outloud, hearing the voice telling them to jump down, and seeing the wind blowing through clothing in a rather dramatic fashion. At a moment like this, he still can't help but think how cool that looks. Why don't his clothes ever do that?

Looking toward Mariah, he looks back down— but has to wait til it spins around enough. Spin, spin, spin. Maybe he'll wait to see what happens to the first few people who try.

The kids with Leonard aren't going to listen to a stranger- a good thing, and a bad thing, perhaps. They cling to the pole like little monkeys, at least.

The vet backs another step away from the carousel, when people and kids start getting flung about by some unseen hand. Smacked around like tin toys, almost. An intake of breath later, Leonard is casting a look around for the twins; once he sees them, he makes for the two. On the way, a man beside him gets popped off of his feet and head-over-arse, and it causes him to hesitate. The guy looks alright.

"Hey!" The call comes as Leonard strides closer to Simza and Blythe, tension in his shoulders. He doesn't really have names to use, so general words suffice. "What's happened to her?"

Dina keeps an eye on who's going where, who's doing what. The attempt by some to try and fling themselves from the carousel that ends up far worse than anticipated has Dine striding over towards the carousel and to the pair who run the more magical aspects of the ride, though keeps her distance from Leonard and the two women. Greets The Sun has taken off from her shoulder, opting to take up a safer vantage point and relay to her the status of help coming from town proper. "Is there anything we can do?" Raising her voice to insure she's heard by Leonard with regards to Simza and Blythe.

"I don't know! She was fine, and then just…" Simza shouts back to Leonard, and gestures at the ground, to indicate where Blythe had fallen. Dina, she regards with tear-filled dark eyes, and shakes her head. "I don't know, I don't — wait…" something seems to come to her, and she turns to look at Blythe again just as Niall has hoisted her up. "Did she… we thought that was…" she whispers, whatever it is, shaken aside as ridiculous.

When Rhagfyr shouts for someone to jump down to him, a teen boy at the top of the wheel decides to test the man's power, and climbs over the lip of the carriage that holds him. So daring to that point, he covers his face to leap to what might not be his doom, but could very well be a broken leg if Rhagfyr doesn't help out. But the air, if not quite a cushion, does slow his fall as he heads toward the pirate. This inspires some other takers to prepare to jump as well.

Blythe continues to jerk in Niall's arms, and suddenly Dina is flung, landing on the carousel and knocking her shoulder painfully against the dragon that Luna and the little girl cling to, shaking it with the force of the blow.

At the same moment, the carriage above Cas and Mariah suddenly breaks away from the spokes that hold it, tipping first to the side, crashing into Mariah's and Cas's carriage, smashing Mariah's side and knocking her against Cas.

"Oh, my God," cries Simza, "We have to get her away from everyone!" The other faire workers start to try to herd the screaming and staring visitors away toward the entrance to the fair.

"He's crazy." Mariah's considered opinion. But when people start to jump and it actually works, she sits up to watch, brow furrowed. Only time will tell if she can actually work up the courage to take the leap, as it were.

But whether she would or wouldn't is suddenly a pointless internal argument. Her gaze moves upward at the sound of important things breaking, and she can only let out something of a whimper as the cart above swings her way. Given that there's no much room to get out of the way, she only starts to duck when it smacks against her and sends her limp against Cas.

Standing in one place, no matter how cool it looks, doesn't have much of a lasting allure to Rhagfyr. The intense concentration is mixed with faint boredom, knowing that he could well be looking more impressive and heroic elsewhere. Denied. It would be quite graceless now to simply turn off the blower with people just starting to jump. At least he still flaps.

You are such a poser. Mor Leidr-Bach is helpful. Says the adorable little fox cub. The reply is distracted by the effort required to continue his chosen duty. Can't you be more useful? The fox raises up its paws, a silent lament to the lack of opposable thumbs.

"Jump, damn you." The pirate calls again, ignoring the people who have flumped down on the ground before him because it would be inappropriate to point out that they make great cushions for a fall.

The little girl is already clinging tightly to the dragon when the jolt from Dina's body making contact nearly sends her over the other side but Luna seems to have it well in hand. Reaching down with her good arm, she holds onto the Ross matriarch's sleeve and tries to tug her up to a stand. Or at least to steady the poor woman. "Hang on, please Missus Ross," just in case Dina doesn't like to be associated with former whores in disasterous situations. "If you can't make it up, grip the pole below."

To avoid stepping on the poor woman, Luna slides off on the side closest to the center and uses the ride's gravity to keep herself pinned to the beast. "If you can make it up, sit here," she suggests, because Luna's just made room.

Crazy or not, Cas can't help but use that impressionable side of his brain to think how cool that guy must be, whoever he is. As cool as Jorn, and that guy who threw fireballs at the Trolls. He must have no trouble with anything. Ladies especially. But the same can't be said for Cas, even as he suddenly looks up and makes a noise of surprise, only to get landed against by Mariah.

"Bloody— " he starts to curse, pulling his arm around her and checking for signs of bleeding. She's not supposed to get hurt! And if the cart above fell off, it may be only a matter of time til theirs does too. "Hold on to me," he yells, though he's not sure if she can hear him or not, and then he lets go of the side, wraps his arms around her, and pushes off with his legs. It's just like jumping off a horse right!?

And the super cool guy will save him. And if not, well, he'll make sure he lands first and she's on top of him.

"Knock her out! Something!" That sounds like a good idea, in theory, coming from Leonard, but generally his ability to fix problems does not lie in the metaphysical. When Dina is whipped off her heels and knocked into the wooden animal, he changes course again, suddenly feeling like a fish being jerked around by a rod. Awkwardly trying to tend to more than one person leaves him at a loss. So he heads after Dina, the one that is less likely to just jump to her feet afterwards.

"Dina! Are you alright?" Leonard trots back towards the carousel, hovering just outside the spin. Up above, Sage whirls in a circle over the faire, peering down at Rhagfyr's capable use of magic, and to the gypsy girl being hauled off by the blacksmith. She swoops after the latter, eyes on the girl and keeping a distance.

Dina can't answer most of anyone right now, given the knocking she took when flung onto the spinning death trap that still spins. Now with the aged flavor of Dornie Matriarch. But Luna's grip on her good sleeve keeps her from flying off and while she may be dazed - and one shoulder looks to be out of socket, she grip the dragon that Lune just vacated, clinging as she gets to her feet, looking eye to eye with said woman.

Above, Greets The Sun sqwuaks his displeasure at whatever it is that has just happened to his mage.

Like his bull familiar, Niall chugs away steadfastly towards the further point of the camp. Knocking out the seizing woman seems like an option, but he doesn't try that yet. For now, distance. He grits his teeth as exertion and adrenaline pumps alternatingly into his muscles. Once he's gotten to a point where he can lay Blythe down against one of the storytelling logs. "What were you saying earlier?" he asks to Simza between pants, wiping off his sweat with an arm. A checked glimpse back the way they came, listening for still more screams.

After Cas and Mariah have jumped — as luck would have it — the wheel finally slows to a stop. Now that Blythe has been carried far enough away, the rides are outside of the sphere of influence and grind to a halt. The fair workers hurry in to begin to try to unload the joy riders from the pleasure wheel. parents clamber onto the carousel to help unload the screaming children, some of them already off their mounts and jumping to safety while others cling to the necks of their horses and other creatures, afraid to move.

But where Niall and Simza have retreated, there is still chaos — the logs are flung away, landing with the crash of wood upon ground. Somehow, the with her aren't harmed, as if Blythe herself protects them by virtue of being nearest to her.

Niall's query brings Simza's attention away from her sister. "We thought it was just a tale, just old gypsy folklore," she says, her voice hitching up and down with the effort of tears. "We have a geas upon us, that we cannot lie to one another, and she made an excuse for being late today. She'd asked me to wait for her before going to town, and she never came."

Thump, thump. Cas lands on top of a young man just as he's about to get up, with the winds cushioning the fall enough that neither of them suffer much harm except to their dignity. Mariah then gets to land with double padding.

The stopping of the wheel allows for a release of the upwards gale, and Rhagfyr seems to sag for just a moment from the demands of his magic; that is until he realizes he's sagging in public, at which point it stops entirely.

Mor-Leidr Bach trots forward toward the bodies, tiny nose twitching at a boy who's got a sprain maybe, not nothing major. Just as the child starts to take comfort from the interest of the enchanting little critter, the familiar turns away. Bored now. Maybe this new duo is injured in a more interesting way. Compound fractures perhaps? No. Disappointing. If only they knew where that wind came from. he mutters.

With the faire folk now helping people from the carousel, the pirate wanders forward offering hands to help people to their feet.

Luna is caught in Dina's stare, one hand on the matriarch's sleeve, the other wrapped around the pole and the child as the carousel slows. She doesn't let go once it has, but the little girl slides off the dragon and clings to the blonde's dress as she helps the older woman off. "Careful, that shoulder's going to be quite tender for a while," because hers was/still is. "I'll help you down."

Luna's bad arm wraps around the girl, holding her close and caressing the cheek on the tear streaked face. Her own is dry. The other reluctantly releases the sleeve and turns, palm up to offer a hand to Dina.

Damage to his pride, but Cas gets further damage to his pride when the bloody thing stops. It just figures. He'd even say it outloud if, well. He weren't trying to worry about other things right now. Like getting off the poor kid he landed on, and checking Mariah.

"Sorry, mate," he says as he extracts himself from the other cushion. "Didn't mean to land on you," he states, even as he looks over Mariah again. His hair is windblown, his clothes look ruffled, but still unsuitably colorful for someone who works as a stableboy. And he may have lost his scarf. But he's not worried about his scarf, he has a ton. "Hey, you aright? Everything intact?

There will be no palm taking. Even injured, it's all about the image that one projects. Shakey the older woman may be, and she understands fully what Luna has said about shoulders hurting, She unsteadily makes her way off the cart beside the prostitute turned mistress, chin high - and bruised - as Greets The Sun circles, lands and shifts to the mouse the quickly finds it's way up her skirts and clinging to her waistband, badgering her mentally with concern.

'Thank you. For your help Miss Owens. Doctor Hightower, it is nothing that Cordelia cannot care for when she finds the time. Take care of your family, both of you" She clears her throat, looking around to the others even as her good arm supports and holds the bad one close, shoulder decidedly and visually out of of it's joint. SKin white around the corners of her mouth with the pain. "Get the injured to town. See what can be done to help the faire folk" And… you know, start heading back. That's what she does, her bodyguard rushing forward from where he was useless, to support her.

What comes first is mostly a groan from Mariah, and a hand reaching over to weakly hold onto Cas' arm. "Definitely not," she manages as she tries to sit herself up without much luck. There's bleeding down the side of her face and through her hair. Being a head wound, the bleeding makes it look worse than it is, but it isn't going to be great either way. Her hand presses against the wound where carriage connected with her head, but pulls away again; a hiss following for the sting of pain.

Of course, when she looks at her hand covered in blood, she looks very much like she may just faint. Most certainly queasy.

No doctor is Niall, and neither is he any mystic. Simza's explanation gets past his still-buzzed senses, but eventually it doubles back and boomerangs its way into his mind. Survival instincts and reflexes cause the blacksmith to duck whenever a jolt comes from Blythe's form, followed by the toss of the storytelling circle's logs.

"You have what? She can't lie to you?" he interprets aloud. And then it really strikes, like hammer to anvil. Sparks of realization fly up. "Bloody hell," he groans, hand wiping down his face. "That's because she was in town. She— she came over to the forge, to see me. And then I thought she was you. But then I saw the scar on her hand, and I realized…" He doesn't say more, instead turning back to Blythe.

"She … lied to me," Simza repeats, stunned, and the realization of just how and what her sister lied about begins to dawn slowly. She steps up and away from Blythe and turns away, a sob racking her shoulders as she covers her mouth. Not looking at either, she speaks quietly, flat but for the sobs now and then. "A geas, a… like a curse, that keeps you from doing something. That if we lied to one another, we would put all who come near us in peril until the truth came out."

Even as she speaks these words, Blythe sits up with a gasp for air — no longer jolting or shaking, her eyes coming into focus as she turns to stare at the back of her sister, and then at Niall.

The truth will out.

"I'm going to go help people," whispers Simza, not looking back at either, then breaking into a run, leaving her sister and Niall behind.

"She … lied to me," Simza repeats, stunned, and the realization of just how and what her sister lied about begins to dawn slowly. She steps up and away from Blythe and turns away, a sob racking her shoulders as she covers her mouth. Not looking at either, she speaks quietly, flat but for the sobs now and then. "A geas, a… like a curse, that keeps you from doing something. That if we lied to one another, we would put all who come near us in peril until the truth came out."

Even as she speaks these words, Blythe sits up with a gasp for air — no longer jolting or shaking, her eyes coming into focus as she turns to stare at the back of her sister, and then at Niall.

The truth will out.

"I'm going to go help people," whispers Simza, not looking back at either, then breaking into a run, leaving her sister and Niall behind.