Pleasure of Peasantry

Title: Pleasure of Peasantry
Time Period: July 25, 135 A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: Two whores and an ex down at the garden; bringing in a harvest of drugs, raspberries, and gossip.

Early morning isn't the time for anyone to be awake, at least at the Dovetail. Their hours have always been the opposite of the common working man. Dawn has been over for a few hours and the mid morning sun is already peeking into bedroom windows and annoying a few of the customers into wakefulness. A few months ago, this is something that would have annoyed Luna as well.

As of late, Duncan's mistress has been in the habit of waking in the morning and scouring the market for new things to wear. Her wardrobe has taken on a drab feel, possibly because one of the derelict ships in the harbour seems to be wearing most of her dresses as its sails. Today, it's a grey thing that can be seen poking about the cathouse garden, a place she hasn't been seen since last summer… oddly, around the same time.

Oddly enough, Mariah is coming out of the Dovetail. She's been here long enough to help make some breakfast for the girls in the kitchen, passing on a recipe she's just learned herself from the woman she rents her room from. She may have lingered to eat with the few people who'd been up to see overnight clients off. But it's just about time for her to go off to work herself.

She may be putting that off a little bit.

For her, it's a light, flowy, summer dress in a bright green. It's sweet looking, as if she weren't stepping out of a brothel, and she covers her arms with a shawl to ward off the morning chill.

Seeing Luna there, Mariah lifts a eyebrow and strolls over in that direction, smirk already in place. "Come to toil with the peasantry, Luna?" It's a tease, but not cruelly so.

This one just. Won't. Leave. Graziella emerges from the Dovetail, and while she is all freshened up for the day her companion is not. He seems to be still intoxicated, or at the very least severely hungover. Or maybe it's all a ploy to cop a few more feels, because his hand is definitely planted on her rear end as she tries to escort him out. The problem is she's too nice to just kick him out, and too sweet to make a big deal of it. He hisses when the bright sun hits his eyes, but Graziella just smiles and keeps nudging him onward with her arm lightly wrapped around his waist.

"I had a lovely time, but I'm afraid I really must take care of some things! Drop by again soon," she insists. When she notices her former sisters in the garden, she lifts her free hand and waves brightly. "Good morning!"

The gloves are protecting Luna's hands but when she wipes her brow, a smudge of brown appears across her pale skin. Her golden hair is loose and tumbles about her shoulders in a style that's not common for the prostitute at all. It's quite clear why it is that way when she flicks it over her shoulder to reveal a horrible red scar that extends from near her ear down into her dress.

"I clear forgot about the flowers that I left behind," she says to Mariah, her tone a combination of paranoid and false cheer. She points to a basket nearby that has a dozen or so bright red and white blooms, ripped up from the root. Both women would recognize them as Luna's favorite substance from back in the day. She gives them both a nervous glance and a worried grimace before moving toward her harvest with means to guard it.

"They're mine," she reminds them both.

"No one's arguing that, luv," Mariah says, the English in her accent coming through all the more with her dry tones. She looks Luna over a little, her brow furrowing some before she's interrupted by the call from the Dovetail's doorway.

"Morning, 'ella," she calls out with a wave, her greeting friendly to the Dove before she turns her attention to the client getting shoved out. "Best to be off, Mister Graham! Your wife's been looking for you all morning. On the warpath, you might say." She delivers this one as a warning, but whether or not it's really true is anyone's guess.

If there's one thing Graziella is familiar with, it's plants - even though she is not native to Dornie, the landscape is similar to her homeland in many ways. Still, it doesn't trouble her a bit, and she simply nods to Luna in a cheery fashion. "Of course," she smiles, waving a hand dismissively as if not giving it a second thought.

Brow furrowing slightly, she turns to regard her client - or past client - for a tiny, brief little frown. So her English isn't that great. Maybe there was a miscommunication. Whatever the case may be, she lets go of him promptly, lifting her chin in a nod toward the street. "Good day," she waves him off. And luckily the thought of his angry wife seems to have brought him back to the land of the living - he steps off energetically so, and quickly disappears from sight. Wrapping her shawl a little more tightly around her small shoulders, she approaches both Luna and Mariah with a small, relieved little smile. "Thank you," she whispers with a broader little grin curving at her lips, and she nudges Mariah's arm with her elbow in a grateful little gesture.

Well, who knew harvesting opium could be this easy?

With the acceptance of both off her former co-workers, Luna eases off the basket a little bit and kneels down at one of the beds to continue her digging. "If you're keen on it, someone's let the peas grow over with weeds. The potatoes could use a bit of groomin' as well." The blonde hasn't always been the most avid gardener but she's always had books on the subject at her disposal. One could suppose that she has even more of them now that she's living in the castle.

"I'm going to trade these to Miss Aislinn in exchange for some medical treatments," she says with a smile at the seamstress and the Dove. "Then I'm going to trade those at the market for some satin and silks… Then, a new dress."

Mariah smiles at the nudge, nodding to the thanks, "Anytime. They can be so difficult sometimes." Her hands move to her hips at that bit of disapproval, but it is sometimes an occupational hazard.

Her attention swings back to Luna, though, the frown on her face coming from concern just now. "Are you sure you couldn't use some of that treatment yourself?" She steps close enough to gesture at Luna's neck before she gently places her hair over it again.

"I'll take care of them," Graziella offers cheerily, peering over in the direction of the plants Luna has pointed out in need of tending. Only now is she close enough to see the wound Mariah has pointed out. Her brow furrows in concern, fingers tangling together as she nervously bounces up and down once on her heels. With nothing else to add, she remains silent, lips pursed together thoughtfully.

Luna flinches at Mariah's touch of her hair but not enough to stop her from seeing the scars. "They're healing," is the quiet statement, the mistress flushing red at the fact that the seamstress has even seen it at all. She tugs one of her gloves off and arranges her hair so that it's all pulled over that shoulder, hiding the ugly zipper line. "If I take a turn for the worse, Duncan will send for Aislinn but I haven't since the stitching came out. She says that it'll fade to a lovely white."

Turning her head to view Graziella over at the peas, she lets her posture fall and jerks her head as a signal to Mariah. "C'mon Larke, we can't let our girls starve while they're busy entertainin' can we?" She grins and pushes herself up to join the youngest of the three. "You know, we should collect what we can and take it to the market. I'm sure with the size of some of them carrots, we could get a few chickens. 'Sides, who could say no to two beauties and a scarred creature such as m'self?"

"Good. Good that Duncan is looking out for you," Mariah says with a soft smile. "And of course they will. Aislinn is very talented. Won't even know they're there."

When Luna volunteers them all for gardening duty, Mariah makes a show of reluctance, complete with a groan and dragging her feet over. "So pushy," she says before settling near the other two to get to work. But her reluctance is whisked away with a playful wink.

Leaving Graziella to the peas, Luna leads Mariah over to the bulk of the neglect. The potatoes. "Looks like they've let the raspberries grow over them, I bet it was Florentine what did it. She's always had a sweet tooth… then again she has a tooth for potatoes as well. Go get that bowl over there, we can get enough for some jam before we rip 'em out."

Tugging her glove back on, the blonde begins to pick the ripe berries on the overgrown bush. Luna's quiet for a time, concentrating on stripping the bushes without getting the tiny prickles under her skin. It's all she needs, one more visit with Aislinn. She probably already owes half a year's worth of work to Duncan for all the medical bills she's piled up. "So how're you getting on at your shop? Learned how to sew fine dresses yet?"

"What doesn't she have a tooth for, aye?" Mariah smirks as she starts into the weeds as well, pulling the bowl over to save the fruit in.

"Getting there. I had a lot of practice lately, trying to cover everything while Sorcha… recovers." It's a polite way of putting it. But it isn't like the rest of Dornie could have missed how the woman was handling her husband's death. That is to say, badly. "I never did get to ask how your adventure went. Everybody seems a little worse for wear. Nothing too serious, I hope?"

Luna stops and swallows dry air. Her eyes slide to the side to study Mariah for a moment before she shakes her head. "Nothing too serious," she agrees. It was only her and a sailor whose name she never found out. Obviously no one of any importance. "We found Baizey there, as luck would have it. I rescued him from being eaten by a giant bat." Ever the selfless hero, Luna Owens.

"When you're able to sew the sort of dresses I like, you'll have to give me a shout, aye?" A promise of business, not the sort Luna and Mariah have done before. "I don't know anyone in Dornie that I'd like to go to, so I generally buy ready made at the market."

"Went hunting for treasure and found Beisdean Skye," Mariah says with a playful smirk, "Not too far off, at least." The joking tone shifts, though, into a more sobered one. "Giant bat, that is disgusting. I'm glad you're safe, though, Luna." She even seems to mean that, for all that her gaze is firmly on the potatoes.

"I will. I'd be able to make you a fine one, now, just… slowly. But by the time you're ready to trade for it, I'll make sure I'm good enough." It isn't the business they've done before, but new horizons.

Luna laughs a little at Mariah's revulsion of those few details she gave of her attacker. "It didn't like me none, spit me right out after a few chews. I suppose it liked Mister Wartooth and Constance even less, considering they killed it." She stops short at that, there's not too much about Liverpool that she'd like to discuss.

"I'm going to go exploring again, somewhere different next time." Once the part of the bush that she's been picking has been plucked bare, she reaches for the bottom of the cane and yanks it out by the root. "I found a map."

"Well, better than the alternative, right?" Mariah says with a chuckle at the idea of some giant bat spitting her out. When Luna stops, Mariah reaches over to put a hand over hers for a reassuring squeeze. "Another map? Got a taste for trouble, you have," she adds with a grin. "Next time, get some armor before facing down some hungry beast. And maybe paint it with something foul." That last is probably a joke. But who knows.

"Didn't have a choice in the armor they gave me," which was nothing at all, not even cloth. "But what a sight, eh? Better to see my form up there naked as the day the Gods delivered me rather than Baizey, he was as skin and bones by the time we found him. He'd have made a horrific sight like that." It's her turn to laugh a little as she tosses the sticks to the side.

"I'm going to explore much closer to home from now on." She said it to someone else before, which reminds her. "Mariah… You remember in the winter months, when I had that watcher outside my window? And I was so scared?"

"That giant bat just wanted a look up close. Pervert." Mariah always did like humor for getting past the tough times. And when Luna gets herself to laugh, Mariah smiles a little easier. "Closer to home sounds like a good idea. You let me know if you head for one of the old cities. There's a sight I miss."

She looks over again when the winter's brought up, her expression sobering again. "I remember it well." A quick answer, but also an invitation for her to go on.

"It was a familiar, a wildcat the size of a large boulder and nearly as solid. Have you— " Luna quiets, looking over her shoulder to make sure Graziella isn't paying attention before she continues in a whisper much too quiet for the girl to hear. "— or Masque ever seen one about?"

Digging around one of the potato hills, she softens the ground and then lays the canes around it, a ward against cats. "It came to visit me a few nights ago, slept in my bed. I wanted to find out if it was compelled by its mage or if it came of its own accord."

"He mentioned seeing something like that stalking about the House, but he never did find out who it was. Or who it belonged to. He was quite annoyed with it, if I recall. But he's annoyed at everything," Mariah says with a crooked smile.

"I suppose, to figure that out, you'd have to ask the familiar. They have their ways of communicating. Or maybe it would bring you to its mage. But does it matter? One or the other of them is looking out for you, it seems. That's no small boon."

"I don't think that cat would tell me much of anything, he sort've just… Watched me and wouldn't get out of my bed." The fact there was a familiar in her bed and not Duncan… well… Luna pauses in her labor for a moment and looks up at Mariah, reaching over to pull a few leaves from the brunette's hair. It's tossed to the side along with the other weeds

"Maybe he came because Duncan and I horrific row, you think he was protecting me?"

Mariah smiles at the gesture, eyes turning up as if she could watch Luna's hand. Which she can't, of course. "Well. It has never actually harmed you, so I dare say it could be the other way. That's my guess."

She starts to stand there, holding a hand out to Luna. "Come, walk me into town. I'm going to be terribly late at this rate," she says with a smile. "You can tell me about this row. And devise a plan to have your bed better occupied, aye?"

Pushing herself to a stand, Luna nods happily and tugs the gloves off one final time. "I don't know how you do it, working at a job from dawn to dusk. Give me a life of leisure, even at someone else's leisure." A slight grin toward the other woman is a tell that Luna hasn't really changed her ways, just cut down to one. Again.

A wave to Graziella as she picks up her basket of poppies and other herbs, then the pair of quitters are out of the gate and headed down the road. "We're done fighting now, it was silly. Me sticking my nose where it don't belong again. I've come to see that his brother is right, there's no place for a whore when it comes to discussions about the safety of Dornie."

"Politics don't fit in a life of leisure, it's true. But the trick is not to push your opinions out in the open, but whisper them over pillows. Subtlety does fit into a life of leisure. And quite well." Mariah waves to Graziella as well, saying her goodbyes before she hooks Luna's arm around hers to turn their steps toward town.

"I do so with much difficulty, and live through it for the comfort of bed at the end of the day. And who I find there," she says with a small smile there, pleased more than she probably should be, but she doesn't seem to mind admitting it to Luna. "It's a simpler life, but so much harder, in a way," she says with a laugh before dragging the blonde off down the path toward the markets.