Peaceful Walk Home

Title: Peaceful Walk Home
Time Period: January 1, 135 A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: When the party's over, all that's left is the walk home. At least in some cases it's a pleasant one.

Parties are always a bit draining. And whether or not she's got something lined up for later, she lingered until the drunk are stumbling home and the drunker are sleeping where they fell. As for her, she's opted to walk back to the Dovetail with her mask and her wings in her hand and her shoes dangling from two fingers.

So her feet sink into the grass at the side of the road, which is apparently more comfortable to walk along. And anyway, it lets her run her free hand over the tall grass. She doesn't seem to be hurrying along, either.

It seems there was another who waited til the very end before walking home, because walking is how so many people get around. Feet are trustworthy, or that's what the man in boots certainly thinks. Mask and hat both removed and held in a single hand, Cas Blackburn massages his neck a little and walks with tired legs. His legs did a lot of work tonight, because he really did try to dance with most women who looked unaccompanied.

For the fun of it, more than anything else.

While he's not heading in the same direction, he turns his head and spots a set of familiar wings. Not many people at the party were wearing fairy wings, and not many have that coloring, or size, or body shape. Moving into a run, he tries to catch up, and perhaps regrets it cause as soon as he's close enough he bends over and puts a hand on his knees to catch his breath. "Hey— Mariah— hold up." With the words out, he looks up, smiling, even if tired.

The voice gets her attention more that the sound of someone else coming along the road, and Mariah turns around with a warm smile. And not only does she stop, but she walks over to meet him. "You're a little lost, aren't you?"

It's just a little tease, and she reaches over to put a hand on his back. "You alright? I would have thought you'd had enough of me already tonight." She crouches down a little, like she wants to be on level with him. "If you need me to carry you, I'm going to have to change clothes."

"Whaaaaaat," Cas says in an exaggerated way, looking over at her as he moves to straighten up. "I just— I've done a lot of dancing today and then running on top of it and…" He gestures back the way he came, down the street from the direction of the square where the party had been set up. There's still a few people stumbling home, and he's one of them.

"I don't need to be carried." The other accusation is skipped over, but hopefully any flushing on his face can be blamed on anything other than potential embarassment. "I just saw your wings and— figured I'd at least say good night. If… that's okay?"

"Oh, I think I can handle it," Mariah says, straightening up as well. "Care to walk entirely out of your way for a while? I like lingering good nights." She smiles over at him, giving him a moment or two to catch his breath before she takes a couple steps forward again.

"I hope our party managed to impress you. I have to say, I like the summer celebrations a bit better, but this one's not bad, either." There's a little pause before she adds, "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yeah— sure— I can walk a little more," Cas says between breaths, before letting out a whew sound near of it. He's smiling, though, so it seems to have been a positive experience, even if he was a bit out of breath there for a moment.

"I had a great time!" he adds, spreading his arms out, one hand distinctively full of mask and hat. His clothes are slightly undone, but not too much, and there's a smell of sweat on him too. But there's very little of the ale smell that most people partook in. Most of that happens to have been spilled on his sleeve and on his shoes. "I was hoping there'd be one in the summer, cause this is a little cold for me. Course I bet the summer'll be a little warm for me, probably— but I look forward to seeing it." After a second he adds, "Assuming I haven't been fired or ran out of town."

With that he gestures ahead and shows he can walk. If a little slower than normal.

"Perhaps something in spring will be more your temperature." Mariah steps closer to him as he starts to walk, and slides an arm around his waist. "But I'm glad you had fun. We all need it, every now and again, huh?"

When she looks over at him, her smile's turned crooked. "And for the record, if you get run out of town, I'm going to be so very disappointed."

Almost all of what she says has him smiling as if he did partake in more of the ale than he actually did. But Cas often smiles that much in certain situations. "I think I like the record— and I'll be doing my best to avoid getting kicked out for any reason. I rather like it here too," he says with the same grin, shifting so that he actually bumps her where they're attached at the waist, moving his own arm up closer to her shoulders.

"So how was your night at the dance? I'm sure you've seen all of it a dozen times before, being from here— but did you have fun? I bet you got caught under that mistletoe a dozen times."

That grin of his never does seem to fail to make her smile right back. It's catching. Mariah tilts her head, though, as if she has to think about how her night was. Her fingers even drum a bit against his side before she glances his way again.

"It was decent," she ends up saying. "And I'll have you know, I'm incredible at avoiding mistletoe. It's not as fun as it sounds, you know, having to spend the whole night getting kissed by random men. And worse when you think about how sloppy everyone gets once they've had a few drinks. No no, you learn fast how to dodge."

She looks down at the grass as they walk along, watching it part around their legs. "But, I do like the dancing, you know."

While she looks down, Cas starts to look up, toward the sky. The clouds stayed away most of the night, letting the stars shine down from the winter sky. It helps that they're holding on to each other, cause it keeps him from stumbling too much as they walk.

Still, when he looks back down at her, he motions his hat and mask in front of her field of vision as he says, "I did my best to avoid them most the night too— But I guess trying to dodge my boots made you miss dancing around it with me."

Mariah does look up again then, and she chuckles softly. "Well. Your boots were something of a menace, weren't they?" Her hip bumps against his a little more purposefully there, playful.

Her smile dims just a little and she glances down the road. Not that she can see too far, given that the further they get from the party, the darker it gets. "Can I tell you a secret, though?" she asks as she turns to look back at him again. "This is the part I like the best." There's just a small pause there before she tacks on, "The walk home. Middle of the night, everyone in their beds. It's rather peaceful, isn't it?"

"It is," Cas says, looking up toward the sky again before glancing back at her face. The darker it is, the more the shadows play upon both of their faces, with very little ambient light, but the more their eyes are required to adjust to it. "I kinda like it too— walking at night. It's colder and darker, but the sounds are different and… It's nice."

There's a soft laugh as he tightens his arm against her, "At least we won't have to worry about wild animals this close to town. But if they do happen to show up, you can run for it and I'll distract them. I think I'm too tired to run anymore."

"You can't imagine how little peace and quiet there is, living with a gaggle of women. So I'll take the cold for a little while, at least." Mariah smiles as he tightens his grip, and hers follows suit shortly there after.

"I didn't realize exhaustion and bravery looked so similar," she says with a laugh of her own. "But thank you, that's very sweet. But I think we'll be okay. Plus, I couldn't just leave you and run off. I'd at least get a big stick or something."

"Not brave, I just really don't think I can run anymore," Cas says with a laugh, lifting up his legs and grimacing a bit. The more he tries to move them when he's not just walking, the more it seems to hurt. Walking is really just controlled falling.

"But I thank you for planning to grab a stick and come back for me. My plan mostly consisted of yelling 'don't eat me, I'm too young to die.' Possibly some flailing. It wouldn't have been pretty."

"Well, stop wagging them about," Mariah laughs with a shake of her head. "You're only going to make it worse. I hope you don't have to be up too early tomorrow. A bit of lounging about is the best medicine, I find."

Her laugh is a little louder as he goes on, though, "Oh, now there's a show. I might have watched a little of it before running in. Just a little, though. I wouldn't want it to actually hurt you. Might damage something important."

"I don't have to do any work til noon tomorrow— the guys who went to the party and might have been drinking got some extra time," Cas says, looking over at her for a moment as he avoids flailing his legs and arms about so he can just walk. Even that's a little sore, but less so. He's used to being on his feet a long time. Just not doing as much dancing on top of all of that.

"I'll probably start working whenever I wake up, though, get a jump start on the day. The horses feet don't clean themselves." The teasing about watching him flail about makes him push her to the side a bit as they walk. "Oh quiet, you." Despite the words, he's smiling again.

"It's a little sad you have to work at all, frankly. But I suppose the horses' feet are important." Mariah stumbles a bit dramatically at the push, but not without a laugh. "Oh, but you're too much fun to play with, Cas."

For a few long moments, she lapses into silence, just looking over at him. "I feel a bit bad now, making you walk all this way away from home." Her hand squeezes him a little, and she smiles just a little. "I don't suppose I could offer you a bed for the night. To sleep in. Seems fair trade, if you're seeing me home." Which he is, apparently.

The young man continues to smile, right up until she mentions the bed to sleep in. For some reason that makes Cas come to an immediate stop in his walking. Their arms end up pulling her to a stop too, most likely, but he starts to let go of her a bit even then.

"I— uh— " He seems to look around for a moment, biting down on his lower lip just a bit before he looks back over at her, a little easier now that he's started to pull away some. "Do you— want to offer it?" he asks at first, before reaching to scratch at his hair with his now freed hand. "For the— sleep-only… thing."

She's a couple steps behind in stopping, so she ends up turning around to face him. "I wouldn't have brought it up, otherwise." She switches her things from one hand to the other, since they've stopped and all. "I just… You know, it would be hard to walk all the way out there and by yourself, too. Then I'd have to walk you there, then you'd have to walk me back and it would just be a mess, wouldn't it?"

She puts her hands on her hips, which is a bit awkward with the wings and all, but she manages. "I suppose it's a bit strange…" It's almost a question, that bit, and she furrows her brow just a little bit. Curious.

"Vicious cycle of walking back and forth… we'd never get to sleep," Cas whispers softly for a moment as he hesitates and tilts his head to the side. "No— no it's not really strange it's just…"

There's a sudden sigh and he stes forward again, touching her shoulder. "Look, I know it's part of your job and everything, you have to be… hint-y and everything… But I'd like you to be a little more— I don't know. Direct… y. I want you to feel like you can say what you want to me. Not just… you know what you want to say, but what you want. You shouldn't feel… you know, like you have to offer me a place to sleep. But if you want me to stay the night— I already know I want to, and my legs certainly do too, but…"

At first, that touch and his words make her look worried, and she watches his eyes as he goes on. But something in what he says makes her laugh a bit, and she lets out a little sigh of her own. "You got serious on me there, nearly gave me a heart attack."

Her empty hand moves up to cover his hand on her shoulder. "I know my job makes this all kind of complicated. But I need you to understand, with you? I'm only going to do my job, if you're asking me to. Being direct might take a little practice, though, I haven't actually been very. Ever. I mean, before my career change, I was in a merchant family. Sales pitch is sort of built in. But that being said. If I'm telling you there's a bed for you to sleep in, I mean it. And it's not because I have to or because it's part of the job, okay?"

"I'll try not to get serious too often," Cas says with a hint of a smile, though not as wide as some of his get at times. Still, it seems he's having to take a rather animated inhale after she's explained her side of things a bit.

"Okay, I can— live with that. But just so you know, even if it is business and stuff, I don't want you to do anything you don't want to. Not that you have to worry about anything funny tonight— cause I don't think I can do anything beyond fall into bed right now." He looks down at himself as if to trying to confirm this. "But that goes for later too."

"Only as often as you have to," Mariah says with a bit of a laugh, albeit it a brief, breathy one. But as he goes on, she smiles a bit softer and steps in closer toward him. "You'd never ask me for something I don't want to do."

Her hand moves to rest against his chest and she leans in to give him a kiss on the cheek. "But I'll keep it in mind. As far as tonight," she adds with a bit of a chuckle, "I really did just mean sleep."

The kiss on the cheek makes Cas smile more, flashing teeth and the dimple. It takes a few seconds before he moves, though, taking the hand on her shoulder and touching her own cheek fondly, before taking her hand. "I'll try not to dirty up your sheets too much with my— me."

His eyebrows raise in a teasing fashion, and he let's go of her hand to offer it out toward the one carrying her wing and mask. "Want me to carry that the rest of the way?"

"My sheets are pretty much come as you are. At least tonight," Mariah says as she curls her fingers around his hand. "You know, I do like it when you smile like that."

There's a glance down at her stuff at the offer, and then back at him with playfully narrowed eyes. "Here, carry the wings. None of it's very heavy, but those just get in the way. Something I really should have thought about before putting this together." Perhaps that's why not too many where them to these parties.

Before taking the wing, Cas props the hat on his head and sticks the mask on top of the brim, so he can take the wing and still have a hand free to hold out to her. "I thought it looked great on you, personally, though I'm surprised you avoided breaking them the whole night. All that dancing around with drunk men."

His smile has a hint of a tease to it, as he moves her toward the Dovetail again. And toward a bed that they can both crash into.

Mariah takes his hand once it's free, and she moves back to his side again. "Well, thanks. I'm glad you thought so. And don't look too close at them, there are some tears and such. But, like I said, I keep my wits about me."

When they start walking again, she falls into step, but keeps the pace slow and easy. Bed'll be there when they reach it, but night only lasts so long.