Open Moorland
Evening on the moor.

But for soft and subtle rises and falls in elevation, these highlands are flat and open, and seem to have been painted in pastel crayons for the spring and summer seasons in varying shades of lavenders and purples, greens and yellows. These muirs owe their predominant lavender hues to the heather so common in Scotland, but high cotton-grass, bracken and crowberry grow here too. Nothing grows higher than a man’s knee, though there are plenty of places a common viper could hide. Where the land grows wetter, the heather gives way to thick moss and the ground grows more springy with moisture as the moors give way to bogs near water.

Too often for travellers’ likings, the desolate landscape is obscured by the thickest of fog. At such times, it’s impossible to tell which way is which, and one might as well be adrift in the middle of the ocean for all that they can see.