Will-o'-the-wisp is the term used for otherworldly lights sighted over Scotland's lochs, bogs and swamps at night or twilight — at a distance, they resemble flickering lanterns and are also known in Dornie as friar's lanterns for that very reason. One local belief is that the lights are spirits of stillborn children attempting to lead travelers astray, but there are just as many individuals who believe that they designate areas where items of great value can be scavenged or dug up; either way, there is no shortage in Dornie's history of men and women who have sunken to their deaths in pursuit of them, but also a handful who claim that following the ghost lights led them out of danger rather than into it, and owe their lives to the supernatural force behind them, which recedes and flickers out when approached too closely.

Of course, they might also just be the result of photon emissions produced by organic decay, but who's to say?