Wild Magic

To describe wild magic is to describe a group of people rather than rigid rules and patterns of a certain kind of magic. The abilities typical to it are ones that come from the forest and have a primal core to them, and probably what one means when they speak of wild magic refers to the ability to speak to or transform into animals, either any animal or maybe a special control over magical beings too. But it doesn't just end there — similar to elemental magic in one blurred line of cross over, the ability to communicate with the environment also falls with this sphere, such as the weather, crop patterns, the growing of plantlife, or using these elements to conduct some other form of magic, such as seeing the future in the sky or learning the history of a place through the untouched ground.

Note that explicit control over elements is seen more as Elemental Magic.

Typical to this branch of mages, there is an ideology about the inherent magic in all things, and many that practice the nihilistic cultist belief system of magic are probably wild magic mages, but definitely not exclusively. They may see themselves as enlightened, in tune with nature, and in some ways embracing of the changes that magic has made upon the world.