Using the Wiki

Spellbound MUX relies heavily on the use of its wiki, which can be found at:

Every player on the game is encouraged to create a Wikidot account and join the site so they can post and share logs with one another, and create or make edits to their character's profile page. The wiki also acts as a repository of game-related information, including +news files, a fanart gallery, archive of news articles related to in-game events, and forums for threads that do not necessarily belong on the MUX's +bboard system.

Because Wikidot only allows up to 300 megabytes per site account, administration asks that you refrain from uploading additional pictures of your character to your character's gallery, and instead upload them to a free image hosting service such as or and then link them back to your page using the appropriate code.

If you're new to Wikidot and need some help getting started, please feel free to ask for tips on +pub — someone should be able to point you in the right direction or help you troubleshoot an issue.

To join Spellbound MUX, click here and enter the password provided to you in your approval @mail.