Sex happens — it can be a plot point, an important aspect of one character's relationship to another, or entirely incidental to the development of the parties involved. Smut happens, too; at Spellbound MUX, administration realizes that (if inclined) some players are going to want to write it regardless of any rules that may be in place against it.

Rather than adopting a 'zero tolerance' policy against TS, Spellbound MUX asks that its players only follow three cardinal rules:

  1. Only TS in private residences — it's awkward for everyone if someone accidentally walks into a scene where two players are writing sex. Rooms that are open and available to the public are not an appropriate venue for TS.
  2. Although the sharing and posting of logs is part of the game's OOC culture and encouraged, logs that contain explicit sexual content are to be edited for content. Either tone it down or cut out the questionable sections so it appears as though the players involved faded to black, which brings us to—
  3. Respect another player's right to fade to black in any given scene. Like using the washroom, making breakfast or taking a shower, sex does not have to occur on camera to happen. Any player found to be trying to pressure another player into TS is subject to the game's harassment policy (see +news Harassment). I don't feel comfortable with this means no.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of unwanted pressure, please do notify staff. Even if you feel like you can handle it, it is almost guaranteed that the person will offend again against other people if left to their own devices, and to prevent this from happening, telling staff is the best thing you can do.