Idle Times

OOC Idling

This relates to applying for a character and then going idle, which we define to mean leaving the game for long periods of time. We do not @nuke characters on Spellbound MUX, so if you become idle (which is inactivity after three weeks), your character will be made Retired. If your character is an original creation, you may take this character back at any time.

If you have become idle for three weeks, without notice, on your roster character, you will be alerted via email outside the game. If you do not reply within one week, your character will be put back onto the roster. Once the character has undergone review and been updated, it will be free to be taken by anyone else, and at this stage, you will not be able to take your character back.

IC Idling

If you are idling on the grid in a public room, you may probably will be swept into the Quiet Area without warning. It is best to idle there, or in private rooms.