Players on Spellbound MUX are not only expected to follow the golden rule and treat others as they would like to have others treat them, but also not to use the anonymity of the internet to behave in ways that would not be acceptable in reality. This means being polite and civil to one another and respecting boundaries where they've been laid down — do not page people incessantly (especially after they've asked you to stop), solicit others for TS, goad them into arguments for the sake of arguing, or deliberately use hateful language.

If you feel as though you are being harassed by another player, ask them to stop — if they don't, please speak with a member of the game's administration.

It's important to note that this pertains to out-of-character communications only. Characters are not obliged to be kind to one another, and players should try to remember at all times that how one character may feel toward another does not necessarily reflect how one player feels about another, but if someone else's in-character actions are making you uncomfortable, it is probably wise to attempt talking through it with the other player so you're both on the same page. If needed, administration can mediate such discussions on invitation of the other parties involved.