Beyond the certainty of their existence, there isn't much known currently about the fairy races that inhabit the world — except that they definitely aren't Tinkerbell.

Stories and legend passed down through generations have made it common folklore that, in the great war more than a century ago, a fairy race were among those that laid destruction down upon the cities. They are known as the Aos Sí, by the pedantic, which describes a human-like race that is massively, magically powerful, and cold of heart. It isn't decided whether they are ugly and terrible, or incredibly beautiful.

No one in Settlement has seen a fairy, nor have those they've traded with. There are some tales, dating back a couple of decades, of a few settlements and nomadic groups who dealt with fairies in attempts to trade and socialise with, and were met with terrible fates, from messy slaughter through to simply vanishing.

It's been long enough that, despite their war-like introduction to the world so many years back, there is debate about whether the fairies truly are a force to be reckoned with, or perhaps history has skewed what truly happened and they're a good and kind race, more in keeping with older perceptions of fairy folk from the past. This, naturally, from the magical cultists. Some suggest that maybe they never existed at all (although this suggestion may be met with disdain and cynicism).

There are old wives rituals that include hiding iron objects and charms above doors and windows, and beneath the mattresses of children — common enough, but the belief that it's required is a stale one, old fashioned.