As far as magical monsters go, the dragons could be considered a pest. After being introduced into the world and wrecking havoc on cities, the various breeds of dragon wound up staying, and though they have bred and prospered, their numbers are slowly beginning to decline — but not enough. Most people have seen at least a couple of dragons in their life, because while they rarely make their nests and dens near a human settlement, they will occasionally plague the farmlands and villages for food — namely, farm stock and people.

In general, they do not seem to be very intelligent — they are animals. Impressive animals, and with enough magical quality about them that they can defy enough physics to exist, but animals all the same. No one has ever tamed a dragon, although some have tried, and their ashes later scattered.

The most common dragon is a mean-spirited beast named Green Tail. In reality, they come in shades of brown and grey as well as the green they are named for. At a maximum of fifteen feet long (commonly around twelve), from nose to tail-base, they boast an impressive wingspan that favours gliding over agile flight. They will try to aim for easy prey, such as sheep, small cows, and humans, and generally attack in the same way that birds of prey might — by swooping and breaking the backs of their target beneath impressive feet (although their forelimbs are a bit pathetic). They are fire-breathers, allowing for plumes of near invisible, orange-hedged flame of ranges varying between six to twenty feet at a time, and this is more defense mechanism than combative tactic. Their heads are lizard-like, with sharp teeth and bone-crushing jaws, and yellow eyes that make them look more intelligent than they are. They have long necks and sleek bodies, aerodynamic and scaly.

Another well-known type are the Reds, which is attributed to glaringly red eyes as they come in a variety of colours. Small, for dragons, the Reds don't grow much larger than a couple of feet in length, with dark, leather wings, and feathery bodies. They are known for smelling awful (a lizard-like stench, and most are afflicted with a rotting scale disease) and invading chicken pens and targeting other small creatures. If brave enough, and sometimes they are due to being somewhat stupid, they will try for young children. They mostly fight on the ground, with thick necks and solid legs, with flight being more for travel and escape.

More impressive are the Storm Bringers, called as such because they only seem to arrive when there are winter storms on the brink of hitting a settlement. Though they do not commonly feed on cattle, they will if it's made available and convenient — otherwise, they give the impression of simply blowing through, much like the storms that seem to chase them. A little bigger than their Green Tail cousins but of similar shape, they are mostly hues of grey and white (the older they are, the darker they get), and they lack scales — leathery skin and thick fur, instead. Their snouts are squarish and thick, with long, whisker-like tendrils around their doggish nose, and they seem almost intelligent in their indifference.

Last but not least, there is a breed that is rarely seen these days, although there are tales of them in other parts of Europe. Fire-breathers and massive, the Cave Dwellers boast a modest name for being downright terrifying. Craggy and thick-skinned, with horns and a fire-breathing range that means the end of most things they choose to attack, there are stories of them growing up to thirty feet in length, and that's a conservative estimate. They spend a lot of time sleeping, and are slow to rouse to a temper — but once they achieve one, it's difficult to put out, much like a raging inferno. Dornie has never had one range close to their castle.

There are other breeds, here and there, and tales of sea-faring serpent-like dragons as well, but the above breeds, save for the Cave Dweller, are the ones most likely seen around Dornie.

Quick Reference

Breed Body Size Color Features Behavior Common?
Green Tail 12 - 15 feet long Greens, browns, greys Scaly body, serpentine neck, yellow eyes. Powerful hind legs, weaker forelimbs. Aggressive, hunts farm animals and people; breathes fire defensively. Yes
Reds 1 - 2 feet long Many Smallness, prone to scale disease, smelly. Bright red eyes. Feathery bodies, stout legs and neck. Aggressive towards small prey, grounded fight. Flight as defense mechanism. Yes
Storm Bringers 15 feet long White, grey with age Furred bodies, powerful wings for long-distance flying. Whiskers and blunt, doggish muzzles. Aloof, save for opportunistic hunting. Migratory, favoring cold weather. Seasonal
Cave Dwellers ~30 feet long Black Horned, scaly bodies and thick, rocky hide, exceptionally strong. Flight capable, and fire-breathes offensively. Long hibernation. Destroys cities. Very rare