Spellbound MUX does not have a coded system for combat (or any other in-character function), and we rely on detailed ability and skill write-ups in applications that are adhered to always, and updated via approval, instead of statistics, and a balanced mix of consent and fairplay instead of dice rolls. We have chosen this system because, with proper mediation in especially complicated situations, it works, and doesn't disrupt storytelling or try to measure abstract concepts and skillsets to numbers. It also places an emphasis on storytelling, instead of focusing on combat and earning points.

In the end, we stand by a standard rule of thumb:

In Character Actions = In Character Consequences

This means that if your character does something, you can OOCly expect that there will be IC retaliation. If you pick a fight, you may get hurt. If you do something dangerous, you may get killed. That said, we do not condone deaths against player consent except when absolutely necessary, and no other option is available. In most cases of such extreme circumstances, both staff and players have a duty to make sure that someone realises that they are risking their character's life if they do a certain action, and do they want to reconsider or proceed? If a compromise cannot be reached, then staff will step in to resolve it by weighing up the factors.

That said, this may not be used as a loophole. If staff feels as though a player is letting their character get into dangerous situations and denying appropriate consequences consistently thanks to the consent rule, and thus abusing it, they may find themselves on the end of an OOC warning, and repeated offenses may lead to banning.