Traditionally a stage show power, attractive to cynicism and even hostility, clairvoyance is the ability of the mind. That ideas surrounding telepathy and future-seeing are long established sheds light on whether mages have existed beyond the last century, but there has been no conclusion thus far. The contemporary understanding is that mental powers are a common enough magical ability to be familiar, while still retaining some of its dubiousness — there are those who have too much gullibility in the wake of magic-discovery that con artists may convince them of their own clairvoyancy, and those still jaded enough to doubt the honesty of true mentalists.

Accurate or not, most powers of the mind are categorised beneath this sphere. Telepathy and mind control through persuasive or hypnotic means are an example of this extension. There are also precognitives and retrocognitives, and those that can see beyond what they're supposed to, such as dreamwalkers.

Though not a hard rule, many of these things are often ritualised, such as using cards to trigger future-sight, or black mirrors and pheasant innards. A telepath may need to anoint the person they read, and a dreamwalker may need to cast a witchcraft circle for protection before they sleep.

Socially speaking, clairvoyants are known to mingle and share their craft with others in order to generate business for themselves, or hone their skills. How comfortable another is with this practice is down to the individual.

Note that mediumship and the communication with spirits is considered Necromancy, but there can be crossover.