Mundane vs. Magic

On Spellbound MUX, players currently have an option between applying for mundane characters, or magical ones.

The way we define a magical character is a character that is either supernatural in origin (example: selkies), inherently magical but human (example: mages), human but cursed (example: werewolves), or something that was once human (example: vampires, ghouls). They have magical abilities that set them apart from those around them and can develop over time. Magical characters are rarer than non-magical (mundane) characters from an IC standpoint. From an OOC standpoint, there tends to be a 50/50 split between magic and mundane because people want to write magical characters — and that's fine.

A mundane character is a character who has no inherently magical powers. That said, this does not mean they have zero access to magic. If they are gifted with a magical item, they should be able to use it — this can be apped with (as long as there is solid, supportive reasoning behind it), or obtained during the course of the game.

Characters who are supernatural, non-human beings will be scrutinized heavily upon application.

People of Dornie

Mage or mundane, the characters that you can apply for all have a similar thing in common — they live and work together at Dornie, doing what they can to survive in a harsh country, under harsh circumstances. When applying for a character, it is important to consider the setting — do make sure to read the other theme files to get a good understanding about the kind of place your character will be existing in.

Other things to consider are the following questions: Do they have a family? Were they raised there, or are they newcomers? Are they a constructive member of society, or do they beg on street corners? How do they get through the day?

We welcome characters who share vocations with other characters, but will not pre-approve concepts that are too similar to a concept that's already been approved. For example, if there is an active character on the grid who is a bookbinder and owns a bookstore, we would not approve a character who owns a rival bookstore — Dornie is too small, and we want to make sure that some hooks remain unique. In this situation, it would be acceptable to app a bookbinder who works with or under the character who was approved first, and at the same business.

Roster Characters vs. Original Characters

If you are considering applying for a character in Spellbound MUX, we encourage you to look at the character roster. This lists characters that are affiliated and a part of the reigning families that run Dornie, and have instant hooks and ties into plot and existing relationships. View the page for more detail as well as the listing of available characters.

Otherwise, you may also apply for a character of your own creation. This includes an additional step in the character generation process, wherein you summarise your basic idea for approval. This is a very quick step put in place to ensure that you are on the right track before committing to an extensive application, and allows staff input and encouragement before you begin if it's needed.