Character Roster

Spellbound MUX utilizes a roster system, which is a list of pre-created characters that are either integral to Dornie's function as a settlement, or intimately connected to those who are. These characters include members of Clan Ross, Clan Rowntree, and Clan Hare, those loyal to them, as well as individuals who are independent — this means they come with established histories, personalities and, most importantly, hooks that give the player things to write around, most commonly in the form of unique occupations or skills, or relationships to other characters.

Players on Spellbound MUX are not required to apply for characters on the roster, but are strongly encouraged to; the more characters on the roster who are in play, the better sense of an in-character community there is, and a sense of in-character community benefits the entire playerbase.

If you have taken a roster character but not logged into the game for a period of three weeks, staff will send you a courtesy e-mail if provided with an address. If you do not reply to the e-mail within one week, the character will be returned to the roster so another player can pick him/her up.

To apply for a roster character, please @mail Banshee and Selkie with answers to the following:

  1. Why do you want this particular character? What draws you to him/her?
  2. If you are given this character, what do you intend on doing with him/her? Do you have thoughts on plots you might want to pursue or aspects of the character's history that you might want to explore? Are there any hooks that stand out?
  3. Are you willing to 'audition' for the character? Auditions consist of a scene in which you take the character out for a test drive. If you are a competent roleplayer with a good grasp on the character based on what is available on their wiki page, chances are you'll get the character.