Spellbound was created to provide people with a flexible environment in which to write, knowing that not everyone who chooses to participate has a lot of time on their hands. In order to make it appeal to a broad range of text-based roleplayers living different lifestyles, whether in college, well into their careers, or juggling family, staff opted not to go with a 1:1 time ratio because it can be difficult to keep up with. Instead, players are encouraged to communicate with one another when planning plots and scenes, and operate within the same time window, either backdating their scenes or writing ahead of other people depending on their specific needs or wants.

For players who are strictly used to games operating on a 1:1 time ratio, this can take some getting used to, but staff has found that it's the system that works best for players who may be facing time constraints — which most are, in some form or another — and that most people adapt fairly quickly and without too much difficulty.

Feel free to ping someone if you have any questions.


At the start of each season, staff creates a sub-forum dedicated to that season and a brainstorming thread in which players are invited to discuss what they would like to do with their characters during the next few months. Plots are pitched, details ironed out, and — if approved by staff — players are invited to make threads within the sub-forum.

The breakdown for 2012 looks something like this:

Summer 135 A.E. —> May 2012 through June 2012
Autumn 135 A.E. —> July 2012 through August 2012
Winter 135 — 136 A.E. —> September 2012 through October 2012
Spring 136 A.E. —> November 2012 through December 2012

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