Black Dogs

Black dogs are a type of nocturnal apparition that haunt the roads around Dornie at night. They appear as large dog, bigger than even a wolf, with thick black fur and glowing eyes. Most encounters with black dogs are brief — the traveler sees it, it sees the traveler and then it is gone, but even a glimpse of a black dog is considered bad luck at best and a death omen at worst.

When black dogs are seen within Dornie's borders, it is almost always a portent of death. They are attracted to the grievously ill, the dying and the already dead; most sightings occur outside the homes of the sick or infirm, by gallows, graveyards and places where people have been known to be murdered.

For the most part, black dogs do not interact with people except to snarl, snap and sometimes chase them back into the settlement, but there are a few cases every year of travelers being caught and savaged while walking the roads at night, but as no one has ever survived to tell the tale and no one has ever stepped forward as an eyewitness to an attack, it cannot be confirmed that black dogs are responsible for these deaths.