Most games similar to Spellbound employ an alts system that limits a writer to the number of characters they have under their control at any one time. The reason for this is to keep people from applying for characters that they ultimately do not play. On Spellbound, we have similar feelings but are also of the opinion that a hard cap on the number of characters that belong to any one writer can be detrimental in a community where people are working together to tell cooperatively tell a story.

Currently, there are no restrictions to how many characters each player can have in each category, but a good guideline would be 1-2 characters belonging to the main cast, and however many characters are required under supporting and recurring in order to tell the specific stories you want to tell.

It's worth noting that every character you create must go through the application process. This means you have to submit a generalized concept and get it approved, then send your bit through chargen with all the fields filled out, then wait for approval before writing them. This policy discourages frivolous character creation (believe me: we've all done it at one time or another) and ensures that people are putting a good amount of thought into what they're playing and why.

We've divided characters into three unique types:

Main Cast

Characters who belong to the main cast are the the characters whose creators predominately to choose to write. If Spellbound was a novel, it could be told from their point of view — although every character is the protagonist of his her own life, 'protagonist' is the closest word that describes a character who falls under this heading. They are always front and center.

Supporting Cast

Characters who belong to the supporting cast are most often family members of the main cast, or characters who live in Dornie but fill a very specific niche, and are not played as often as characters who belong to the main cast. Often, they are played with the purpose of furthering the character arc of a character who is part of the main cast, but not always.

Recurring Cast

Characters who belong to the recurring cast are the same as characters who belong to the supporting cast, with one small difference: they do not reside in Dornie.