On Spellbound MUX, we encourage that players choose "played bys" (or PBs) to portray their characters, in the same way that actors are cast for characters in movies and television. These PBs can be any kind of media personality — actors, musicians, models, TV show presenters, etc — that is in the public sphere and thus makes a living out of their image being distributed. We do not accept images of people for whom this doesn't apply — yourself, your friends, random Facebook users, etc. This is a non-negotiable point and adhered to in the interests of privacy and Internet safety.

Once a PB is chosen for a character, that PB cannot be used again for another character while the first is still active. In the event of death or onscreen retirement, the PB will remain reserved for that character. Please note that PBs reserved for roster characters not yet made active may be taken, but staff will probably ask you to exhaust other alternatives in some cases.

In the event of characters becoming idle, having little onscreen time and other factors, PBs may be recycled on request on a case-by-case basis.

For a comprehensive list of taken actors, please visit the Taken Actors page. Choosing an Actor is also a helpful (but optional) resource.