Neighbors To Be

Title: Neighbors To Be
Time Period: January 3, 135 A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: Having to ask for directions puts Arthur in a bad mood, but things look up when he gets them from a fellow bookworm and a possible neighbor.

It is one of those days where the sky is mottled with clouds, shadowing the land below until the sun breaks, nearly blinding on the snow before the sun takes cover once again. The road is mostly clear this time of day, with most people busy at their respective livelihoods. Those without work are likely snuggled indoors where it is warm, or at the market place doing their errands.

The road then is mostly empty but coming from the direction of the schoolhouse comes a solitary rider on a bay horse that looks like it's hellbent or hellbound, the hooves fiercely pounding the road as it comes around a bend. The rider's gray and blue striped scarf flares out behind him, caught on the wind.

When the rider sees he is not alone on the road, however, he reins in the creature, slowing the horse to a gallop so as not to frighten the stranger ahead — or allow the hooves of the horse to splatter mud upon passing, for that matter.

Those without work may be snuggling inside, but those looking for work are not nearly so lucky. One such person walks the road, a long jacket held close as he shivers, tightening the scarf around his neck. If Arthur Banes had things his way, he'd be huddled around a fire in the inn with his sister, but she back at camp and here he is, trudging his way through the mud.

He's not without purpose, at least, otherwise he wouldn't be bothering to begin with. But the directions given to his several days ago are muddled at best, and it seems he may have found himself a little lost. Eyes focused down on the ground in front of him for a moment, he only looks up when he hears the shound of hooves in wet ground, Arthur looking back over his shoulder at the rider and house. He quirks an eyebrow, slowlwing down a bit as he waits for the rider to approach closer.

"Excuse me!" he calls out, a hand moving out of hi spockets to shield his eyes. "Excuse me, you got a second?" He stops, turning around fully to face the approaching rider.

Iago has slowed to a gallop, and that is then slowed to a walking gait, before the handsome gelding comes to a stop a few feet in front of Arthur. Beisdean makes a tip of his hat to the other man, patting Iago when the gelding snorts at having his run cut short. For all the fineness of the animal, the rider's apparel is none too fine. It's clean and intact, but thinner wool than one with better means might want on a cold day.

"Good morning, mate," the young rider says; he seems tall in the saddle, but then most people do. "What can I do for you?"

Arthur eyes the rider for a moment, his hand slipping back into his pocket as he moves to circle around to the side of the horse. "Hate to be a bother," he remarks a bit dryly, looking up at Beis. "But I think I've gotten myself a big lost. You wouldn't happen to be able to give me some directions, would you?" And maybe chat a bit, if Arthur's lucky. Every new person he meets, after all, is another chance to clean some more information about this town. "I'm looking for the schoolyard. Or the Headmistress, whichever'll be easier to find."

Arthur is watched cautiously, though the question puts him a bit at ease. "No bother at all," says Beisdean, reaching up to adjust his scarf. "You must be new to town. You're on the right road. When it forks up ahead, take the left, and you should see it within a couple minutes' walking."

A pointed little face pokes out of the corner of the satchel at Beisdean's side to peer at the stranger below. "You look a bit young to be going back to school, though," Beisdean says lightly.

"Recent newcomer, yes," Arthur replies with a bit of a now and a scowl, turning to look back down teh road. Figures he's almost there when he gives into asking for directions. "Hopefully staying at the inn, soon," he cotninues, not wanting to out and state that he currently lives in a tent with gypsies. There's still no telling exactly how some people are going to react to that."

A furtive roll of his eyes and he turns back to Beisdean, shaking his head. "You're… kind, sir. But I'm looking to take up a teaching position. I've had more than enough schooling for one lifetime, I believe."

"My library was dukedom large enough for me," quotes Beisdean, but he lifts his cap a little to the other man. "That is rather noble of you. I would think to do the same, but I fear I get a bit too distracted to expect my pupils to pay attention. I'd be teaching them hypocrisy." The words are said lightly, though there's lack of humor in his smile before he continues.

"If you stay at the inn, we shall be neighbors. I'm recently returned to Dornie from my travels, so the Albatross is my home for a time. Beisdean Skye." With his name, he offers his hand, bending from his height on the horse to meet Arthur below.

Arthur quirks an eye at the words Beisdean speaks, thinking her ecognises them, but unable to place immediately. He grimaces a bit, rolling his shoulders."Nothing noble about it. Simply whtat I'm best at, or so I've been told. I imagine fi I did much else, my sister would kill me." That much, at least, is true.

When Beisdean offers a hand, relates his place of residence, Arthur perks up. A neighbour. This means he must be more attentive, to his chagrin. He nods, taking the hand and giving a firm shake. "Arthur Banes. My sister is Elvira, if you've bumped into her." Not that she's been around the city much on her own, but you never know. "If we're to be neighbours, then perhaps we should get together, sometime."

"I've not had the pleasure, though I've only been in town a week and an odd day or two," Beisdean says, blue eyes thoughtful as he watches Arthur. "Perhaps so. I don't have many friends here, and a mate to drink with or talk books with is a welcome thought." Especially a mate that doesn't remember the embarrassment of Beisdean's childhood — though that goes unsaid.

The horse shakes its head and snorts in irritation and cold for having stood still so long. "Iago's a bit impatient. Like me, he hasn't an attention span," Beisdean says with a wry smile. "I shouldn't keep you, if you're to speak to the schoolmarms, before they let out for the day, sir. I'd offer to put a good word in for you, but I'm afraid I'm no one too important in this town."

"I'm afraid there's not much in teh way if books right now," he remarks ruefully, mostly do to almost all of them taken. "My sister is s storyteller. Just as good as having a book, and livlier." He grins, teaching into his pocket and producing the one book the pair of them ahve left - Watership Down. "Any good word helps, I'm sure. It would be appreciated, certainly." He rolls his shoulders again, looking back down the road. "Well, if I'm late, there's always tomorrow." Not exactly an attitude befitting of a teacher, but certainly an attitude befitting of Arthur. "A good word at the inn would be welcome as well. Between you, and Luna I belive it'll be ard for them to deny us a room." He gives a toothy grin, reaching out to scratch behind the horse's ears.

Blue eyes dart to the book and smile, then chuckles at the mention of Luna's name. "Isibeal Owens won't deny you a room, I'm sure, and if you have Luna to recommend you, well, that'll be enough, I'm sure. She'll try to fatten you up, I warn you, and the cooking's good enough at the Albatross that she might succeed. I've likely gained a stone in the past week," Beisdean replies.

As Beisdean readjusts the reins in his hands, Iago's hooves dance, eager to move again. "I have another delivery to make before I can find myself a glass of Scotch at the pub, but perhaps I will see you there soon. Safe travels, mate."

The book is replaced and Arthur lets out a sigh, thanknig his head. "A nice, warm, cooked meal would be a hugely welcome addition to our lives. Not that the food we eat now isn't good, but, well…" He trails off a bit, giving a small shrug.

"Ah. Best of luck on your delivery, then." He turns, resuming a slow pace in the direction he was headed originally, stepped off to the side a bit so Beisdean can pass. "But yes, perhaps soon we can share a pint or what have you." He waves a hand a bit dismissively. "Until then, best of luck. Hope this town treats you well." Better than it has them, at least.