Missing Pieces

Title: Missing Pieces
Time Period: June 2, 135 A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: The girls discuss things missing and things found.

It's early down in the shop. Early enough that the front door isn't unlocked, but not so early that Mariah isn't down behind the counter. After moving out of the Dovetail and subsequently Sorcha's guest room, she's been slowly acclimating to the earlier schedule, to being awake all day, to being alert in the early hours. To smaller space. It isn't all easy going.

But now she seems plenty alert as she rifles through drawers and looks between bolts of fabric and under dressforms, on the hunt for something. There's a confused furrow of her brow, but at least she's getting the dusting done while she's on her search?

"Mariah!" Sorcha's calling out from upstairs, the door to the back open and the stairs visible. Soon enough, Sorcha's coming down it with a few items draped over her arm that her mother had worked on. "Oh good, you're here" The cast is gone, plaster having been taken off by the person who put it there. But she's not out of the clear and the arm draped in fabric still holds a crutch. A week of that, and exercising her leg, she'll be in the clear. She pauses at seeing the other woman searching. 'Oh no, did Butter get out again?" Fearful that one of the canaries might be playing hide and seek again.

"I am here. So is Butter," Mariah says as she crawls herself out from under a table. As she stands up, her hands brush away extra dust from her skirt. "I think I've lost a bracelet of mine. I was sure I brought it out of the Dovetail, but I was unpacking at the new place and can't seem to find where it ended up. I was hoping I wore it here and it fell off, but no such luck."

She comes over to Sorcha, fingers reaching out to the draped fabric to run over it, "How's the leg now that it's free again? Must be a huge relief."

"Itches and doens't look like it's mate, but it's fine. They said if it hurts again, I'm to come see them. But so far, no limp!" WHich means that however badly it'd been cracked or broken, it'd healed good enough." The news of a missing bracelet is disconcerting enough. "Darklight isn't here or I'd say maybe Beisidean's familiar took it" He likes shiney things. "You didn't take it off maybe, over by the sewing machine?"

"Give it some time, they'll be twins again," Mariah says with a brighter smile. "You'll be back dancing drunkenly on tables in no time." However, when the ghost whisperer and his familiar are mentioned, that smile fades some. "Good thing, that, I'd never get that bracelet away from him," she says, her words teasing.

"I looked. It isn't here. I must have lost it sometime in all the shuffling about lately. It's too bad, I quite liked that one."

"Shame. Especially since, you know" Metal is a precious commodity. Lost jewelry is not a good thing. "If it's any consolation, I lost a necklace. The other day. I'm pretty sure it's probably somewhere upstairs. I misplaced it and my brush the other day. I've had to use my mother's comb to have anyc hance in keeping this from looking a fright" She gesture to his thick dark hair after putting down the clothing that's finished and needs to be folded and prepared for their owners to come pick them up.

"What a pair we are, aye? Losing things left and right." Mariah takes it upon herself to prepare the clothing, folding and wrapping and sticking a name on before moving to the next. "No doubt they'll all turn up somewhere nonsensical. In the flour or something."

She looks over, lips pressing together to suppress a wider smile. "You know, I've asked Cas to move in to the new place," she says, trying to be as mild about it as she can manage, but there's that smile to contest with. It's an unconventional arrangement, but then, she's not quite conventional herself.

"Lookit you. Screw baby steps, you're just taking leaps and bounds!" Sorcha comments, impressed look on her face as she shifts to get a better look at her co-worker. 'What did he say? He run screaming or did he accept? He's going to smell like horse, you realize this yes?"

"Timid leaps and bounds, anyway. It isn't like he wouldn't be there most of the time anyway. And he started it, asking me if he could leave clothes there." It's almost like she isn't entirely ready to take full responsibility or something. But Mariah chuckles a little at the stream of questions. "He's smelled like horses since the first night I met him. I suppose if it bothered me, we wouldn't be in this situation."

"But he did, you know. Accept. Without running. But then, his leg is wounded, so perhaps it was an unfair time to pose it to him."

"It's the best time to do it. THen if he did run, you could easily get him by the scruff of the neck and give him a shake. Did you know, that he came here, the day I asked you to check the boats?" Sorcha's getting settled in for the day, the hour before they open that gives them a chance to get a head start on the day's work, and planned out.

"Did he? He said he'd met you." But possibly didn't explain any further than that. "Came to check the place out, did he?" It's half joking, like Mariah isn't entirely sure if she should be making that suggestion, or what it might imply. But then, she's not very used to have a woman she can be more open with without worrying what rumors will start the next morning. "He's cute, don't you think?" That one comes easier, and with a grin.

"I think that if I wasn't already married and I didn't know that he already had an eye for you if not more, that I'd be throwing myself at him" Sorcha points out with a grin. "I think he came to make sure that I was treating you right and proper. He walked away with a brand new pair of pants, the ones you had to hem the other day"

Mariah laughs at that, her arms folding on the counter after pushing the last package aside. "I'll just be thankful for that band around your finger then, won't I?" She lifts an eyebrow at the end, though, smile tilting crooked. "Are we waiting on him to pick up or am I playing delivery girl?" And she manages to make that sound a bit questionable, like others might say playing doctor. "He's sweet to worry. I'm sure he's set alright about it now."

"Oh, I think you could beleaguer yourself to go and delivery them. Make sure he tips you though" There's a saucy wink from Sorcha who looks around the sewing machine in previous question. "When did you notice it gone? Your bracelet" A hand bracing the chair in front of it, she stoops to feel around in the cavity where the sewing machine is capable of sinking into.

"I'll do it. I'm nothing if not devoted to good customer service. At least in his case." Mariah grins, and turns to hop up on the counter. She wouldn't do when the shop is open, but for now, the rules haven't kicked in. "I noticed yesterday, when I was unpacking my jewelry. I know I packed it at the Dovetail, but who knows if I even thought about it between then and now."

"Maybe one of the girls at the dovetail made off with it after you'd packed it? Anything else missing?" Sorcha offers helpfully. 'Things always go missing between moves. Maybe it's upstairs in the room, I'll check later for you or if you like you can head up there now and take a look around. If you see my brush you could let me know. We've had it forever. Silver" It makes her frown, but then brushes that away. "We have a packed day today Mariah. Think you can handle the repairs? I need to get those dresses for the McCullch family's girls done. Growing like weeds."

"Not an entirely unlikely possibility," Mariah says, of the girls at the Dovetail. "But more likely it's just that. Things going missing in the move. I'll just have to hope it turns up. As I will hope for yours. If I see it around, I'll make sure to put it somewhere safe." She nods when the talk turns to their work, "I think I can. I'll scream and cry if I need help."

"Oh, that is sure to get someone coming. Maybe Cas. I'm sure he'd help you go find the piece, maybe some other pieces belonging to you" Sorcha speaks the last sotto voce, wobbling her head too and fro while saying such, sorting through the piles of pale blue fabric that is supposed to eventually make some dresses. "Get up there, go looking Mariah, before I call him and tell him that you are an unsatisfactory employee and I might beat you with a broom"

"I think I would have to shout very loud to get his attention from here," Mariah says with a laugh, sliding off the counter. "Don't do that, he'd never forgive us for the upset," she says, pausing just long enough to put a hand on Sorcha's arm. "Just knock on the ceiling if you need me before I mosey on back down." But with a smile and a laugh, she heads off toward the stairs to look over the upper floor.