McKay House
McKay home and garden.

The McKay's home is a quaint two-story set up with curtains in the windows and a lovely garden that wraps around the whole house. A set of stairs sits against one side and leads up to a green door. The upstairs apartment is smaller than the ground floor, and while there are curtains in the windows they're heavier and darker than those below. Some plants to sit in the window sills up there, but not as well cared for as the garden.

Behind the green door lies Cas and Mariah's flat. Just inside is a little sitting room, a coat rack in the corner and a single couch and one wooden chair in front of a small fireplace. A wooden table is placed between the seats, big enough for drinks, but not for setting out a meal. It's hard to say, on first glance, just where the pair take their meals. A blanket lies folded along the back of the couch; something to aid the fire when it gets colder. The far side of this room holds a small kitchen. A stove, a place to wash up and cabinets sit against the wall, as does a small collection of liquor bottles.

Through the only other door in the room is a small bedroom. A bed and a wardrobe sit in one corner, while a portion of the opposite end of the room is cut off with a dressing screen. It's fancy, a left over from Mariah's days at the Dovetail. One of the few bits of furniture she didn't replace. Behind it is a wash basin and a clawfoot tub, with a little rack for towels and the like.