Market Square
Furs for sale.

The center of town boasts the market square, a cobblestone plaza that is bounded on four sides by shops and businesses. Those merchants without their own buildings set up shop in stalls that line the center of the square itself; most of the stalls are covered to keep the merchants dry in the common rain and snow showers, or in fairer weather, the sun’s glare.

The wares set out for browsing and purchase are of a varied sort that changes with the seasons. The scents of fresh produce, meat, fish, and baked goods compete with one another for dominance, but, in the end, the odd mixture is not an unpleasant one. The market is a feast for the eyes as there is plenty to see, from shiny trinkets to the bright colors of fresh fruit and vegetables, and of course, the hustle and bustle of the Dornie citizens themselves.