Logs for Summer 135 A.E.
Time Period Title Characters Appearing
June 20, 135 A.E. Dog Bites Man Flint Deckard and Thorpe
June 20, 135 A.E. From the Jaws of a Butcher's Dog Aislinn Rowntree, Duncan Rowntree, and Thorpe
June 20, 135 A.E. Hardly Worthy Beisdean Skye, Darklight, Luna Owens, and Mirror
June 20, 135 A.E. He Was Taken Flint Deckard, Dina Ross, Leonard Hightower, Greets-the-Sun and Sage
June 21, 135 A.E. I Will Not Watch The Ocean Cordelia Ross, Idgie Scott, Leonard Hightower, Niall Dunmore, Sage and Sorcha Ferrier
June 21, 135 A.E. A Sign From the Doves Constance Rowntree and The Children
June 21, 135 A.E. That Which Is Ours Flint Deckard, Dina Ross and Duncan Rowntree
June 22, 135 A.E. The Long Way Darklight, Eduard Hossfeld, and Jørn Wartooth
June 23, 135 A.E. Edge of Seventeen Beisdean Skye, Constance Rowntree, Darklight, Eduard Hossfeld, Jørn Wartooth, and Luna Owens
June 24, 135 A.E. Argonautica Beisdean Skye, Constance Rowntree, Darklight, Eduard Hossfeld, Jørn Wartooth, Luna Owens and Septimus
June 24, 135 A.E. The Sailor's Widow Idgie Scott and Sorcha Ferrier
June 25, 135 A.E. Un Souvenir Eduard Hossfeld, Luna Owens, Octavia and Septimus
June 25, 135 A.E. Une Attache Pour l'Âme Dormir and Sapiutu
June 25, 135 A.E. Pry Cas Blackburn and Sorcha Ferrier
June 26, 135 A.E. Something With Innuendo Jørn Wartooth and Luna Owens
June 27, 135 A.E. Le Serpent et le Léviathan Lucien Bassingthwaite, Cold-Front, Octavia and Sapiutu
June 27, 135 A.E. Terre Ferme Algernon Fogg, Beisdean Skye, Constance Rowntree, Duncan Rowntree, Edmund Rowntree, Eduard Hossfeld, Jørn Wartooth, Lucien Bassingthwaite, Luna Owens, Isabelle d'Sadonne, Octavia and Septimus
June 27, 135 A.E. Histoire et Légende Jørn Wartooth, Octavia and Sapiutu
June 28, 135 A.E. Better Counsel Aislinn Rowntree, Duncan Rowntree and Luna Owens
June 29, 135 A.E. Notre Petit Secret Luna Owens and Isabelle d'Sadonne
June 29, 135 A.E. Ça fait un bout de temps Flint Deckard, Dina Ross, Isabelle d'Sadonne, René Pontilier, Dormir, Octavia and Septimus
June 29, 135 A.E. Situation Flint Deckard and Dina Ross
June 30, 135 A.E. Présage et Passant Flint Deckard and Isabelle d'Sadonne
June 30, 135 A.E. Disquieting Metamorphosis Cordelia Ross and Leslie Hightower
June 30, 135 A.E. Strongly Worded Letter Aislinn Rowntree, Duncan Rowntree, Edmund Rowntree, Luna Owens and Hush.
July 2, 135 A.E. Attempted Familiarcide Leonard Hightower, Mariah Larke, Sage and Sorcha Ferrier
July 2, 135 A.E. A Faire Day to You Dina Ross, Jorn Wartooth, Mariah Larke, Niall Dunmore and the Travellers
July 3, 135 A.E. Le Métallurgiste et le Thaumaturge Blake Monty Esho, Pighead, Isabelle d'Sadonne, René Pontillier
July 3, 135 A.E. Wolfsbau Dina Ross, Greets-the-Sun, and Ruth Schröder
July 4, 135 A.E. Hold the Mirror Still Deya and Jorn Wartooth
July 4, 135 A.E. Wheels and Coins and Carousels Duncan Rowntree and Luna Owens
July 5, 135 A.E. Manners Flint Deckard, Dina Ross, and Jørn Wartooth
July 5, 135 A.E. Kitten on a String Deya and Luna Owens
July 6, 135 A.E. Dismaying Observation Cordelia Ross, Leonard Hightower and Leslie Hightower
July 7, 135 A.E. Among the Stars Beisdean Skye, Idgie Scott, Jorn Wartooth, Luna Owens, Mariah Larke, Merripen, Simza and Sorcha Ferrier
July 8, 135 A.E. The Wolf and the Goats Eilin Tyrrson, Idgie Scott, Jibben and Merripen
July 9, 135 A.E. Eating Crow Beisdean Skye, Darklight and Mariah Larke
July 9, 135 A.E. A Chilly Welcome Caera Hickey, Luna Owens, and Nikolai Ruuska
July 10, 135 A.E. Wolf Hunter Jorn Wartooth and Nikolai Ruuska
July 10, 135 A.E. Familiar Faces Aislinn Rowntree, Constance Rowntree, Duncan Rowntree, Hush Idris Mac Lir, Jørn Wartooth, Luna Owens, Thousand-Names, Traa-dy-Liooar
July 11, 135 A.E. Homelife Cas Blackburn and Mariah Larke
July 11, 135 A.E. I'll Give You A Nickel... Blake Esho and Graziella Gaetano
July 12, 135 A.E. Vaniglia e Cannella Graziella Gaetano, Septimus and Şifr.
July 12, 135 A.E. Probationary Hire Blake Esho and Moira Lachlan
July 13, 135 A.E. Get the Coals Going Niall Dunmore and Simza
July 14, 135 A.E. Unraveled Jorn Wartooth, Idgie Scott and Sorcha Ferrier
July 15, 135 A.E. An Apple For A Teacher Caera Hickey and Cas Blackburn
July 15, 135 A.E. A Barkeep and Two Teachers Idris Mac Lir, Andrew Cullen and Caera Hickey
July 16, 135 A.E. Laws of Man Duncan Rowntree and Idris Mac Lir
July 16, 135 A.E. A Disturbance in the Brush Algernon Fogg, Constance Rowntree, and Jørn Wartooth
July 17, 135 A.E. A Sense of History Caera Hickey and Duncan Rowntree
July 17, 135 A.E. Not For Petting Algernon Fogg, Forge, and Luna Owens
July 18, 135 A.E. Speechless Duncan Rowntree and Luna Owens
July 18, 135 A.E. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Beisdean Skye and Idgie Scott
July 18, 135 A.E. Hun-Villsvin Constance Rowntree and Jørn Wartooth
July 20, 135 A.E. Mad Dog Idris Mac Lir, Leonard Hightower, Luna Owens, Sage, and Waits-In-Silence
July 21, 135 A.E. Whatever Will Be Will Be Cas Blackburn and Mariah Larke
July 22, 135 A.E. Open for Business Mariah Larke, Niall Dunmore and Sorcha Ferrier
July 23, 135 A.E. Cadaverous Pallor Idris Mac Lir, Leonard Hightower, Leslie Hightower, Luna Owens, Sage and Thousand-Names
July 24, 135 A.E. Colorful Metaphors Lazar Vodenicharov and Mariah Larke
July 24, 135 A.E. A Balancing Act Beisdean Skye and Malachy Lynch
July 25, 135 A.E. Pleasure of Peasantry Graziella Gaetano, Luna Owens, and Mariah Larke
July 26, 135 A.E. Buying Time Algernon Fogg, Forge, and Luna Owens
July 27, 135 A.E. When Hinges Creak in Doorless Chambers Aislinn Rowntree and Cordelia Ross
July 27, 135 A.E. God Died Blake Esho, Luna Owens, and Pighead
July 28, 135 A.E. English 101 Andrew Cullen and Graziella Gaetano
July 29, 135 A.E. Tooth and Nail Flint Deckard and Lazar Vodenicharov
July 29, 135 A.E. The Fate Line Cas Blackburn and Deya
July 29, 135 A.E. A Little Less Conversation Cas Blackburn and Mariah Larke
July 30, 135 A.E. What Are You? What Am I? Fletcher Cruikshank and Flint Deckard
July 30, 135 A.E. A Bad Hair Day Lazar Vodenicharov, Leonard Hightower and Sage
July 30, 135 A.E. Delivery Fee Jain MacCruimein and Torra Laing
July 30, 135 A.E. Beyond Classification Andrew Cullen, Beisdean Skye, Idris Mac Lir and Thousand-Names
July 30, 135 A.E. In The Right Place Malachy Lynch and Sorcha Ferrier
July 30, 135 A.E. Manes Milia Mortis Devotees of Hecate
July 31, 135 A.E. Memento Mori Flint Deckard, the Hunter, the Vagrant and the Consoler
July 31, 135 A.E. Uisge Beatha and Books Lazar Vodenicharov, Andrew Cullen and Luna Owens
July 31, 135 A.E. Parcel for the Traveling Salesman Malachy Lynch, Bricne, Torra Laing and Roams-Far
August 1, 135 A.E. A Sobering Sight Beisdean Skye, Darklight, Jorn Wartooth and Todd Blackburn
August 2, 135 A.E. A Polite Conversation Lazar Vodenicharov and Todd Blackburn
August 2, 135 A.E. What Manner of Danger Hush and Jørn Wartooth
August 3, 135 A.E. Cabin Fever Lazar Vodenicharov and Todd Blackburn
August 3, 135 A.E. Mysteries and Legends Jorn Wartooth and Andrew Cullen
August 4, 135 A.E. The Great and Powerful Oz Malachy Lynch and Mariah Larke
August 4, 135 A.E. Expecto te Flint Deckard and a skull
August 5, 135 A.E. Every Man Has a Weakness Deya and Rhagfyr Llyw
August 6, 135 A.E. Unfriendly Aislinn Rowntree, "Dorian", Mariah Larke, and Selene DuBois
August 6, 135 A.E. Oh, These Deliberate Fools Carys Wynn, Leonard Hightower, Mor-leidr Bach, Rhagfyr Llyw and Sage
August 6, 135 A.E. There Is No Cure Algernon Fogg and Jørn Wartooth
August 7, 135 A.E. Eat Your Feet Dorian and Blake Esho
August 9, 135 A.E. What Is and Ever Was Idgie Scott, Idris Mac Lir and Thousand-Names
August 10, 135 A.E. More Like Guidelines Anyway Bernadette St Martin and Rhagfyr Llyw
August 11, 135 A.E. Standoff Algernon Fogg, Jain MacCruimein, Jørn Wartooth, and Traa-dy-Liooar
August 11, 135 A.E. Sudden Trial Edmund Rowntree and Jørn Wartooth
August 11, 135 A.E. The Wee Child Aislinn Rowntree and Edmund Rowntree
August 11, 135 A.E. At an End Eilin Tyrrson, Forge, and Ivan Blackmoore
August 12, 135 A.E. All Towns Look Alike Rhagfyr Llyw and Carys Wynn
August 13, 135 A.E. Charade Niall Dunmore and Blythe
August 13, 135 A.E. Regret is a Carousel Ride Blythe, Cas Blackburn, Dina Ross, Greets-the-Sun, Leonard Hightower, Luna Owens, Mariah Larke, Môr-Leidr Bach, Niall Dunmore, Rhagfyr Llyw, Sage, Simza
August 13, 135 A.E. Favourites Algernon Fogg and Fletcher Cruikshank
August 16, 135 A.E. Extract It From The Source Blake, Rhagfyr and Sorcha
August 16, 135 A.E. Feel Blake and Sorcha
August 17, 135 A.E. Inkling Dina, Greets The Sun, Blake and Pighead
August 20, 135 A.E. A Necessary End Assorted Cast
August 20, 135 A.E. Bluff Charge Ivan Blackmoore and Jørn Wartooth
August 21, 135 A.E. A Cold Hollow Leonard Hightower, Sage, and Traa-dy-Liooar
August 22, 135 A.E. Drawing Stares Cordelia Ross, Dina Ross and Mariah Larke
August 22, 135 A.E. Batty Beisdean Skye, Darklight, Luna Owens, Blake Esho and Pighead
August 23, 135 A.E. Beastly Flint Deckard and Luna Owens
August 25, 135 A.E. The Pitch Akira Hightower and Dylan Hightower
August 26, 135 A.E. Chilling Challenge Cas Blackburn, Cordelia Ross, Dina Ross, Greets-The-Sun, Leonard Hightower, Leslie Hightower, Niall Dunmore, Sage and Stands-Fast
August 30, 135 A.E. Generosity and Other Luxuries Beisdean Skye, Darklight, Dorian and Sorcha Ferrier
August 31, 135 A.E. A Reparation Leonard Hightower and Sorcha Ferrier