Logs For Cordelia
cordpastlogbanner.jpg The heir to the Ross plant and the only (known) product of a match between the two ruling clans of Dornie, Cordie's childhood is one of relative comfort mixed with the burden of responsibility.
cordlogsbanner1.jpg Endeavoring philanthropist as she is, Cordelia puts her heart into her new trade as a physician's assistant, though that likely means getting it broken a little every day.
cordspringbanner1.jpg Winter has brought with it terrible things, and Cordelia comes into Spring more like a lion than the lamb she's been. The return of warmer weather, she knows, does not promise better times for herself or her family — but she can hope.
cordsummerbanner1.jpg After several months as a physician's apprentice, Cordelia is becoming more of an adult day by day. This summer marks her sixteenth birthday, and Cordie will strive to meet the responsibilities and challenges of adulthood with as much strength and grace as is expected of a Ross and Rowntree.