Logs For Bernadette
aut135.jpg The world below the brine / Forests at the bottom of the sea, the branches and leaves / Sea-lettuce, vast lichens, strange flowers and seeds, the thick tangle openings, and pink turf / Different colors, pale gray and green, purple, white, and gold, the play of light through the water / Dumb swimmers there among the rocks, coral, gluten, grass, rushes, and the aliment of the swimmers / Sluggish existences grazing there suspended, or slowly crawling close to the bottom
sum135.jpg These wet rocks where the tide has been, / Barnacled white and weeded brown / And slimed beneath to a beautiful green, / These wet rocks where the tide went down / Will show again when the tide is high / Faint and perilous, far from shore, / No place to dream, but a place to die— / The bottom of the sea once more.