Jørn's Cottage
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

The winding path that makes its way through this part of the wood is a haggard old thing; the route is there, wide enough to ride, and framed by the greens and browns of brush and sapling alike. It takes a meandering course, and eventually reaches a glade amongst tall trees of both needle and leaf. In the warmer seasons, the grass is emerald, dotted with wildflowers; it folds over like woolen curls in winter weather, like a coat of fur on the space of the clearing. The path cuts through with great hesitance, moving under the canopy and towards a space where the branches part, and the sun shines down through the fog onto another stretch of grassy knoll. The sound of a creek burbles in the vicinity under birdsong, and the meandering, cool stream of water can be found just downhill.

In the center of it all, overlooking both ends of the glade, is a cottage. To the rear is a small barn of similar make, large enough for a horse or so, and perhaps some chickens or a goat, connected to a small circular paddock lined with the nearby woodland trees. The stone and earth building is squat and brown, littered with moss and ivy on one side; the heavy thatched roof has peaked the ceiling just high enough, and two chimneys pipe dully to either end. Thick glass sits in slim windows, and the heavy oaken door opens to a downward stair and onto a floor lain flat with rock. The vicinity has signs of simple habitation, such as a logpile and cutting log.

The inside of the cottage is cozy and warm, with peat covering the walls and the musk of the forest seeming to give it a silent calm. It consists of just two large earth-toned rooms, the first being a rather large living area. Simple furnishings, and where it matters, littered with the plushness of furs or quilts. The fireplace along the far wall is large, with a cooking pit to one side of it. The second, smaller room is a bedroom in the same comfortable fashion of the den, with a bed of thick wooden frame, and a mattress of various stuffings, woven in hide and similarly swarmed in pelts. There is a smaller fireplace set on this far wall, and to its side a metal tub against the corner. Both areas have a rustic decor to them, with the prizes of a hunter and mercenary on the mantles and walls. Hidden underneath of the bed, the woven rug rises and falls overtop of a conspicuously ring-shaped mound, otherwise invisible against the floorboards.