Hightower Veterinary Clinic
An old Dornie establishment, rear-view.

The Hightower Veterinary Clinic is nestled on a corner, amidst a greener, more suburban area in the northern part of town; it has a small patch of land to itself, property line marked by bushes, gnarled garden trees, and a small corral whose fence extends around the rear of the yard and the adjoining cobbled street. The buildings are largely red brick, with wide windows, fat chimneys, and mossy caps; the stable area is similar, barn red and brown patched with green.

The clinic's front door faces the open street, and the single floor opens directly into a reception area with a tall desk. The hallway that moves off of the waiting area leads to a few exam and surgery rooms; the latter are always locked unless occupied. Leading to the stables and into the fenced yard, the back door also provides a path to the two-story residence nearby, which is owned by the doctor. The stables here are portioned from an old, squat barn, which is also used for storing animals required to stay for a time.