This page is designed to give a basic overview of Dornie's geography. It does not include all rooms on the grid, but is a good place to start.

Jump Shortcuts
Location Command
Caledonian Forest +jump forest
Cloud Mountains +jump cloud
Coastal Woodland +jump wood
Farmsteads +jump farm
Dornie Harbour +jump harbour
Market Square +jump square
Northern Reach +jump reach
Open Moorland +jump moor
Rookery +jump rook
Sheltered Heath +jump heath
Waterfront +jump water
The Vale +jump vale

Major Hubs of Activity



Other Places of Note


Generalized Area Map

  • The below map contains Dornie's generalized geography and landmarks. OOC Satellite images in comparison to In-Character appearances differ immensely. This is to be utilized for landmarks, directions, and general setting locations, rather than physical appearance. Please remember that these are not exact locations, only approximate locations.