Find A Nice Fire

Title: Find A Nice Fire
Time Period: September 132, A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: A close call at the manor brings Dina and her familiar around to pay the vet a visit.

It is more common than he would like, that Leonard has to tell someone bad news; but there are some things that cannot be helped, no matter how much he would wish otherwise. Unfortunately, it has happened twice already this afternoon- once with a horse, and now with a family dog whose family is leaving with a body wrapped in sack-cloth to bury as per the children's designation. It leaves Leonard behind at the office with a heavy heart, left to scratch Sage behind her ears and wonder if he could have done a little more.

Perhaps it is that his daughters recently moved out which makes him so sentimental; there wasn't a thing else he could do for the dog, but moods are moods. Sage lounges out like a wolfskin rug along one side of the desk, only her rump visible to those coming in the front door. With reading glasses on and a small quill in hand, Leonard fills out a sheet of paper very neatly, adding another line to his records.

It's a rare occasion that Dina descends to the office of the town vet - or at least one of them? The weather nice as it is, she's easier to spot in her skirt and blouse, lightly embroidered. But enter into the office she does, waiting to let the mourning family pass first before one of the head of Dornie pokes her proverbial head in.

Hand in a skirt pocket, the other letting herself in, there's a polite cough to let Leonard know that she's present, but that she can wait until he's done writing.

There is a little bell on the door, but it barely gets touched when Dina enters after the family leaves. He notices her skirts first, glancing up and back down to dot his Is and cross his Ts before he sets the writing aside. Sage shifts around and sits up, nose tipping up and neck stretching out. She gets to her paws and proceeds to dip her shoulders and stretch those next.

"Missus Ross." Leonard greets her politely enough and stands with a smile, despite the note of something grim still floating about like a cloud inside the walls. "How are you? I haven't seen you here in some time. What can I do for you?" Even now, he looks over her hands- in particular the one at her pocket.

Have to hand it to the vet to know where the animal is hiding. Composed the woman may be, in her graceful older years, there's some tightness around her lips as she pulls her hand out, maneuvering carefully and presenting the thing that he can do for her. "I think, one of the cats about the manor, got a bit too close, and he was not fast enough" A trembling mouse, laying on it's side as opposed to on sitting up, one leg askew enough to indicate perhaps, a broken paw.

"He has refused to change"

Would you change if you were me? Leonards familiar at least, is privy to the the companions pained words. Whiskers twitch and he looks up to the vet then over to the other familiar.

I do not think he can fix your foot otherwise. Sage, though a voice of reason, tends to put things a little too plainly. Like a mother might. She comes up alongside with Leonard when he moves to inspect the little mouse, nose twitching at Dina's hand, ears to the side out of polite curiosity. Amber eyes peer between the two humans.

"Oh, my." While his ability, whatever it is, has nothing to do with career choice- there is a grace in having the vet a mage as well. He understands the emotional trauma that strings between a mage and a familiar. Leonard, rather than take the familiar from her, steadies her hand with both of his own so that he can stoop closer and take a look. The man's face steadies as well, smile gone in favor of a firm, studious bend to his lips. "That's an incredibly tiny workspace. Has he said why he won't change?"

If mice could give looks that read: are you stupid, Greets The Sun would be doing just that. "I'd Imagine, Mr Hightower, that it would be painful to do such. But in this instance, I surmise, that you, will have to just stiffen your lip and do so" The latter directed downwards to the wood mouse who shudders.

Fine. Grumpy old man, he's lived as long as his mage, he's seen many years. Put me down. Directed back to Dina who carefully passes over the mouse to Leonard, a glance down to Sage with a kind smile. "Preferred form?"

Not a cat Snippy mouse.

"Of course, but there could have been other reasons. I have to cover my bases." He as much addresses Greets-the-Sun as he does Dina. Treating familiars is the same, yet quite different. "Yes, You'l have to grin and bear it, sad to say. If I could work that small I wouldn't be asking this." Leonard is only as apologetic as the scenario dictates. Sage steps back a couple of paces as her master accepts the mouse from Dina, and gestures with his chin to get her to follow him.

"A dog would do just fine." Comes his final reply as he moves to the exam room proper. "Just big enough so that I can see what I'm doing on you."

A dog. He wants me to change into a dog Dina. Beleaguered sigh, he looks to sage. At least Sage isn't a dog right now. Not that Greets The Sun doesn't dislike them, but… there's a reason he prefers mouse to most other forms. But soon as he's deposited, dine following in their way and resting a palm on the table, there's the shift, from mouse, to wolf. It seems, not a dog either. He doesn't do house pets. All grey and busy tailed, long muzzle and four legs, a front leg bent just enough.

If you don't mind. He directs to sage. For as long as I need to.

Not at all. Sage would laugh if her chords abided it. Instead, she swishes her tail and lets her mouth open slightly, ears perked as she waits just outside the doorway. Dogs aren't so bad, though. She teases, gently. Leonard is able to place the familiar mid-change to the exam table, letting him put his bigger paws down, the single one lifted from its load.

"Alright. Good. He can sit or lie if he needs to. He pats the grey wolf once on his shoulder, glancing to the reddish one in the hall and back again. Not many people would be more affable to treat a wolf than a mouse. Teeth and things. "I'm going to test his toes and go up from there, ma'am. If he can tell you exactly where he feels the most pain, it would help."

The upside one supposes, to treating familiars. Much like their human counterparts they can tell you where it hurts. Though as Leonard goes through the process, the whine from the grey wolf is as indicative as when Dina murmurs 'There" when the vet makes it midway up the leg. No growls or baring of teeth, snapping. Gentle, dignity. "How if your wife?" A question to distract herself from the ordeal, reaching out to stroke a hand down the back of Greets The Suns back. "And your children?"

"My wife and I separated some time ago. After Dalton died." Sage immediately hangs her nose a few inches downward, and Leonard looks past the wolf to Dina, green eyes between sad and bitter. "But she is well enough, last time that she asked for help with the girls. Rory is on his own now too. I can never tell what that boy wants to get into."

"I think it's a simple enough fracture- if he would prefer a smaller form before I wrap it, now is his chance…" While he speaks, Leonard handles the wolf's forearm for a time, fingering it more than anything, and testing the swell of the flesh under skin. He then moves aside to get into the set of drawers along the wall, searching out a few things.

I am not changing again. Simply stated by the old familiar, looking away from the humans and towards Sage. THere's a flare of nostrils, scenting the air and the other familiar. You miss them?

"I apologize" It's sincere enough, Dina resting a hand on Greets The Suns back, digging fingers through the fur there. "I should have known" She prides herself on knowing the names of those in the town and the current status of the residents. "Forgive me" She murmurs. "Boys take their time to know what they want. Maybe he will slip into an apprenticeship. Or you can send him to the Manor and we can see to employing there in the house" If the boy is at an odds.

"Greets The Sun wishes to remain as he is/" A snorted huff from him, settling in for the likely ordeal of setting his leg.

That cat is going to be sorry. You're not up for a little… chase? This to Sage.

I miss having a happy home, with a family. We have a big one by name, but that is different. Sage's ears swivel around, and she lets out a sigh of air, audible to everyone.

"It's alright. I can't expect everyone to know- you're not the first." And each time he has to field the question, it gets worse; Leo can't fight it though. It happens. "I can ask him if he is interested. He's working at the docks right now, in some warehouse he knows I don't like the look of." As sons are apt to disobey their fathers at one point or another, of course. The vet sets about the beginnings of setting up the forelimb to wrap, setting down the usual plastery-looking linen, scissors, and a heavily dampened sponge. "I shouldn't have to give you too many layers with this, but you might walk like a pirate for a while."

Like having a wooden leg, he means. Sage idly clarifies, and watches as Leon begins the work of snipping away some of the longer fur before he begins to start the wrap at the elbow. I could be persuaded into one, I think. Hum hum.

"I am one of the heads of the city, I should have known" Dina points out, but little else will be spoken on that as Leonard sets about to leg setting and plaster. "We should, I suppose, discuss the cost of such and what you will want for this" There's now uestion, she'll give him literally almost anything.

Better than no leg. When this is done, I will have to come find you, set about to that cat. If Dina doesn't toss the cat to some other family, or have it taken care of in some non-lethal fashion. Is it lethal if you tie it to a stake in the woods and let the hobs and redcaps have at it?

It was only doing what it was supposed to. If it didn't know you, though. There is no question of the span between sentient and not- but there is also a fine line between animal and not. Sage is ambivalent on revenge, as a whole, but if Greets-the-Sun asks for her help in scaring the piss out of a cat, well.

"You've got your own family to worry about, I expect." Leonard grins across to her and shakes his head. "Don't feel guilty. No harm done." As for giving him pay-back for the services- "Give me what you think is proper."

In the case of a mage and a familiar that could be a loaded response. Which is the point, but he hopes that his subtlety has not changed.

It knows me. This is not the first run in with the cat. He's just usually faster. He falls silent as Leonard works, a grunt now and then but no biting, or even growling. Just dips a head to sniff as work progresses. It'll be a bit before he can terrorize the cat. Maybe by then, he'll have forgotten. Likely he'll have forgotten. He does that sometimes.

On the matter of giving what is proper, it is indeed a loaded response. The one without the other tends to spell disastrous results for the mage. "I've the city to worry about and ensuring that all remains well with it. Not just my family" Stoic and stiff upper lip proper Dina, is less so right now. Stroking the beck fur of her familiar, perhaps eyes a little glistened. "And that is a very vague answer Dr. Hightower. They are our life, and without them, we are less than the sum of our whole. I would rather prefer it if you named the price, instead of asking me to choose it, for something that I consider priceless"

"The standard for broken bones is generally paying back the materials for the casting or materials that I can use here, and then trade stamps depending on the break and my labor. This one was minor, though it was painful." Leonard is slow to speak, as his concentration is on wetting and wrapping. He has had enough practice, however, that it comes smoothly. "So I would say that a few stamps and some supplies would be fine. Standard."

When he has enough layers on the cast to have made the wolf's leg immobile, Leonard glances up to the familiar's face before sealing and cutting the last part around the lower paw. "Don't get this wet, and don't try to force anything into it. If it starts hurting worse, or if he feels sores or a rash underneath, come see me. The best thing for it is bedrest. Make an appointment in a fortnight, and we'll see how it's doing."

"Then that will be so" And likely then some, knowing Dina and her affection for her familiar. Ons ome level, perhaps - these days at least - she loves him more than addler, but not in that kind of fashion.

There's a groan again, but not out of pain but at the idea of being told to stay on whatever bed it is that Dina will have fashioned for him. Does yours dote on you too like this?.

Sometimes. More lately, I'm all he's got at home. Sage lolls her tongue out a bit, shaking her shoulders out. His children were worse. Now his nieces, nephews, their turn to put bonnets on me. Her fluffy red-brown tail wags against the floor.

"I'm always taking donations too." Leon makes a note to say, wagging his brows once and moving his supplies. "Old things that I can recycle. Blankets seem to be a big one. Okay, I'm getting you off the table now, don't fuss-" The vet wraps one arm under the wolf's hindquarters over his tail, and the other one around the bottom of his chest. He picks the canid up and sets him down gently to the floor, back feet touching down first.

No fuss. The old man that is Greets The Sun bears it with all the dignity that he can muster and more. Back feet instinctively scrabble for sure footing then the front with care taken for the injured one. Down Dina crouches, skirts gathering in a pool around her as the older woman oversee's - like a great many things that she does - the process.

"I will endeavor to show you my satisfaction and gratitude with what I can muster for you" He'll get more than blankets. Likely she will raid of their personal stores, and the like, for food, blankets and supplies.

Bonnets. Have mercy. A disgusted snort. But he tests out the leg, looking up to the humans expectantly. He's going to be a wolf for some time, Dina better get used to it.

Don't let little girls near you. The other wolf steps over to sniff at his muzzle, tail held level before it wags twice. Find a nice fire and stay there.

"It will be fine if he goes out with you some, but no heavy exertion on the cast." He gives the other familiar a firm pat on the spine, a gesture that seems more brotherly than anything. "I'd suggest a collar like Sage here,-" She primly makes sure that she shows it off, the patterned strip of leather that seems to hang more like a necklace in her ruff of fur, weighted by a few metal studs and rings. "-but I think that the cast will give him away as …not an actual wolf. Always better safe than sorry."

"Send it anytime, I've no hurry right now." Having a familiar that favors a wolf is quite harrowing at times, especially with kneejerking strangers.

Words of advice, taken in and processed. Dina reaches over to lay a hand on Leonards, squeeze it tightly and let it linger. Grateful. 'Thank you" A smile on her face that doesn't quite reach this level in public often. Before a fire. Sounds about right. He nudges a nose against Dina's skirt a swing of his head towards the door. A guard will likely carry him out, give the cast time to set.

"Thank you" Mark this moment, one of the rare few, a break in decorum.