Cluck And Fuss

Title: Cluck And Fuss
Time Period: May 24, 135 A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: Though Jørn technically doesn't, others do, and Dina hates it.

Though he undoubtedly saw her many times, the idea of seeing Dina Ross awake and aware is something that has segued from Jorn's recent memory- enough so that now, he feels at unease, or at least unsure. The spring allows the manor windows to be cracked, the curtains drawn back; the air of winter has gone from the halls and the rooms, to be replaced by natural light and a cool breeze that filters through.

Flowers are not a rare sight when the season for them comes, and it seems as if there is always one person in the house that can find whatever lovely blooms that come up. Jorn is not, and has never been, one of those people. At his own home, he is lucky that all the flowers in his glade do not get eaten by the goat. An old jam jar for vase, stuffed with wildflowers, do not have the same effect as daffodils, bluebells, irises, tulips, and whatever other fortunate and hardy ornamentals find their way into bouquets. Personally, he prefers the ones that naturally find him.

The vases of the Ross Manor are also considerably more lovely than his old jar, and as Jorn knocks upon the door to Dina's current quarters, he tries to not juggle one around in his other hand. The shape makes it hard, and the late spring arrangement in water it makes it slightly worse.

"I've a gift for you, from the downstairs." Which, in his speak, oft means 'the help'.

Sitting by the window in the wheelchair dug up from who knows where once she had woken and was capable of being helped into it, the frail woman that is Dina looks over to Jorn as he enters. A wave of a thin hand sends the woman attending to her scurrying over to take the vase from him before he drops it, place it safely on the mantle of the fireplace in her bedroom. Her other hand resting on the windowsill where she'd been watching, getting said fresh air. "I think they are worried that I might fire them, when I am strong enough, for not having been here to protect me" Even her voice is weak, it will take time, working with Cordelia and others, to get her back to what she was. Right now, it's enough to attempt to conquer walking again.

"Thank you for bringing them up"

Jorn dips his head in thank you, to the attendant, mouth creasing at the edges when she takes up the vase from him. He's never been that good at being subtle. Perhaps that is why Edgar had him in the first place. And possibly the celebrity it could bring, but, that is neither here nor there. Jorn wonders over his response a moment, telling enough of his attempts to tread carefully.

"For all the more they are afraid, I think that it is also sincere." Some bosses are better than others. There are likely worse women to work for, than Dina Ross. Jorn tucks his hands behind his back, under the white cloak, folded up under itself as it usually is during the warm seasons to come only halfway down.

"You're welcome. I'm no good with flowers, I hope that this counts." From him, too.
"It will. It does" Dina looks away as the maid scurries out to leave the two of them alone. "You are forgiven for not being here. All are. Cordelia was more important, than anything. No one could have known what would happen, so if you should happen to beating yourself up about it, then cease and desist the nonsense"

Around the windowsill, coming in from outside is the tiny mouse that Jorn knows well. He pauses, lifting on hind feet to sniff the air and utter a few squeaks before making his way to Dina's hand, arm then eventually down to her lap. "And for taking him out. Getting him out of the room and into the air. I would have been devastated had he perished"

Jorn lifts one hand to rub at the upper bridge of his nose, chin dipping and eyes lowering. It isn't embarrassment, quite. A little bit of that. For the most part, he is taking a moment to remind himself that while she almost died- she didn't.

"I am sorry that I could not help him more." The northman expects fully that since she has woken, her familiar has tried to fill her in on things that he has done, to a small degree. "I offered what I could." Even if it was only taking the familiar outside, however incompetent a detective he was. Jorn shifts on his feet, hovering closer, stopping on the other side of the window; out of the way, and away from the sunlight that comes inside to warm the room, and the woman in her wheelchair. His hands move back behind him again, as he peers out of the windowpane.

"Those little feet. I have no idea why you don't jump about more often. Maybe I'm ticklish." Tiny, mousy paws do tickle, you know. Jorn is bad with jokes, at least not nearly as bad with quips- and he does give her a bit of a smile.

"I have had 54 years to get used to the old grump" There's another flurry of chittering from somewhere at her elbow and if Jorn could hear, likely it would be harsh admonishment and protest at being called old. Or maybe grump. "I also do not tend to keep him inside my clothing. He prefers to hide under shawls or in pockets" The corners of her mouth turn up in a fond smile.

"He has told me of what he could, which is little, about what happened while I slept. I know that Addler's gone mad, and I hope that I can remedy that soon enough. What of the town? I heard there was all manner of magical beast roaming close. Taking people?"

"Yes. For some sort of cursed magic." Whether he is vague on purpose or by not being knowledgeable enough, is up in the air. It could go either way. "Dragons, trolls, kelpies, living trees- though I think those may have been some of The People, causing animation. It was an eventful season for all of them, to be sure, though from what I hear, the matter is over. I suppose we will find out.

"I couldn't tell you much about the fire incidents, however. There were weapons stolen and apparently used as both a distraction and means to sink boats, but otherwise I do not think they found those culprits." Unfortunately so. Jorn can fight monsters. He can't fight someone that he cannot place.

She and Edgar had yet to really sit and talk about things. Lips tighten as she continues to watch outside the window, at the wildlife and the town beyond it's frames and nod. "Much has happened in the months. At least you managed to return Cordelia safe to our arms" Not that she had been in a position to hug her granddaughter.

"And things, personal with you? Have I missed much meddling potential?"

Jorn's expression flattens a little at the mention of meddling. Of course, he should be used to her thinking like that. His lips purse, pointedly, before it fades.

"I've met a couple of women this year, but neither were who I thought they would be." Careful of his words on this one, especially so. It is noticeable. "If that's what you mean. Otherwise- ah- the ghost of my mother, and miss Owens has taken to causing me random distress." Like climbing around like a crazy person on the loch, nattering about him to other people, the usual thing. Jorn ignores the former's significance, as he did not mean to say it out loud. Dina has always that effect on his tongue's ability to hold onto something, as if he couldn't keep a thing from her if he'd wanted to.

"Never fall in love with a whore. No good can come of it. For they love their money, and whomever has it. As for ghosts. Well. We all have ghosts. Better that it be your mother than someone else yes?" She looks over, smiling at the northman. "Help me up, I wish to try and stand for a little bit more. Cordelia has given me strict instructions, determined to have me walking. I would like to see her smile and succeed yes?" Bounding out from her lap, sailing off of it with a soft thud on the floor goes Greets, moving to a more safer vantage point and offering caution and worry.

"Oh hush. I will be fine. He is strong enough to support me and quick enough to catch me, so off with you. Go get something to eat, before I step on your tail" Admonishment further in the form of sharp squeaks before Greets is heading for the door, pausing only once to look behind and then disappear. "Terrible temper he has right now. Utterly horrible. You'd think he was my mother"

"Yes, best that it was my mother, instead of someone that hated me. And I've not done anything with miss Owens, in that department-" Jorn lifts his eyebrows a moment. "I was being more literal." It is not said with any malice, rather with concern. He puts his hands down and out for her to take whichever she prefers, using the other to help her at the side. Jorn gives the mouse a quick look of exaggerated hurt.

"You'll certainly have her excited." Jorn ignores the woes from the familiar, voiced by Dina. He is more than amiable and able to helping a woman stand, thank you. Jorn tips his chin down as he assists her. "I can understand him better for it. Relief and protectiveness at the same time."

"You'll not cluck and fuss over me like a hen now, you hear. I'll not stand for it. There are others who are there to do such. I'll not stand for it. There is much to do and I have been idle months while Addler goes Addled and Edgar has to run the plant." Not that she has the energy more than a kitten to do much at the moment. Dina lets him help her to stand, one hand gripping his forearm the other on the windowsill to look out over the town more properly and down to the waterfront from thier prime vantage at the highest point.

"I can understand that too." And even if Jorn is reluctant to listen to her demanding to be treated normally, he will. Doesn't mean he will like it. "It is a nice season, already." He says, when she is able to get a better look out of the window proper. True to his effort in helping, Jorn does not hold her up- rather, he is simply there as a means to stand, for the time being.

"The forest is particularly nice, and the lochs are calm." Jorn could be- is- trying to make the outside seem extra lovely. Fresh air is good, but being outside would be better- not that she'd be able. Something to work for as well.

'Tomorrow perhaps. We will go. Get a bit more meat back on me" Fingers tighten on the windowsill. "Perhaps."

Perhaps, it is enough for now, to stand here and see the world outside. "For now, I will leave the window open and go back to the bed if you would help. I have had enough for the moment" Turning and shifting slow jerky steps in place.

The tall nord is more than enough of a lean-to, even in motion. It is a fair effort from the window to the bed, and though he is not a learned caregiver of any stripe, it is a simple enough task to help Dina there without dropping the ball- so to speak.

"If not tomorrow, another time. It would be good for you, before long." Jorn reassures her of this when he helps her to sit, a warmer smile on his lips, brow bent in concentration. "I know that Cordelia would agree." And that, in his mind, is something that all but cements the notion.