Clans of Dornie

Ruling Clans

Clan Rowntree

Marcus Rowntree

Clan Ross

Adler Ross

  • his wife Dina
  • their children:
  • his siblings:
    • Una Ross, who was killed at sea in bad weather
      • her daughter, Bridget, raised by the Ross clan
  • his household:

Lesser Clans

Clan Owens

Maddock Owens

  • his wife Isibéal
  • their children:
    • Luna, former Dovetail prostitute, mistress of Duncan Rowntree
  • his household:
    • Ana Noéme, head housekeeper at the Wandering Albatross
    • Josefina Noéme, maid

Clan Hightower

William Hightower

  • his wife {Eirwen}, murdered by highwaymen
  • their children:
    • Leonard, the town's veterinarian, m. Deirdre MacLean (divorced)
      • his children:
        • William "Rory", [profession]
        • {Dalton}, who died of a Rabies infection
        • Muriel Hightower-Hardie, a bookkeeper at the Rowntree Ammunitions Factory
        • Florence, [profession]
    • Dylan, a merchant, m. Aileen Boyd
    • Richard, a butcher, m. Elenna Stroud
      • his children:
        • Aidan, a teenage boy
        • Martin, a teenage boy
        • Leslie, a youth
    • Amelia, a brewer
      • her husband and children
    • Rhonwyn "Winnie", [profession]
      • her family
  • his (William's) siblings:
    • James, head gaoler, m. Violet Hendry
    • Frederick Jr., a slave-trader
      • his family
    • Glynis, [profession]
      • her family
    • Jessica, a merchant
      • her family
    • Marla, [profession]
      • her family
  • his household:
    • [staff?]

Lost Clans

Clan Hare

{Hamish Hare}, slain with three of his five children

  • his wife {Leslie}, took her own life
  • their children:
    • {Liam}, Hamish's eldest son, murdered
    • {Emily}, Hamish's eldest daughter, murdered
    • {Christian}, Hamish's middle son, murdered
    • Ashley, Hamish's youngest son
    • Cassandra, Hamish's youngest daughter
  • his siblings:
    • Edme, keeper of the Dovetail