Character Roster
Last Name First Name Sex Age Allegiance Concept Available?
Gaetano Graziella F 19 Independent prostitute Yes
Hardie Samuel M 31 Clan Rowntree foreman Yes
Hare Ashley M 28 Clan Hare heir to Clan Hare in app
Hare Cassandra F 18 Clan Hare heir to Clan Hare Yes
Hare Edme F 43 Clan Hare brothel madame Yes
Hightower-Hardie Muriel F 26 Clan Rowntree accountant/bookkeeper Yes
Hirsch Tobin M 38 Clan Rowntree cursed mage Yes
Noéme Josefina F 22 Independent maid Yes
Owens Isibéal F 43 Independent innkeeper Yes
Owens Luna F 26 Independent mistress No
Owens Maddock M 56 Clan Rowntree merchant Yes
Ross Adler M 63 Clan Ross hydroplant owner in app
Ross Bridget F 25 Clan Ross mercenary No
Ross Cordelia F 16 Clan Ross physician's assistant No
Ross Dina F 54 Clan Ross philanthropist No
Ross Edgar M 36 Clan Ross tradesman Yes
Ross Goneril F 34 Clan Ross tradeswoman Yes
Rowntree Aislinn F 31 Clan Rowntree physician/healer No
Rowntree Constance F 16 Clan Rowntree actress No
Rowntree Duncan M 35 Clan Rowntree militia leader No
Rowntree Edmund M 40 Clan Rowntree horse lord No
Rowntree Helen F 57 Clan Rowntree arms dealer Yes
Rowntree Peter M 16 Clan Rowntree student No
Skovgaard Linnea F 21 Independent ranger Yes
Wartooth Jørn M 43 Clan Ross bodyguard No