Character Notes For Todd


  • [Kelpie-Hide Duster] This took a lot of time to collect the material for, and every hide that went into its creation has a corresponding scar somewhere on Todd's person. It was worth it, though. It's kept him dry on all the nights he's been out in the mountains and the forests when the rain's been pouring down, and is a pretty convenient stand-in for a blanket when it's cold out.


  • [The Homesteads] A pretty ramshackle house in the Vale, and a much more comfortable (to Todd) cabin nestled up in the Cloud Mountains. Both dwellings are utilitarian, but the house is much more bare than the cabin, which is host to underground food caches, a small salt-house, and most of the trophies that Todd has bothered to have made of his kills.
  • [The Mounts] Todd's mount of choice is actually a rangy, experienced mule gelding named Whisky. Like all mules the animal is amazingly sure-footed, a quality very important in the mountains and valleys, and he's also strong enough to handle a deer saddle and the attendant deer carcass. Todd also owns a pair of pack mules (Mart and Mort), both of which are far more stunted than the very-leggy Whisky. Todd prefers mules to horses because they live longer, work harder, and are just that much hardier than horses are, in addition to not needing to go through the expensive process of shoeing nearly as much - or in the case of the pack mules,1 at all.
  • [The Pack] Scottish Deerhounds - huge sighthounds fit for coursing, though not particularly for tracking. The breed is most commonly used for deer, but the animals are perfectly capable of hunting wolves, fox,2 boar… practically anything the size of a hare or bigger can be a suitable target with the right training. The dogs are strong and fast almost to the point of myth, and hunt by being set on prey found by the hunter. The dogs chase after the prey, and in the case of large animals they bite the nape or throat and pull it down, often breaking the animal's neck. Though they can be hunted alone, it is much more common and efficient (and safe) to hunt these dogs in pairs. More than two just gets complicated. All of Todd's hounds wear double-thick leather martingales for the purposes of identification, protection, and handling.
    • Shale: Four years old, and the only resident female. Though she is unarguably his favorite dog to hunt with he keeps her at home since she is currently a month into a carrying a litter sired by Zephyr. Todd intends to keep at least one female pup from the litter so he can take Shale back out into the wilds with him.
    • Zephyr: A six year old male, and an experienced hunter. Also the sire of the last couple of litters that Todd's overseen in the pack.
    • Kilgore: Though two years old (and a littermate of Hawk's), Kilgore is a fantastically obedient animal both at home and in the field. He works better with his dam, Shale, but has adapted very well to cooperating with his sire, Zephyr.
    • Hawk: An impertinent two year old dog that just won't listen, no matter what Todd does. He's tried everything from begging to beatings. The animal will probably end up being sold to the first fool who finds him interesting enough to ask after.

Misc Notes

  • [Man of Few Letters] Todd is just barely literate. He can read (slowly, with difficulty) but never properly learned how to form his letters, which often come out backwards or just plain wrong. In modern terms, he's dyslexic. Since no one saw fit to sit down and take the time to improve this particular skill with him, he's chosen to see no value in it and tends to be both wary of books and disdainful of their readers, all of which are very likely defense mechanisms. An average eight year old can read better than he can.