Character Notes For Sorcha


Nimble fingers - A seamstress since her younger days, Sorcha is adept at bending fabric to her will. Patterns, without patterns, leather, fabric or wool, knitting, crochet, embroidery, she’s been working around it since her littler days and is well skilled in being a clothier/seamstress for Dornie.

Baa Ram Ewe - Needing a source for some of the materials she works with, that usually being wool, Sorcha knows how to care for the animals that she’s been around, and some general farming with relations to animals. Be it sheep, the few rabbits in her care, the alpaca’s and llama’s that withstand the climate that all reside out at Mairi’s farm.

Back off, get your own sandwich - She’s not the most nimble of things - in things outside of cloth - but with being a woman who’s man is often out of town on the high sea’s, She’s adept at laying in a punch or two, a well placed kick to the groin if men get a little frisky with her or try to take advantage.

Whistle while you work - Long days and weeks without a husband and many hours hunkered over fabrics and sewing leaves one to exercise certain muscles. Sorcha is really good at singing, and if you’re passing by her small store front, it’s not uncommon to hear her singing. Lots of time to hone the vocal cords, be it at work, when out in the local tavern when out for a pint or two to provide a little entertainment or any other place she can be found.

Character Notes & RP Hooks

  • Is fresh widows, her husband killed by a Dragon the summer of 135 A.D. while sailing into harbor.
  • Owner of Pins & Needles, and always looking to do as she was done, and teach someone the trade of a seamstress.
  • Sorcha does not care in the least, for familiars nor even mages who flaunt or use their abilities to the detriment of others. To that length, it's known that if you are a mage, and coming to her for garments, you leave your familiar outside, or at least don't get caught with it inside. Getting caught, is never pretty.
  • Sorcha's Mother is alive, and is pretty much relegated/bedridden above the shop.
  • Is an alcoholic. In the wake of Patricks death, it has become constant, but tries to hide it.
  • Terrified of birds - Bird familiars even more so - Though the three canaries in her shop seem to be exempt from such phobia's.